Amaravathi Nagar

Picture of Amaravathi Dam

Posted Date: 03 Jul 2015     Posted by: Keerthi Vasanth  
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Picture of Amaravathi Dam

Location : This is the image of the Amaravathi reservoir. This Amaravathi reservoir is located at Amaravathi Nagar, which is around 17 Kms from Udumalpet, in Tirupur district. Purpose : This reservoir is built in 1957 in order to help the people around for cultivation purposes. The main occupation for the people near this dam is agriculture. Places Around Amaravathi Dam : Amaravathi Dam serves as a tourist spot for the people. The places around Amaravathi Dam are 1. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary 2. Crocodile Farm 3. Chinnar 4. Munnar 5. Thirumoorthy Hill Specialty : The Fish fry is famous in Amaravathy Dam. The people can enjoy the climatic condition of South Coimbatore which would be little hot and little cold every day. Fish fry stalls are located near the dam. They get good tasty and healthy fishes which are served hot. Amusement for Children : A park is located with plays for children surrounded by plants. They can enjoy the greenery vision and play till they get tired.