About IndiaStudyChannel.com

IndiaStudyChannel.com was founded by 3 professionals from India: Tony John, Timmy John and Jose Mathew. ISC was started as a small academic project with a directory of major universities, colleges and courses in India.

Over a period of time, ISC grew to the most popular educational website in India. In the year 2010, we received over 7 million page views per month and average 400 new members registered with us per day. ISC provides an opportunity for thousands of students to earn part time revenue through genuine revenue sharing programs.

The ISC Team

Our current team consists of 3 webmasters (Tony John, Timmy John and Jose Mathew), 1 Managing Editor (Vandana), about 20 editors and several active contributors. Our active contributors are part of team, which is one of the building blocks of our success and rapid growth.
Tony John
Tony John is a former Microsoft MVP and is one of the renowned bloggers from India. IndiaStudyChannel.com is the brainchild of Tony, originally developed as an academic project for his brother Timmy. Tony is responsible for the development and technical aspects of this website. Also, he takes care of business development, partnerships, and advertising departments. Visit his technology blog: www.Techulator.com.
Timmy M.John
ISC was originally started as an academic project for the B.Tech. course for Timmy John. Currently, we are the best-rated educational website in India. Timmy takes care of the finance and payment department for IndiaStudyChannel.com
Jose Mathew
Jose Mathew is a teacher by profession, and one of the strong pillars of IndiaStudyChannel.com. He is responsible for the day-to-day administration of ISC and also takes care of coordinating editing activities, addressing the concerns of members, etc. If you have a problem in ISC, Jose Mathew is the person to go to! He is always there to help every member of ISC.
Vandana is the present Managing Editor of ISC, popularly known as "ME" in the ISC family. Starting her membership at ISC in 2008, she has risen to the current post from the initial role of a forum editor and then a Lead Editor. She is one of the backbones of ISC. She guides the editors, and new members and also gives moral support to other editors. If the Webmasters themselves can't find the answer to a query about ISC, then Vandana is the person to go to!
Ravi Shankar
Nidhi is a freelancer content writer by profession and passion. She is writing on various niches since 2010. When she's not writing, she is busy with her family.
Hafeezur Rahman
Hafeezur Rahman has joined ISC in 2009 as a member and a year later rose to the position of Editor. Since then, he has efficiently managed various sections, at the same time contributing not only to ISC but to sister sites as well. Professionally, he is a renowned feature writer & social enthusiast. With a simplistic but lucid writing style, he pens visionary write-ups on a diverse range of topics, including education, employment, travel, technology, etc. that are widely read and shared by global readers.
Saji Ganesh
Saji Ganesh is the Forum Lead Editor and provides huge support to the admin. team. A Law Graduate with a short stint in the Army as a Short Service Commissioned Officer, and later in professional practice, he is currently a private consultant. Outside of enjoying legal work and keeping an eagle eye on the forum, Saji Ganesh equally delights in reading, writing, listening to music, and watching movies.
Chaitali Ray Chaudhuri (Datta)
After completing her Graduation with Honors in Geography, Chaitali was associated with the administrative department of an MNC. Presently she is a freelancer and YouTuber. Working as an editor in the article section of ISC, Chaitali is an active contributor as well.
Soundharya is an Information Technology graduate from MIT Anna University, Chennai. She is an ex-techie who has turned her writing passion into a full-time profession. As a freelance content writer, Soundharya writes articles for websites and blogs of various niches and is an active contributor in the resources section of ISC of which she is also an editor. She is not only a content creator but is also a bibliophile, a cinephile, and a melophile.
Padmini is a Biotechnologist, currently enjoying motherhood alongside editing updates at ISC with an association with this educational portal of over six years. Her creative interests are painting, listening to music, and playing the keyboard.
Jagdish Patro
Andal (Rani)
With a distinction in MCA through the prestigious College of Engineering, Anna University, Rani is a software programmer working for a leading MNC, as well as a qualified Physiotherapist after completing her UG course in this field at Madras Medical College. As a member of a family with highly distinguished credentials (her mother is a Maths teacher, her father is an Advocate, and her older sister is a PG Dental Surgeon), Rani has a keen interest in learning and updating her own knowledge in the fields of literature, medicine, law, and her own field of computer programming. Rani also loves drawing and poetry. As a Tamil poet and artist, she has won prizes at the school and college levels, and even quiz competitions on the regional TV channel DD Podhigai.
Seema Shah
Dr. Seema edits the Ask Expert Questions section. A Ph.D. scholar, she is a computer engineer and actively involved in the teaching profession for the past three decades. Dr. Seema has published papers in various journals and books in the computing domain. Her contribution to academics is recognized in the form of several best teacher awards in the city and at the state level.
Sankalan Bhattacharya
Although Sankalan works in the Telecom field, he is keen to remain a student always. He does not believe in traditional marks-oriented exams but in how to manage things in life. He believes in getting down to work rather than engaging in fruitless talk. He loves to listen to music and whenever he can manage some time, contribute to ISC.