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SEED Infotech is an ISO 9001:2015 certified training institute based in Pune that delivers quality training in Corporate IT/Workshops, Induction & Project Based Training, Microsoft, Salesforce, Hortonworks, SAP Authorized Education Partner, Java & .Net, S'ware Testing, Oracle, Product / Tool Consulting, Staffing, and Red Hat. Visit this page to know more about the institution.

Name: SEED Infotech
Address: Panchsheel, 46/16 Erandwane.
Income Tax Lane, Off Karve Road
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Telephone Number: +91 9850885178, 02025466798

SEED Infotech is the best institute in Pune offering training programs in Microsoft, Salesforce, Hortonworks, SAP Authorized Education Partner, Java & .Net, Software Testing etc. The institute is the training partner of National Skill Development Corporation of India and IICA (Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs).

SEED Infotech is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization headquartered in Pune, India's IT hub. The institute delivers educational excellence through proven models across 50 locations in India. SEED Infotech has a 600+ strong team of qualified and certified professionals and 23+ years of expertise in IT training. Every year SEED Infotech creates around 50,000 job opportunities through various mega job fests across the country. The institute conducts discussion sessions for collaborative learning and offers global certification examinations

Training Courses in SEED Infotech

JAVA Full Stack Training
Fees:      Duration: 3 months
Full Stack Development course covers all topics like Web page basics, Responsive UI Framework, Server side Framework, Databases, Backend Integration, Agile Dev & DevOps
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.Net Training Programme
Fees:      Duration: 3 months
.NET is a server-side scripting language created by Microsoft. It effectively helps to build dynamic web pages.
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Fees:      Duration: 3 months
The training course in PHP is designed to gain the best knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Developing Dynamic and Interactive webpages, Applying animations to the web-pages, Executing PHP script on Server
View PHP Courses in Pune
Fees:      Duration: 40 hours
Python developer is the most direct jo out there for python professional and product manager, data analyst. educator, positions are some of the other job opportunities for professionals who mastered python language. The course module includes Introduction to python IDE, Python Syntax, Strings in Python, List, tuples, Dictionaries in Python, Functions, and Modules in Python.
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Big Data and Hadoop
Fees:      Duration: 100 hrs
After the training, the students will learn How to identify Big Data, Store and retrieve Big Data on HDFS, How to apply various processing techniques to process this data, How to use HADOOP with the existing system (OLAP, DWH), How to use the Hadoop ecosystem tools like Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, etc
View Big Data and Hadoop Courses in Pune
Android Development
Fees:      Duration: 80 hrs
The course is designed in a way to get familiar with android components and related UI. Industry-oriented syllabus and core java module will make students able to successfully build android apps and publish them in a short period of time
View Android Courses in Pune
Fees:      Duration: 40 hours
The course module includes all topics like Building MVC based web applications using MVC design pattern, Creating a model using Entity Framework Approaches, Validating the Model classes, Creating MVC controllers and Action Filters, Creating Razor views, Working with HTML helpers to design views, ViewModel
View MVC Courses in Pune
C Programming
Fees:      Duration: 40 hours
The C Training course covers C Programming language essentials such as programming techniques, decision making statements, iterations, functions, macros, 1D array, 2D arrays, pointers, dynamic memory allocation for arrays as well as structures, file handling, and function pointers, and linked list.
View C & C++ Courses in Pune
C++ Programming
Fees:      Duration: 40 hours
C++ is considered as the basic programming languages. C++ training will help students understand the concepts of programming languages
View C & C++ Courses in Pune
Data Structure with C
Fees:      Duration: 84 hrs
the student will get complete knowledge to Construct a program using different data structures and use them in different problem scenarios, to chose data structure based on problem scenario work
View Data Courses in Pune
Angular JS
Fees:      Duration: 40 hours
Angular JS is a full-featured framework that is incredibly popular. Angular JS certification program will give an excellent understanding of the framework, JS, event handling, model view controller(MVC)and will help the professionals achieve a rewarding career as Front End developer, JS developer, web app developer
View Angular JS Courses in Pune
Fees:      Duration: 80 hrs
Selenium is one of the most used tools to automate the testing of web applications. The course module includes Selenium 3, Selenium IDF, Selenium Grid, Selenium Webdriver, and core Java
View Selenium Courses in Pune
Fees:      Duration: 50 hrs
ISTQB Certification course module includes Responsive Web Designing, Manual Testing, Core Java, Web Component Developer, Struts, Angular Js
View ISTQB Certification Courses in Pune
