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Do you want to acquire training in SEO, Web development, and other IT areas? NESTSOFT is one such institute offering and imparting these and many other software courses in a professional manner.

Name: Nestsoft
Address: Opposite KSFE, Near Ravipuram Temple,
Ravipuram Road, Menon Chambers
City: Kochi
State: Kerala
Telephone Number: 8301010866

NESTSOFT, located in Kochi, is a leading training provider in IT and IT related areas. Since 2001 it is in this arena and is mainly providing trainings in web designing, e-commerce, job portals, ERP/CRM softwares, mobile apps, digital marketing, SEO, email marketing, Google Adwords, Python, PHP, ASP.NET, AWS etc. They have two campuses in Kochi - one is in Ravipuram and other is in Kaloor. The trainings imparted in Kaloor centre are under the name Cybroid. They have a large number of customised training programs as per the need of the customer and they also have a very good placement record. There is ample scope for project oriented training and also for trainings in the nature of internship.

Training Courses in Nestsoft

Fees:      Duration: 120 hrs
The SEO course offered comprises of detailed learnings in the areas of Website Analysis, Crawling and Indexing, On page SEO optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Off page SEO Optimisation, SEO tools etc.
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Digital Marketing
Fees:      Duration: 120 hrs
The course on Digital Marketing consists of various learnings related to Website Analysis, Server Configurations, HTML5, CSS, Content Optimization, Social Media Plugins, Keyword Analysis, Link Building, Make Income from Blogs, Social Media Marketing, Google Business Listing, Search Engine Position, Google Page Rank, Google Analytics & Terms, Google Adwords, Search Engine Submission, Mobile Digital Marketing etc.
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Mean Stack
Fees:      Duration: 120 hrs
This course has thrust on learnings of Mean Stack development and consists of Angular 5, Angular Versions, Upgrading to Angular 5/6 from Angular 2 or Angular 4, Angular 5/6 Features, Type, Script and ECMA Script 6 (ES6), Template Syntax, Components, Services & Dependency Injection, Model-driven Forms (Reactive Forms), RxJS and Observables, Communicating with the Server using the Http, Client Service, Router, Unit Testing, Introducing Node, Node Projects, HTTP, File System, Buffers, Streams, and Events, Modules and Unit Testing, Express, Data Sources, and Getting Started with Mongo.
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Python Django / ML
Fees:      Duration: 120 hrs
This is a composite course covering Python, Django, and Machine Language. The course covers - Python basics, Conditional Statements, Looping, Control Statements, Comprehensions ( 1.5 Hours ) List Comprehensions Set ComprehensionsDictionary Comprehensions, Functions, Modules, File Handling, Exception Handling, Object Oriented Programming with Python, Regular expressions, Database Programming, Python Advanced Programming, Introduction to Django, URL patterns and Views, Django Forms, Django CURD App, and followed by course project.
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Web Design
Fees:      Duration: 120 hrs
The course in web design consists of learnings in Photoshop and its features, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS Advanced, JavaScript, Browser Object Model, JavaScript Validation, and Jquery.
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