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Elance is an ed-tech organization that provides professional commerce courses like ACCA and CMA (USA) along with many other add-on courses. Learn about the institution and the courses offered.

Name: Elance
Address: 2nd Floor, Metro Magna Building,
Mavoor Road, Parayancheri
City: Kozhikode
State: Kerala
Telephone Number: +91 7025107070
Email: info@elancelearning.com
Website: https://www.elancelearning.com/

Elance is a commerce institution which has been thriving in the process of ensuring quality commerce education for all, by integrating a sense of professionalism into it. Elance offers a collection of reputed courses like the ACCA, CMA (USA) and many other add on courses which make the students job and industry ready. Also, Elance is an institution which watches and analyses the job industry up close to bring in the necessary changes in teaching methods to equip the students to adapt themselves according to the industry requirements. Elance also offers many training initiatives in areas like soft skills, communication, and on-the-job training, etc.

Elance has a Platinum Approval from ACCA, a recognition given to those institutions that succeeds in guiding students in their ACCA journey effectively in a way that it proves to be fruitful by giving exceptional results. The full form of ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the ACCA is a membership body that supports professional accountants all around the world, and Elance works by upholding the values of ACCA in carving professionals who are ready to take on the world of accounting with their acquired knowledge and skills. It is extremely note-worthy that the ACCA qualification provides job opportunities in more than 180+ countries and the course will always be a career upgradation to whatever position you are currently occupying in your career. The ACCA course will help to nurture skills in areas like financial management, tax, and internal audit, risk management etc. and help you land jobs such as Financial Analyst, Chief Operating Officer, Business analyst, Chief Financial Officer, Forensic Accountant, Risk Manager, Credit Control Manager and many more. The exam flexibility of ACCA also makes it comparatively easier to complete, from other courses and makes it desirable and popularly sought out. In addition to all this, ACCA qualified professionals will be easily recruited by Big 4 companies like EY, PwC, Deloitte and KPMG. Many other companies like the Tata, Grand Thornton, PepsiCo, Embassy group also hire ACCAs.

Elance is also an approved partner of the IMA or the Institute of Management Accountants for providing the CMA USA course or the Certified Management Accountants course, and Elance has always been an active enabler in training the aspiring students to get the CMA certification. The CMA USA is a highly reputed certification which opens up various job opportunities not just in India, but around the whole world for its certified professionals. By learning CMA USA, you can easily learn to do things like developing financial strategies, managing customer value, equity valuation etc. Also CMA qualified professionals do tasks like performance review, operations audit etc. and more. The CMA USA exam is done in two parts, Part-1 and Part-2, of which the learner can decide which part exam to complete first. After completing the CMA USA course, the candidates will be easily placed at the Big 4 companies and many other companies like Grand Thornton, J P Morgan, Morgan and Stanley etc.

Along with providing these courses, Elance truly believes in cultivating not just academic brilliance of students, but also in making them industry ready and developing their soft and interpersonal skills. Only if these skills come in handy, all the other acquired knowledge can be put to better use. Bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge is crucial and Elance knows it.

Another notable specialty that distinguishes Elance from others is that it offers different modes of learning like online, offline, and hybrid modes. In the present day world, which is changing at an unseen speed, online and hybrid modes of learning are so important because it gives the learners an opportunity like no other to learn at their own desired pace.

As stated in this article before, Elance is a Platinum Approved Learning Partner of ACCA and IMA Approved Partner of CMA USA, and this is as such for a reason. Elance within a short span of time, has produced numerous National as well as World ranks that has extreme significance. And what makes all this possible is the exceptional facilities at Elance. Elance has an amazing panel of Faculties with more than 13+ years of experience in the field of professional commerce education and also has a World-ranked mentor support system for its students. Both of these combined lays a strong foundation for all the classes and other educational activities that are done at Elance. The distinguished and industry-oriented teaching methods, best in class Edu-tech facilities, all adds to the advantages of learning with Elance.

To conclude, it is vital to say that along with the course you are studying, it is also important to decide carefully from where to learn because the institution from where you are studying can make all the difference. So it is advisable to look into options, analyze the possibilities and then make the right choice, and as for being the right choice, Elance will be a perfect fit.

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ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants course is a professional accountancy certification which offers accounting aspirants an opportunity to excel and succeed in their filed. It offers job opportunities in many countries and a reputed career.
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