Supply Chain Analyst (Business Logic)

Employer: SCA Technologies LLC

Address: SCA Technologies LLC Signature Towers 12th Floor Tower A, South City Gurgaon 122 001

Email: Online Application


Phone: 91-124-2381345


Experience: 3-5 Years

Education: Any Graduates

Job Location: Bangalore, Gurgaon   (View Jobs in Bangalore,   Jobs in Gurgaon)

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Supply Chain Analyst (Business Logic)

Supply Chain Analyst (Business Logic)

* Analyze production, distribution and sales data and construct models that adequately represents the operations of various business units across the supply chain
* Analyze financial data and build cost models for predicting business costs under different growth scenarios
* Assist in the development of generic software modules (not coding) for the operations and cost analysis methodology
* Working in a team environment to process and analyze large data sets
* Use tools such as SQL and Excel to manage, process and aggregate sales, product, manufacturing and financial related data
* Build and standardize reusable processing tools to process and upload data
* Synthesize conclusions from the processed dataset to be presented to end customers
* Take responsibility for the accuracy and quality of the work performed and takes ownership of all assigned projects
* Work effectively with minimum supervision
* Strong oral and written communication

Experience / Skills

* Minimum 3 to 5 years experience in working with large data sets in ERP/ MRP manufacturing and/or distribution environment
* Strong analytical capabilities
* Experience with writing procedures / queries at SQL-Server 2000 and or Oracle database
* Comfortable at writing macros in Excel
* Demonstrated experience in conducting analytics with SQL and Excel
* Shop-floor experience in manufacturing and/or distribution environment is a plus
* Undergraduate/graduate degree in Engineering or Supply Chain Management

About Employer

Demanding customers, unpredictable markets, increasingly fierce competition and often less manpower and resources to tackle these challenges - This is the reality in which companies big and small operate today. Organizations expend its most valuable resources not in assimilating valuable information to assess viable business options and reduce risk with the best available integrated solution, but rather in collecting information, creating independent analytical frameworks (often un-auditable) to assemble a very limited “directional” picture. Through a combination of this “directional picture” and “gut-feel” and “experience-base” they cobble together a “consensus”. This is an area where inefficiencies are great, and often choices are not correct and therefore significant value is often forfeited by the business. Understanding the nature of your costs and how they are likely to behave with the changing business situations is necessary to make the best tradeoffs between available opportunities and prioritize them correctly based on the efforts, risks and payoffs to use the company’s skilled resources efficiently.

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