About IndiaStudyChannel.com

IndiaStudyChannel.com was founded by 3 professionals from India: Tony John, Timmy John and Jose Mathew. ISC was started as a small academic project with a directory of major universities, colleges and courses in India.

Over a period of time, ISC grew to the most popular educational website in India. In the year 2010, we received over 7 million page views per month and average 400 new members registered with us per day. ISC provides an opportunity for thousands of students to earn part time revenue through genuine revenue sharing programs.

The ISC Team

Our current team consists of 3 webmasters (Tony John, Timmy John and Jose Mathew), 1 Managing Editor (Vandana), about 20 editors and several active contributors. Our active contributors are part of team, which is one of the building blocks of our success and rapid growth.
Tony John
Tony John is a former Microsoft MVP and is one of the renowned bloggers from India. IndiaStudyChannel.com is the brain child of Tony, originally developed as an academic project for his brother Timmy.

Tony is responsible for development and technical aspects of this website. Also, he takes care of business development, partnerships and advertising departments. Visit his technology blog: www.Techulator.com.
Timmy M.John
ISC was originally started as an academic project for the BTech course for Timmy John. Currently, we are the best rated educational web site in India.

Timmy takes care of the finance and payment department for IndiaStudyChannel.com
Jose Mathew
Jose Mathew is a teacher by profession, now he is one of the strong pillars of IndiaStudyChannel.com. He is responsible for day to day administration of ISC and also takes care of co ordinating editing activities, addressing concerns of members etc.

If you have a problem in ISC, Jose Mathew is the person to go! He is always there to help every member of ISC.
Vandana S. Kamat is the present Managing Editor of ISC, popularly known as "ME" among the ISC members and editors. She is one of the backbones of ISC. She guides the new editors, new members and also gives moral support to other editors. If the webmasters themselves cant find answer to a query about ISC, then Vandana is the person to go!
Ravi Shankar
Respected and hard working member in our editorial panel. He edits the forum and job section.He was in Central Service for 24 years. Recipient of Merritt certificate from Government of India as best worker in the year 1981, with Bronze medal and certificate in the year 1991 and silver medal and certificate in the year 2001.
Now he is one of ISCs ambassadors.
Nidhi is a house wife. Now helping ISC as an editor.
Pramod Dabholkar
Pramod has completed B.A. in Psychology through distance mode & currently working in BPO sector. He has 5 years of experience as a "Quality Analyst" in BPO sector wherein his core responsibilities are training of soft skills and call handling techniques.