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Are you looking for courses in computer and IT related areas which will enable you to undertake an industrial project related to your final year curriculum? Here are the details of one such institute, known as ITZIP, located in Noida.

Name: ITZIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Address: ITZIP Noida Training Center
City: Noida
State: Uttar Pradesh
Telephone Number:

ITZIP is a leading institute imparting computer and IT related training to students and working professionals. It has a wide range of courses on offer that cover topics on operating systems, software, applications, technologies, coding, project oriented training, micro controllers, graphic design, AutoCAD, android, cloud computing, etc.

ITZIP was founded in the year 2003 in Noida with an objective of providing training in the computer field in accordance with the changing needs of the industry. Started mainly for computer courses, it has now expanded to related areas like networking, hardware training, etc. The institute has a robust placement network for bright and skillful students.

Training Courses in ITZIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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This course covers many elements starting from the introduction to .NET to understanding of basic C# language, Object Oriented Programming, Graphical User Interface, MS SQL Server, ADO.NET, ASP.NET etc. This also covers .NET practice on some real time project.
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3D Studio Max
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This course objective is to provide learning in understanding of 3D Studio Max and its applications. The course comprises of overview and introduction to 3D Studio Max, 3D Studio Max Design, User Interface & Workflow, Interface Builder, Basic Modelling & Editing tools, Assign material to the Objects & assign UVW Map , Map Scalar mapping modifiers, Print size wizards , File output options etc. This is followed by 3D Studio Max application on real time projects.
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8051 Microcontroller
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This course is designed for the persons who want to acquire skills and learnings related to 8051 Microcontroller and consists of Introduction to 8051 Microcontroller, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Classification, Intel 8051 Architecture, Intel 8051 μ C Pin Configuration Diagram, Interfacing of LED, Interfacing of Seven Segment Display, Interfacing of Motors, Timers & Counter Programming, Serial Communication Programming, Interfacing of ADC etc. This is followed by training in using 8051 Microcontroller in real time projects.
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Ab initio
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This course is one of the leading course for Ab initio training and comprises of overview of Ab initio and Introduction to Ab initio, Broad Cast, Partition by Expression, Partition by range, Gather, Interleave, Run program, Output File, FTP From, Check Order, Record XML. This learning is followed by real life project in Ab initio to make the learning a complete expeience.
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Adobe Illustrator
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This course is for learning Adobe Illustrator and covers many elements of the course like - overview of Adobe Illustrator and Introduction to Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator Architecture, Graph Programming, Introduction to .dat and .dml files, Partition Components, Departition Components, Database components, Translate components. This is followed by a real-time project on Adobe Illustrator.
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Adobe InDesign
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Students and professionals who want to learn the intricacies of Adobe InDesign can opt for this training and the training comprises of Introduction to Adobe InDesign, Managing the indesign environment, Preferences, Customizing workspace, Manage document presets, Workspace and window arrangement, Create a new document, Managing / Formatting Text, Format paragraphs with styles, Arranging, aligning and distributing, Special Effects, utilising colours and swatches, Apply transparency, Advanced view options, Advanced style sheet tips, Paster remembers layers, Inline graphics etc. This is followed by real life project in Adobe InDesign.
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Adobe Photoshop
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This course is meant for learning of Adobe Photoshop application which is the top application in picture editing and management area. It has great features and is an industry leader in this aspect. The participants will learn various actions and features like Tools panel, Switching tools using the keyboard, Dark or Light Interface, Navigating the image, Navigating tabs and windows, Panels and workspaces, Zooming in and zooming out, Entering a custom zoom value, Scrolling and panning images, Rotating the view, Working with tabbed documents, Arranging documents, Cycling between screen modes, Switching tools using the keyboard, Customizing the keyboard shortcuts etc.
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Agile Business Analyst
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This course is a benchmark course for learnings in Agile environment and consists of learnings in overview of Agile and Introduction to Agile, Agile Information radiator, Agile estimation, Planning, Monitoring and Adopting, Agile analysis and design, Soft skills negotiation, Value-based prioritisation, Agile Value stream analysis, Agile on real time projects etc.
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Ajax training
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This is a package of training known as Ajax and it delivers many modules related to the SQL, C# and related learnings. It mainly comprises of Introduction to Ajax, Introduction to Visual studio, Overview of C#, Developing an application using Ajax and MySQL, Ajax Project Work etc. This course is particularly suitable for the existing professionals in this area who want to enhance their learnings in meeting the challenges of IT projects.
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Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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This course is tailor-made for learnings of skills for Amazon Web Services. It is a speciality course for learning this niche area and mainly comprises of overview of Amazon Web Services and Introduction to Amazon cloud, Achieving Agility with EC2, Managing the EC2 infrastructure, Provisioning resources, Implementing Durable and Reliable Storage, Storing data in the cloud, Simplifying the database infrastructure, Amazon Web Services on real time projects etc. This is a good course for fresh students as well as the professionals who are already employed in relevant areas.
