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TCCI (Tririd Computer Coaching Institute) is a popular and leading computer coaching institute in Ahmedabad imparting various training courses ranging from coding to practical applications of computers in various fields.

Name: TCCI
Address: TCCI, 411-New York Arcade,
Above IDBI Bank, Bopal
City: Ahmedabad
State: Gujarat
Telephone Number: 9825618292

TCCI (Tririd Computer Coaching Institute), located in Ahmedabad is a computer coaching institute. The courses are designed and conducted in such a way that the students can attend classes 1 day per week to 4 days per week as per their convenience. One can contact the institute for the details and slots available under this pattern.

The institute has experienced faculty for courses on coding, database, web designing, etc. The students are exposed to theoretical as well as practical applications of each of these courses. Apart from the present location, there is an another centre at D-SF-204, Titanium City Centre, Near Sachin Tower, Anandnagar Main Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad.

Training Courses in TCCI

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This course provides learning in the C programming language and covers basic and advanced concepts in C. The topics covered are Basic Syntax, Token, Data Types and Variables, Constants, Literals, Storage class, Operators, Loop Controls, For Loop, While Loop, Do-While Loop, Decision Making, Arrays, String, Function, Pointer, Structure, Union, Type Casting, Recursion, Files, and Command-Line Argument.
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This is an exhaustive course in C++ and covers Basic Syntax, Object Oriented Concept, Data Types and Variables, Constants, Literals, Modifiers, Operators, Loop Controls, Decision Making, Class Structure with Object, Function, Arrays, String, Inheritance, Constructor-Destructor, Exception Handling, Files etc.
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Data Base Management
Fees:      Duration:
This course is aimed for learnings in data base management. The topics covered are Requirements of Database, Disadvantages of File, Architecture, Data Models, Data schemas, Data independence, ER Diagram, Cod’s Rules, RDBMS concepts, Keys, Normalization, SQL introduction, DDL command, DML command, DCL command, Advanced SQL, SQL Constraints, SQL Function etc.
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System Programming
Fees:      Duration:
In this course the students learn the systems programming that covers operating system, assembler, linker, kernel, Bios, macro processor, loader, assembler etc.
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This is a course on .NET and comprises of .NET Framework, CLR, Name space, Basic of Application, ADO.NET, Windows Forms and Controls, State, Web service, Small application etc.
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Power Point
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This course contains learnings in Power Point presentations and techniques as how to create them. There are many features and facilities in this utility application and those are explained with practical examples so that the students can use them in real life in the workplace. The timings of the training and days of the week can be accommodated as per the convenience of the student.
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Basic Introduction to Java, Object Oriented This course comprises of Basic Data types and Variables, Modifier Types, Operators, Loop controls, Decision Making, Arrays and String, Inheritance, Interface, Package, Polymorphism, Overriding, Encapsulation, Abstraction, Exception, Inner class, and File.
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This course consists of learnings of Basic Syntax, Variables, Data types, List, String, Number, Tuple, Directory, Basic Operators, Decision making, Loop, Module, Exception Handling, Files, Function, and Object-Oriented Concepts.
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This is an exhaustive course in HTML and comprise of Overview of HTML, Basic Tags, Elements, Attributes, Formatting, Meta Tags, Comments, Images, Position, Tables, Lists, Links, Blocks, Background, Colours, Fonts, Style sheet, and Marquee.
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This course provides learning of SQL and covers topics like Basics of SQL, Advanced SQL queries, Relational Queries, and Modifying Database. The students can choose class frequency as Daily/2 Days/3 Days/4 Days per week.
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Microsoft office word
Fees:      Duration:
This course on Microsoft Word contains topics as document creation, editing and saving, formatting text and paragraphs, working with tables, columns and other formatting features, graphics, WordArt, charts, text flow, document templates, advanced features including mail merge, macros, document versioning and proofing tools.
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Data Structure
Fees:      Duration: 2 to 4 days
This course provides learning in Data Structure Language and contains topics like Introduction, Algorithms, Time and Space Complexity, Array, Stack, Queue, Link List, Tree, Graph etc. Course duration 2-4 days as per one's convenience.
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