Malekote Temple

Posted Date: 27 Feb 2018     Posted by: gsadhiks  
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Malekote Temple

This is also another temple in Mandya district Karnataka, in southern India, is one of the sacred places in Karnataka. The place is also known as Thirunarayanapuram. It is built on rocky hills, known as Yadugiri. It can also be mentioned as melukote and its 51km away from Mysore and approx 133 Km from Bangalore. Here mainly the temple is dedicated to Lord Cheluva-Narayana Swamy. It is believed that this utsavamurthi belonged and was worshipped by Lord Rama and the kings of the surya vamsha Dynasty for generations. Later the same was given to a king of Chandra vamsham (the dynasty of Lord Krishna) and was worshiped by Lord Krishna and many generations. So lord CheluvaNarayana swamyis so unique that he was worshiped by both Lord Rama and Lord Krishna during their avatar in universe. Please visit this place which has lot of historical values.