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Android training
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This training pertains to learnings in Android environment and covers overview of Android architecture and operating system. It also covers application building, graphics, creating and using resources, media recording and playback, data base and storage and many other relevant topics. The training provides practical hands on projects for detailed understanding and learning.
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Animation and Multimedia
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The training syllabus consists of Maya Basics, Layouts, Scene Management, Poly Modelling, Materials & Mapping, 2d Maps, Animation Control, Editing and rendering etc. The learnings are made meaningful through practical demonstrations.
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ANSYS Training
Fees:      Duration:
This course is primarily meant for learnings in finite element analysis and covers Engineering Drawing/CAE Design, FEM/FEA concepts, 1D/2D meshing, Structural/Un structural/Hybrid, Plain Stress, Importing geometry from cad packages, 3D meshing-Tetra, Modelling Using Axisymmetry, Thermal Analysis, Creating Super Element, Project Handling etc.
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Appium Training
Fees:      Duration:
This course gives a comprehensive view of mobile automation and related aspects. It mainly covers understanding of Appium and Salendroid, configuring of Appium and Android in local machines, API levels and Android version, simulation of Appium program, UI automators, XML viewer, browser related aspects in Appium etc.
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ARM Microcontroller training
Fees:      Duration:
This course covers everything starting from embedded systems to introduction to artificial intelligence. The main learnings are embedded systems, processor and controllers, compilers, Microcontrollers, ARM Processors, Memories & Peripherals, Programming, Debugging Techniques, Advance I/O, Serial communication, tasks scheduler, related projects etc.
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This course covers ARM Architecture, features of Phillips LPC21XX, Memory Accelerated (MAM), Vector interrupt Control (VIC), GPIO (General purpose input output), ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), Basic interfacing, LED/LCD - Matrix, DC Motor, Stepper Motor, Servo Motor, Basic commands & functions, MATLAB Programming Basic, Calling functions, Writing functions, Basic Input Output Functions, Data types & Classes, Use of Cell Arrays, Structures, Character & Strings, Graphics, 2D & 3D plots, Scientific data based plots, Graphical User Interface (GUI) Designing, Image Processing, Audio & Video Processing, SIMULINK user interface, and Creating SIMULINK model of the dynamic systems.
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ASIC Design and Verification
Fees:      Duration:
This course consists of learning of fundamentals of AMS IC Design and Analog Circuit Design, Logic Design using Verilog, Linux & Tcl, ASIC Design Flow, RTL Designing, ASIC verification, STA analysis, Essential Level DFT, Backend Design Flow of ASIC, Essential Level SOC designing, Digital Subsystem Design and Verification, Advanced RTL Design using Verilog, Implementation and Timing Closure of Digital IC’s, Programmable VLSI architectures, and HDL techniques for high performance designs intended for programmable logic devices.
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AutoCAD Civil
Fees:      Duration:
The students will learn various elements of AutoCAD in this course. These are Site Design - Pipes, Creating, Drawing, and Editing Pipe Networks, Site Design – Assemblies & Corridors, Transportation - Alignment, Designing Criteria – Based Alignments, Creating Transportation Corridors, Creating Intersections, Modeling Road Designs in 3D, Creating Sample Lines, Manage Data, Plan Production, Working with Data Shortcut and Reference objects, Calculating Quantity Takeoff Using Pay items, and Working with Autodesk Vault.
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AutoCAD Solid Edge
Fees:      Duration:
This course consists of Design Workflow, Command Bar with Docking Window and Tab Sets, Prompt and Status Bar, Traditional Part Design Workflow, Creating Models, Edit and Change, 2D to 3D to 2D Workflow, Custom Sheets and Title Blocks, Building the Foundation: Relationships, Bill of Materials / Parts List, Explode/Render/Animate, Creating HYBRID Models: History-based and PRE-ST Working with HYBRID Models, Synchronous Design, Sheet Metal Design Methods, Profile/Sketch Tools, 3D Sections, view styles and shortcut, Modeling assemblies, and Creating detailed drawings.
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AVR Microcontroller
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This course is on AVR Microcontroller and covers Microcontroller ATMEL ATmega8515/ATmega32, AVR Architecture, Assembly Language, Programming for AVR, Study of Input Output Devices, LED Display, DIP Switch, Intelligent LCD Display, Stepper Motors and Types of Stepper Motors, Serial Communication Concepts, Advance IO, ADC, Advance assemble and C Language, Convert all Assembly Program in C, AVR Studio, WINAVR C, Code Vision AVR, Introduction to in Circuit Emulators, JTAG debug interface, RTOS, Projects in Embedded System using AVR, Electronic Voting Machine, Robotic ARM, and Remotely Controlled Application.
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This course comprises of Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Page Class, HTTP Collections, HttpResponse Class, Using Visual Web Developer, Data Binding, Cookies, HTML Server Controls, Validation Controls, Caching in ASP.NET, Forms Authentication, Windows Authentication, Security and ASP.NET, Debugging, Application Tracing, Page Tracing, , ADO.NET Overview, .NET Data Providers, Data Controls and Data Binding, Query Extender, ASP.NET MVC, and Visual Studio.
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This course consists of learnings of Cartesian Workspace, Basic Drawing & Editing Commands, Creating Drawing, Using Running Object Snaps, Polar Tracking at Angles, Selecting Objects for Editing, Editing with Grips, Electronics Diagram, Landscape, Organizing your Drawing with Layers, Creating New Drawings with Templates, Changing an Object’s Layer, Measuring Objects, Architectural Project, Mechanical Project, Civil Project, Trimming and Extending Objects, Inserting Blocks, Working with Dynamic Blocks, Working in Layouts, Working with Annotations, Hatching, Editing Dimensions, and Civil Project.
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