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DiSHA computer institute, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai is one of their training centres under the DiSHA group. It offers various training courses in computer software area to the students.

Name: DiSHA
Address: Kashi Krushna, Plot No. F23/A,
Behind Gokhale School, Near Karnala Bank,
Sector-12, Kharghar
City: Navi Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Telephone Number: 9321216333, 9372923708

DiSHA group has 45 training centres in the state of Maharashtra and one of them is located in Kharghar in Navi Mumbai area. They offer a large number of courses like MS Office, Coreldraw, Computer languages, CAD, Web designing, Photoshop etc. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for imparting computer training. The DiSHA group is well known for its quality courses in the area of computer education and have got a qualified and experienced faculty for teaching the students. The institute arranges outside faculty also from the industry to give the students a feel of the computer world around them. The institution aims for the best learning experience for the students in their selected courses.

Training Courses in DiSHA

C Programming
Fees:      Duration: 45 hours
This course covers all aspect of C language training and the students learn the basic and essentials of C programming including all its elements like functions, decision making, iterations, arrays, macros etc.
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C++ Programming
Fees:      Duration: 35 hours
This course covers the basic concepts about the C++ language and also teaches the OOPs concepts and topics like Function, Operator Overloading, Namespaces, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Multiple Inheritance, Templates, RTTI, File Handling etc.
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Data Structure
Fees:      Duration: 45 hours
This course covers the different data structures like lists, stack, queue, trees, graphs, and hash tables and their detailed understanding. The students learn the use of data structure and their applications in this course.
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Visual Basic
Fees:      Duration: 45 hours
This course comprises of the elements of the visual basic programming langusge and the students learn in it a great deal about this language comprising of fundamental comcepts, UI designs, handling of files, objects and classes, COM basics, ActiveX components, interfacing to database, applications of datcentric techniques using ActiveX Data Objects etc.
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Java Programming
Fees:      Duration: 75 hours
This course is for the learnings of Java core programming and in this the student will learn the various features of this language like Object-oriented Programming, Inheritance, Interfaces, Exception Handling, Reflection, Standard I/O programming, File Handling, Generics, GUI programming with Swing, Applets, Socket Programming, JDBC etc.
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Fees:      Duration: 35 hours
The .NET framework is the popular framework for application dvelopment and in this particular course, the students learn the things like ASP.NET Architecture, State Management, Master pages, User & Custom Controls and Data Access, Authentication and Authorization, Navigation, Web Configuration, Health Monitoring, Instrumentation, Web Services, AJAX and Deployment.
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Fees:      Duration: 2 months
This is a 2 months course and introduces the basic concepts of CAD to the students. The students learn things like Units Concepts, Draw, Editing, Display, and Modify Commands, 2D Mechanical Drawing, Text & Text Style, Hatch pattern style, Gradient Pattern style, Layer Management, 3D Concept and 3D Drawing, 3D Orbit, Render, Material, Light and Plot.
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Graphics and Illustration
Fees:      Duration: 2 months
This 2 month course provides the students learning of Graphics designing, Page layout designing, Content Editing, Printing Technology, Logo Designing, Fashion Designing, Photo Editing and Mixing, News Paper Advertising, Matte Painting, and Creating BG for 2D Animation.
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Fees:      Duration: 65 hours
This course helps the students to learn DBMS, RDBMS Normalization, Codd’s Rules, ER Diagrams, SQL, Transaction Processing, Logical Operators, Inbuilt Function, Date Function, Conversion Functions, Set operations, Join View, PL/SQL Language, PL/SQL Modules, Cursors, Procedures, Database, Triggers, Packages and Oracle Architecture.
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Fees:      Duration: 35 hours
In this course students learn RDBMS, PostgreSQL, Using sub queries, Using views, Operators, Functions, and Authentication and encryption.
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Fees:      Duration: 45 hours
In this course the students acquire knowledge about Basic HTML, Operators and Flow Controls, String and Array, Creating Functions, Reading data in web pages, OOP’s Concepts, Working with databases, Web techniques, and File handling.
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Webpage Designing
Fees:      Duration: 6 months
This course delivers learning for webpage designing and consists of learning about Templates, Text based webpages, Design web layouts, Graphics, Web Programming, Content Editing, Tables, Image mapping, Forms, and Frames.
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Fees:      Duration: 45 hrs
This course provides learning of Python high level language and elements taught are - Command Line Basics, Installing and running Python, Strings, Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Sets, Data Types, Print Formatting, Functions, Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Polymorphism, File I / O, Pandas, Numpy, Seaborn, Multi - Threading, Selenium Automation, GUI Using PYQT, Github , Colab, Infrastructure, and Python Graphics.
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