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How to maintain a healthy heart?

This is a very serious matter. This is a matter of your own heart. The matter of heart should be taken seriously. Because stopping of the beats of heart is death. Learn to keep your heart healthy and beating without a skip.

Heart and lung benefits of Arjuna Ayurvedic medicine

Man’s health is associated with healthy function of a heart, but what most of us are not aware of is, many herbal plants are good for many health problems. Of such is Arjuna tree. Best utilization of this tree keeps at bay heart and lung diseases.

What are the warning signs of Heart Attack?

In this article i am discussing the warning signs of Heart attacks. Quite often the early signs or of a heart attack are misunderstood as other body ailments. But when you know what are the warning signs of heart attack you can get a new chance lead a .

What Are The Risk Factors Of Heart Attack And Heart Diseases?

In this article we are discussing the risk factors of Heart attack. Sedantary lifestyle, changes in food habits, increading levels in the day to day life etc have madehuman heart more prone to heart attacks. But knowing the major risk factors of heart attack and heart diseases one can remain prepared to tacke a possible heart attack.

Heart Problems

In India more than 20 lakh people die because of heart problems every year. Till 2015 half of the world population suffering from heart diseases will be in India. The youth heart is at a high risk. How to fight against these heart problems. What to do and what not to do, everything u will find in this article.

Is being shorter in height makes us vulnerable to heart ailments?

It is being repeatedly reported in press that people with shorter height are more susceptible to heart ailments / heart failures. This study has been reported to be funded by Finnish Foundation for Cardiovascular Research and Authors and published online in the European Heart Journal.

The Human Heart

It is essential to have a look at the structure and function of our heart.

Garlic – A doctor of Heart

This article describes about Garlic and how Garlic is also known as doctor of the Heart. Read this article to know about the uses of Garlic and precautions of Garlic..

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Heart Problem and bypass surgery

Wants to know about the reasons for heart related problems and bypass surgery. Please read on the views of our experts shared here.

Can a machine replace the heart?

Wondering if the human heart can ever be replaced by a mechanical system? Get views and opinions from the responses at this Ask Expert page.

Primary aid for heart attack or sudden stroke

Are you wondering about what to do when you are alone at home and then face a medical emergency like a heart attack and do not know how to survive? Ask here for information and suggestions regarding what one can do when alone and facing a medical emergency.

Reasons and effects of high heart rate

Worried about a relative having a high heart rate? Quickly get expert advice in this thread to know the possible reasons for having a high heart rate, its effecs and how to bring it down to normal levels.
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