Sunrise Computer Institute, Meerut

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Sunrise Computer Institute is a popular computer training institute in the region and provides specialised training modules ranging from basic coding to Python programming including other related trainings also.

Name: Sunrise Computer Institute
Address: 3rd Floor, Star Plaza, Near Bacha Park,
Begum Pul Road
City: Meerut
State: Uttar Pradesh
Telephone Number: 0121-4025982, 9412201822

Sunrise Computer Institute was founded in the year 2005 and is one of the leading computer education providers in the region. The institution offers various courses related to IT and prepares the students for meeting the requirements of the IT industry. It also helps the student in getting suitable placement in the industry. The trainings are imparted by experienced and qualified instructors in the relevant subjects. The interested candidates can contact the institution through the contact us feature given in their website.

Training Courses in Sunrise Computer Institute

C language
Fees:      Duration: 1.5 month
This course imparts detailed training in C language and covers Declaration & Assignments, Functions, Strings, File Handling, Pointers, and other miscellaneous topics related to C language.
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Fees:      Duration: 2 months
This course comprises of, Introduction and fundamentals of Java, Input/Output, AWT and Events, Threads, Interfaces, Errors & Exceptions, Networking, Database using JDBC, etc. The course is followed by the projects in Java.
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.NET Programming
Fees:      Duration: 3 months
This is a detailed training course on .NET technology and comprises of various elements of .NET. The student learns .Net Architecture / .Net Framework, Class, Object & OOPS, Inheritance & Interfaces, File Handling & Streams, Designing Window Application, Threading, Network Programming, Client-Server Communication, SMTP Programming, SQL Server, ADO.Net, Command Builder, Data Readers, and Managing Transactions.
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Advance Java technology training
Fees:      Duration: 2 months
This course comprises of advanced concepts in Java using the J2EE environment. The topics covered are - Overview of Java Servlet Architecture, Using Servlet Classes with HTML, Servlet Chaining, Implementation of various Servlet Classes, Java Server Page, Web Application Server Architecture, JSP, Java Struts etc followed by demo project.
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ASP.NET Programming
Fees:      Duration: 2 months
This is a training course in advanced .NET technology and the topics covered are - Overview of ASP.NET, Standard and Validation Controls, Rich Controls, Using Master Pages, Using Web Themes, Data Access, Gridview, AJAX, Form View, Repeater, Database using Oracle, SQL, Server, MS-Access, Login Controls, Web Services Security aspects etc.
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