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VACS SAP Edu, Thane is a reputed SAP training institute that offers in-depth training programs for both individuals and corporates who, on completing the course, will efficiently be able to manage the operations of any business.

Name: VACS SAP Edu
Address: 6th Floor, Amfotech Park,
opposite Old Passport Office,
Wagle Estate, MIDC,
City: Thane
State: Maharashtra
Telephone Number: +91 99870 60760


SAP-trained professionals are a growing necessity to ensure smooth operations of a business right from managing the database to communicating with partners and customers. Understanding how to use SAP software is the key necessity for the successful completion of a project within schedule and for achieving targets. VACS SAP Edu meets this need through its courses that are taught by qualified SAP professionals who have a high level of expertise in the field. Whether you are a student just learning the ropes of SAP or are already a working executive with IT-expertise who wants to update your skills for a better career, VACS SAP Edu has a suitable training course for you.

About the institute

VACS SAP Edu is an authorized SAP training institute of VACS Technology Pvt. Ltd. which is a SAP Education partner and has been offering relevant training programs with certification since 2013. So you can confidently enroll and get SAP training to expand your academic horizons and develop relevant skills to becoming an ace professional.

Type of courses

Students who are pursuing an undergraduate or a postgraduate program can sign up for short-term courses of a few weeks at the SAP UAcademy of VACS SAP Edu. Executives with experience who fulfil the educational qualification criteria can enroll in the SAP training courses of VACS SAP Edu for individuals, which include ones for project systems, plant maintenance, materials' management etc. For corporate houses, VACS SAP Edu offers customized courses, including one for enhancing the performance of the workforce.

Most of the courses for individuals combine virtual live classroom sessions with online computer-based training classes and an offline classroom session on Sundays. Course manuals will be provided and technical and other support through a Help Desk will be available throughout the training program. A certification exam with multiple-choice questions and other sections will be scheduled at the end of the program.

Training Courses in VACS SAP Edu

SAP-Sales & Distribution
Fees:      Duration: 12 weeks
The SAP - Sales and Distribution course covers all aspects of the various business procedures that are useful for the processing of sales and distribution. This includes contracts and agreements, pricing and billing, listing materials, etc. Eligibility: B.E./B.Tech/MBA/PG preferred, with at least two to 10 years of sales & distribution experience with business knowledge in this field.
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SAP-Financial Accounting
Fees:      Duration:
Those already familiar with the basics of SAP ERP business process basics, Solution Manager etc can join the SAP-Financial Accounting training course. It gives in-depth training to understand the various components of financial accounting, including balance sheets, account ledgers, correspondence and reports, etc. Eligibility: B.Com./CA/ICWAI/MBA PGDM in Finance/Postgraduate in Finance & Accounting with relevant experience of at least two years, business knowledge of finance and accounting, and good communication skills.
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SAP-Production Planning
Fees:      Duration:
SAP-Production Planning training course is ideal for those involved with supply chain planning and manufacturing processes. You will learn useful planning strategies for stocks and orders, creating and developing the requisite master data, aspects of MRP processes, etc. Eligibility: B.E./ B.Tech/MBA/PG candidates preferred, with business knowledge in Supply Chain Planning & Manufacturing areas and at least 2-10 years of experience in this field.
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SAP-Human Resources
Fees:      Duration:
If you are keen on a career in HR, this SAP-HR training course will enhance your skills. You will learn about organizational structures, developing and maintaining a database of employees, understanding payroll processes, working on the concepts of organizational structures and time management, etc. Eligibility: Graduates, preferably with MBA-HR Management or Personnel Management/PG, with knowledge of business processes in the areas of HR or organisation management or admin. and 2-10 years of minimum experience.
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SAP-Project Systems
Fees:      Duration:
Those keen on upgrading their skills in a career as a Project Manager will find the SAP-Project Systems (PS) training course highly beneficial. You will become competent in drawing up project plans, analyzing them through reports, working on planning costs and revenue of the projects, tracking budgets, etc. Eligibility: B.E./B.Tech and MBA in Operation Management preferred, with basic knowledge of Logistics and Accounting processes and 2-10 years of experience in project management and implementation.
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SAP-Plant Maintenance
Fees:      Duration:
SAP-Plant Maintenance (PM) is a relevant software training course for individuals who are working on the maintenance activities of an organization. You get hands-on training on cost-effective methods for managing equipment, planning repairs and breakdown maintenance, checking materials and refurbishing of spare parts, understanding the risks involved, taking preventive measures, scheduling time-scheduled strategic plans, etc. Eligibility: Graduate or Postgraduate in any stream with good communication skills, with knowledge of plant operation, maintenance and services and at least two years of experience is desirable.
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SAP-Material Management
Fees:      Duration:
The SAP-Material Management (MM)training course provides learning modules focusing on the procurement of materials and inventory management procedures. You will learn about maintaining a master database, procurement optimization techniques, tracking the movement of goods, how to process invoices and manage discrepancies, configure documents, etc. Eligibility: B.E./B.Tech/ MBA/PG with business knowledge in the procurement area, particularly knowledge of product processes, and 2- 10 years of experience in procurement, material handling, purchase, inventory, and vendor management.
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Fees:      Duration:
SAP ABAP is a foundation course to learn SAP Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) language. You will learn about the fundamentals of SAP NetWeaver, ABAP Workbench tools, Classical UI programming, modularization techniques, etc. The various features and procedures that go into project development are also covered. Eligibility: B.E./B.Tech/MCA/MBA/BSCIT/BSC CO.SCI is preferred with proficiency in one of the programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, SQL. Age criterion: below 40 years.
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Fees:      Duration:
App and Data consultants will find the SAP HANA software useful to process large amounts of data. The training course will first teach you the basic concepts, interfaces and data provision tools, then installation procedures and troubleshooting issues, moving on later to authorization and security requirements, and finally how to migrate from a current to the SAP HANA database. Eligibility: Graduate or Postgraduate in any stream with basic IT knowledge and an understanding of Database Management Systems (DMS). 2 or more years of experience working with any of the tools - BI tools (Oracle BI, SAP BO/BI/BW, IBM Cognos, Open source), DB Administration, ETL Tools, Crystal Reports, SAP Data Services - is also a requirement.
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