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    Do you agree that experience is more important than intelligence

    As I feel experience having more importance in life than intelligence. Intelligence gives us strength to overcome problems whereas experience gives us strength to solve the problems and makes people learn from you the way you deal with the critical situations.Both are important. But experience is far more valuable than intelligence. We are born with a certain degree of intelligence, but it's our ability to learn that allows us to take better advantage of our experiences. Many tasks are complex and cannot be learned in one time. Instead, we need to learn progressively. A complex actions might require the user to perform several steps or even to combine different actions together. We need to repeat certain actions many times, until we become perfect. Experienced people are more perfect than intelligent people.
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    Intelligence is a rudimentary characteristics of a person and is a lifelong companion of a person. It is often considered as the mental strength and mental capability for taking up jobs and challenges in the practical world around us. It is different from individual to individual and depends on various factors ranging from heredity to upbringing. So we can assume to a good degree of approximation that intelligence is a unique characteristics of a person. It will always be there in the background while one is busy doing all the activities. Experience on the other hand is gained with time and activities done in the past and in general it gets accumulated during the journey of our lives. So both of these are important factors and essential for a successful completion of a task. They go hand in hand and more the experience a person gets he can use it for executing the jobs in a better way or rather say can undertake them intelligently.
    Knowledge is power.

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    According to my, both have their own importance, when we start or implement any work using our intelligence, then two situations are created, either the person will be successful or fail. It is believed that failure gives us more experience, but for this, it is necessary that a person understands his shortcomings and mistakes by using his intelligence, which he has got from bad experiences,s and by working on them, improving his intelligence and again. Proceed using discretion. Both are sides of the same coin, which may not be meant to be taken apart.

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    Intelligence is an inborn trait of humans which helps to learn from good and bad experience. Able minded people and savants use their intelligent judge well between right and wrong.
    I am of the opinion that wise people can not only use their wisdom to improve themselves.but also guide others to use their intelligence to differ between good and bad experience.

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    Experience is definitely more valuable than intelligence. Intelligence is what we get inherently by birth. Experience gives us a chance to learn about various issues. But the individual should have a quality of learning. Doing the same work continuously may give you experience. Once we do the same work again and again we will start thinking about the work we are doing and we will try to find our ways and means to do it easily. That thinking will give good results. That is how experience gives wisdom to the person.
    A person who is having experience in one field can understand other fields also easily as the logic and the methodology will remain the same in almost all the fields. Our experience makes us understand things easily and we can easily visualise how tasks are inter-connected. When you go deep into the subject definitely you will find similarities in different issues.

    always confident

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