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What to do if there is a medical emergency during air travel

Medical emergency at a height of 35,000 feet or more? It is a horrible thought. But this may happen. A passenger may feel unwell during the flight. He/She may have an acute medical problem during the flight. Then what should be the duty of others? Read this article to know.

How to take care of your skin, eyes and legs in summer

Taking care of your skin in the summer season is not easy. It is the most difficult type for those having an oily kind of skin. Often a layer of dirt coats the skin. This gives rise to pimples and acne and causes problems. In this article I will talk about how to take care of your skin, eyes and legs during summer season.

How to develop good healthy eating and drinking habits: Part-1

This article explains importance of healthy eating and drinking habits and their effects on health. Start day with healthy breakfast, drink green tea, avoid alcohol, drink adequate amount of water, cut down sugar etc. are some of the healthy habits.

What is engineering Corona and endangering Corona

December 31, 2019, was the end of the year and the world was anxiously waiting for the new year to celebrate, but actually, what did happen was the dawn of the Coronavirus. The term "Corona" is not new. It does exist as an engineering phenomenon. In this post, I'll draw some parallels between the engineering Corona and the endangering Corona.

The Elixir of Life - Found

From time immemorial, the hunt for discovering the elixir of life is known. People do not want to die and love to remain immortal. A panacea which can cure all diseases, a capsule which is capable to give you eternal life; 'the elixir' or 'the philosopher's stone' has been the most sought after one by the 'Alchemist' in various ages and cultures.

What to do after dog bite

With the increase in number of street dogs, the dog-bite cases have been increasing rapidly all over India. In case of dog-bite, the person must not panick. He/She should wash the area with water and soap and take anti-rabies injection timely. This article discusses the issue in details. Read on

How to eat to boost energy levels

Sagging energy levels can affect performance. Energy levels can be boosted through disciplined practices. Follow this seven-pronged approach and see your energy levels shoot up. Make simple changes in your day to day activities for enhanced energy levels.

Path-breaking research in the field of medical science

Medical science has been progressing by leaps and bounds improving the life expectancy and quality of life. In this article, the contribution of three machines in medical diagnosis and treatment has been discussed. It also discusses kidney transplant.

Know about three new areas of modern research in medical science

Medical Science has been progressing by leaps and bounds, thus increasing the life expenctancy and improving quality of life. However, modern researches on stem cells, development of artificial organs like liver and advancement in robotic surgery are oepning new vistas of treatment. Read the article to know about these areas of research.

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What can be done to improve the health care system in India to ensure better health for the citizens

India does have an efficient Health Care system that branches out right from the Center to the Panchayat and even Village levels. But is something lacking? Is the administration able to maintain and manage the health care system in the way it has been intended? Has the rise in number of private sectors in the field complemented to the system or has it become a competitor to government machinery? What all need to be done to regulate and improve the system so that the citizens at all levels are benefited?

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