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TechiesGroup IT Solution Pvt Ltd, Gwalior provides training in computer software with emphasis on learning the particular computer language as well as participation of students in live projects to help them gain skillfully in this niche area.

Name: TechiesGroup IT Solution
Address: 21, Nehru Colony,
Near Vivekanand Chauraha,
City: Gwalior
State: Madhya Pradesh
Telephone Number: 8305233223 / 8770329822

Techieshubhdeep is a leading institute having multiple activities in the computer and IT industry and one of them is training technologies under which they impart trainings on computer software languages to the students who want to make a career in IT industry. They have a variety of training courses starting from C language at one end and web designing and application development at the other. Their courses are especially crafted for the students undergoing computer engineering or those who have completed it. They also engage the students in live projects and help them getting suitable placement in the industry. In addition to the computer trainings the institute provides many services related to the computer industry and takes up computer projects in a wide area including research thesis work in the computer and IT field.

Training Courses in TechiesGroup IT Solution

C / C++
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This course delivers complete learnings in C and C++. It covers basic C architecture and then illustrates the elements in C++ OOPS. Finally it covers the C++ advanced features. The details about the fees and duration can be obtained by filling the contact us form in the website.
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This is an exhaustive course on PHP language and starts with its basic concepts covering environment setup to functions and file management. This is followed by the advanced PHP comprising of error handling, AJAX, and object oriented PHP. For fee and duration details one has to fill the contact us form in the institute website.
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Java is the most sought after language in the industry and this course is designed to make the student to learn the basic, object oriented, and advanced concepts in Java. For details about fee and duration one has to fill the contact us form in the site.
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This course gives learnings to the students in ASP.NET platform which is an application framework for creating dynamic web sites. The details about fee and duration is to be asked through contact us form in the site.
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C# is an object-oriented programming language under the .NET platform and in this course the basic approach in C# and advanced concepts are taught. The course covers topics like Inheritance, Interfacing, Type Casting, Polymorphism, Exception Handling Arrays, Strings, Delegate, Events etc.
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WordPress is a very popular and useful platform for hosting business blogs or management services and learning about it is useful for the persons want to use wordpress in that fashion. The course provides a complete understanding of the WordPress environment and facilities available in it. The course also delivers the advanced concepts in wordpress.
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