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Gardening As A Hobby Makes Environment Beautiful And Eco Friendly

This article describes the meaning of hobby and tells us how a hobby is different from a profession. A detailed account is given dealing with the reason for selecting gardening as a hobby by the author. The importance of gardening as hobby is explained in an exhaustive manner. The author narrates how a small empty place in front of his living room on third floor of the building is turned into a lush green terrace garden. In the end, the author advises the readers to take up gardening as a hobby.

How to take care of Bonsai plants?

This article is all about requirements and supplements needed for a bonsai plant to grow. Bonsai is an art of gardening in which miniature plants are grown in small pots. Though this is a part of Japanese gardening, but nowadays this technique has become very popular in India.

Best tips for terrace gardening in apartments

If you are a garden-lover and want to maintain a beautiful garden in your flat, then you must have a look into this article, wherein I have given a few simple and easy tips for an effective gardening in terrace/ balcony of flats.

Helpful tips on growing strawberries in containers

There are lot of apprehensions when it comes to growing strawberries in containers. The foremost doubt is can they be grown in pots. The answer to that is yes. I share here techniques that I adopted for growing strawberries.

My experiments with vegetable gardening

Growing vegetables and fruits can be an amazing pastime. I have successfully grown fruits and vegetables in containers. The fresh produce from your own organic garden tastes nothing like the veggies and fruits bought from a store. I share here my experience with my vegetable garden and hope you pick up some useful tips.

Container gardening - How to grow strawberries in your garden

Strawberries are exotic fruits, delicious, but very expensive. They are beyond the budget of ordinary people. If you like the fresh, sweet taste of strawberries why not grow them in your backyard or balcony. Strawberries are easy to grow. Just follow the guidelines listed here and begin harvesting your own strawberries.

How to overcome challenges of indoor gardening

You could bring plants indoors because there is a dearth of outdoor space or to purify the indoor air or as an element to beautify the interiors. Whatever your reason for indoor gardening there will be many a challenge that you'll face. Here is your guide to help overcome the most common challenges associated with indoor gardening.

Gardening workshops in Chennai for children

Chennai has a plethora of 'green' activities for children. Discover all the eco-friendly projects that children can be a part of. Help children connect to nature Provide them opportunities that will make them aware of the environment. Prepare them for tomorrow. Help make them better world citizens.

Few tips to cultivate the habit of gardening

The urbanisation has slowly driven away the culture of maintaining a healthy garden and keeping our surroundings good that we inherited from our ancestors. Apartments have replaced the individual houses and interested people find no space to grow a little garden. Gardening is one of the most popular and loved time-pass by many. An attempt is made to bring out the essential elements of gardening and how to go about.

Indian Kitchen Gardening Ideas

The idea of kitchen garden is not only for the purpose of hobby. You can easily grow variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables and spinach herbs without any hassle. Are interested in kitchen garden designing? Read the below article to form your own kitchen garden easily and relax in the shadow of favorite plant.

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