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Are you interested to take up training in IT courses? APTRON Delhi is one such training institute providing a variety of IT courses to interested candidates aspiring to make a career in this niche area.

Name: APTRON Delhi
Address: APTRON Delhi Training Centre,
Bhikaji Cama Place
City: New Delhi
State: Delhi
Telephone Number: 7065271000 18002700201
Email: info@aptronindia.com
Website: http://aptrondelhi.in

APTRON Delhi is an IT training institute located in New Delhi offering various courses on IT. It also provides project oriented industrial training and assures placement to the deserving candidates. It has variety of courses on animation, graphics, systems, web services, microcontroller, CAD/CAM, programming, ERP, HTML, Java, Linux, Oracle, and many more. They offer course durations in various tracks like weekend track, fast track and the regular track. This helps the students to choose the duration as per their convenience and suits students as well as working people.

Training Courses in APTRON Delhi

Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This course provides learning in .NET and covers mainly .Net Framework and CLR, Visual studio, C#, Data Types, Arrays, Graphical User Interface, Toolbox, Software Development, MSSQL Server, Structured Query Language, Functions, CSS and JavaScript, HTML, ASP.NET, Web forms, Caching, AJAX, Project Work etc. This completes an exhaustive course in.NET.
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3D Studio Max
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This is an exhaustive course in 3D Studio Max and contains 3D Studio Max Foundation, Understanding User Interface & Workflow, AutoCAD-3DS Max Integration (DWG import , File link Manager ), Camera Placement, common parameter and advanced effects, Lighting –Standard lights, detailed parameter, Assign material to the Object & assign UVW Map , Map Scalar mapping modifiers, Create a walkthrough by using key framer, Print size wizard, File output options Projects, 3D Studio Max Design, Understanding User Interface & workflow, Basic Modeling & Editing tools, AutoCAD - 3DS Max Integration (DWG import , File Link Manager ), Camera Placement ,, common parameter and advanced effects, Lighting –Standard lights ,detailed parameters, Assign material to the Objects & assign UVW Map , Map Scalar mapping modifiers, Create Atmosphere , like volume fog clouds, Create a walkthrough by using key framer, Print size wizards , File output options, and Projects.
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Embedded System 8051 Microcontroller
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This is an exhaustive course containing learnings in Embedded System, Programming Language Classification of Embedded System, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Classification, Type of Microcontroller, 8051 Microcontroller, Feature of AT89c51, Block diagram explanation, Addressing modes Instruction sets, Serial communication concepts with programming, Registers & Memory of AT89C51, Description of RAM, CPU Registers, Seven Segment Display, Interfacing of LCD, Interfacing of Switches & Keyboard Matrix, Interfacing of Motors, Types of Motors used in Embedded System Programming & Controlling of Motors in Embedded System, Serial Communication Programming, Working & Interfacing of Temperature Sensor (DS1621 & LM35), Interfacing of External Memory, I2C Protocol, Embedded C, Object-oriented programming with C, DC motor interfacing using UL2803 with controllers, Stepper motor interfacing using UL2003 with controllers, Servo motors, Ultrasonic sensors, Photoelectric sensors, Compass, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Inclinometer, Digital Camera, Stepper Motors, Multitasking, Wireless Communication followed by case study.
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Ab initio
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This course comprises of Ab initio Architecture, Introduction to .dat and .dml files, Partition Components, Departition Components, Concatenate, Merge, Multifile System(MFS), Sort, Functions, Run SQL, Tables, Dataset Components, FTP Components, Compress, Uncompress, Gzip, Checksum, Record and write XML, Gzip, and Sandbox.
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Adobe Illustrator
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
The student learns Adobe Illustrator in detail in this course. The takeaways are vector graphics, working with multiple documents, control panel, workspace, using grids and guidelines, creating files for print, creating files for the web, working with artboards, previews, layers, moving and copying objects from one layer to another, working with colours, RGB vs. CMYK, transforming objects, working with paths and pen tool, line art, working with smart tools, freeform shapes, selecting text, keyboard shortcuts, adjusting appearances, creating PDF files etc.
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Adobe InDesign
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This is a detailed course in designing and consists of learnings like Layers, Formatting and editing text, Styling, Text wraps, Objects management, Special effects, Using design libraries, Swatches, Graphics, Creating files, Trim, art and bleed boxes, Drawing, Shapes, Print, Import and Export, Adding Excel or Word Tables, Colours, Eyedropper, Embedding profiles etc.
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Adobe Photoshop
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This course is on professional photo editor known as Photoshop. The syllabus comprises of Photoshop basics, Panels and workspaces, Opening from files from Windows and Mac, Best practices for image cropping, Adjusting images, Creating borders, Image luminance control, Curves, Layers, Colours, Editing tools, Brushes, Texts, Images, Special effects etc.
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Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This is an exhaustive course on Agile and consists of learning in Project communications, Team space, Daily stand-ups, Planning, Monitoring and Adopting, Time boxing, Wide band Delphi, Analysis and design, Knowledge management, Vendor management etc.
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Ajax training
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This is an exhaustive course in Ajax training and the course contains learnings in Ajax Framework and CLR, Introduction to Visual studio, C#, Arrays, Developing an application using Ajax and MySQL, Querying a database, Coding Documentation, Populating Web pages from a database, Data Entry and Validation, User Authentication and Management, Reporting etc followed by case study.
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AWS Training
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
AWS training course is one of the most sought after course and comprises of, Amazon cloud, Evaluating Service Level Agreements (SLA), Browsing Amazon Machine Images (AMI), Specifying security groups and key pairs, Evaluating Elastic Block Store (EBS) and instance store root devices, Assigning elastic IP addresses, Achieving high availability of non relational data with SimpleDB, Converting an instance store AMI to an EBS, Visualizing utilisation metrics with CloudWatch, Customizing and configuring platform stacks, Provisioning application resources with CloudFormation, Configuring access credentials etc.
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Android Training
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This course is for learning the Android platform in details and one would learn the modules like Overview of Android and Android SDK, Introduction to OS layers, Linux kernel, Libraries, Android Runtime, Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation, Development tools, Manifest File, View Hierarchy and Layouts, UI Events, Graphics & Animations, Creating Resources, Using Resources, Data Storage, Shared Preferences, Internal Storage (Files), External Storage(SD Card), SQLite Databases, Android Media API, Playing audio/video, Media recording, Blue tooth, WiFi, Camera, TelephonyManager, Location Services etc.
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Animation and Multimedia
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This course imparts the fundamental as well as some advanced concepts of animation and multimedia. It covers the whole thing starting from user interface side to file handling, component adding, mapping, tracking, cameras, layouts, hierarchy, controlling, and rendering.
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ANSYS training
Fees:      Duration: 45-60 days
This course is on ANSYS training and covers Engineering Drawing and Design. The main components are - 1D/2D meshing, Solving Beam problems, Uniform Pressure loading and plane stress Bracket, SPACE Frame example, 3D meshing-Tetra, Axisymmetry, Thermal Analysis, Joints, Springs, Substructuring etc.
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