Fees:      Duration: 40 hrs
MCSA is a certification program intended for people who seek entry-level positions in the IT industry. After the certification, the candidate will be able to install, administrate and configure MS Windows Server 2016
View MCSA Courses in Pune
Fees:      Duration:
Linux certification program aims to produce more Linux certified professionals with more understanding in the RedHat Linux domain and Open Stack and LAMP. The course module includes RH 124, RH 134, and RH 235
View Linux Courses in Pune
CISCO Certified Network Associate
Fees:      Duration:
CCNA is an entry-level certification in the networking module. CCNA Certified students will be able to manage network infrastructure.
View CCNA Courses in Pune
Microsoft AZURE
Fees:      Duration:
The course includes Azure PaaS services like Cloud computing-Cloud Service, App Services- Web Apps and API apps, SQL Azure, Storage Services such as Azure Blob Storage, Table Storage, Queue Storage, DocumentDB, etc
View Microsoft AZURE Courses in Pune
Internet Of Things
Fees:      Duration:
the course module includes, a hands-on IOT App with smart Hardware, Build your own IOT platform on the cloud
View IOT Courses in Pune
Ethical Hacking
Fees:      Duration:
This beginner to advanced level Ethical Hacking course will cover topics like Backdoor Trojan and counter measurer. The course helps to gain knowledge in advanced Hacking concepts, writing virus codes, and exploit writing
View Ethical Hacking Courses in Pune
Oracle 12c Developer
Fees:      Duration: 144 hrs
After the completion of this course, the students will be able to appear for Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) exam for the Developer track
View Oracle Courses in Pune
Oracle DBA
Fees:      Duration: 152 hrs
This course is designed to provide complete knowledge of SQL, Database Administration, and Database Backup 7 Recovery. After the completion, the Candidate will be able to appear for Oracle DBA exams
View Oracle Courses in Pune
Digital Marketing
Fees:      Duration:
Digital Marketing Certification ensures students huge opportunities around the globe and will have a high demanding career.
View Digital Marketing Courses in Pune
Data Science
Fees:      Duration:
The Data Science course will provide students knowledge of concepts of python programming along with data analysis
View Data Science Courses in Pune
SAP Financial Accounting
Fees:      Duration: 5 weeks
The course syllabus includes Financial Accounting's role in the Business, organizational levels used in Financial Accounting, Financial Accounting's components like general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed asset account, preparation of financial statements execute basic financial reports. etc
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SAP Management Accounting
Fees:      Duration: 5 weeks
The course is designed to give detailed knowledge of overview of Financial Accounting components like cost center accounting, internal orders, profit center accounting, profitability analysis, product costing, organization units and Master Data of Overhead management, performing cost center, and product cost planning, implementation of cost object controlling, etc
View SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Human Capital Management
Fees:      Duration: 5 weeks
The course syllabus includes an introduction of SAP overview, Configuration of Master Data & Time Management in HR, Explanation of the basic processes of HR, Reporting structure in HRM, Configuration of Payroll, Organizational Management
View SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Sales & Distribution
Fees:      Duration: 5 weeks
The course is suitable for Graduates or Postgraduates having 0-8 years of experience in the sales domain.
View SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Material Management
Fees:      Duration: 5 weeks
The course covers topics like Introduction to processes in Procurement, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Goods receipts, goods issues, and transfer postings, Planning procurement proposals, Consumption-based planning, Reorder point planning,Procurement of Material,Documents and functions of purchasing, Preparation and performance of a physical inventory, Inventory management, physical inventory, and account determination
View SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Production Planning
Fees:      Duration: 5 weeks
The course module includes an Overview of a plan to inventory, Forecasting and demand planning, Detailed material planning, Production order execution, Creating and managing master data, Describe applications for production planning, Order-controlled production with production orders, etc
View SAP Courses in Pune
SAP Project System
Fees:      Duration: 5 weeks
Any graduate/post graduate with 2+ years of experience in Project Management., Project managers who have experience in budgeting, planning scheduling or team members who have been associated with the project planning system, Experienced SAP consultants are eligible for this training course.
View SAP Courses in Pune
Fees:      Duration: 5 weeks
The syllabus includes Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Application Server, ABAP programming basics, Complex data objects, ABAP Open SQL, Memory management and program calls, Program reports with ALV Grid Control, Program database updates, Enqueue mechanism, ABAP types in depth, Unicode, and how ABAP is affected, ABAP Open SQL for changing database data, etc
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