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Things To Do After Job Interview

In this world of competition, many people give there best interviews. But only few make that interview to the Job letters. You can do some check ups after interview which will keep you ahead of others. Here I have given the list of the points you should keep in and implement them after your good interview.

My First BPO interview Experience

BPO (Business Process Output), an ever growing sector satisfying an ever growing demand for jobs. Providing employment to an enormous number of youths, this sector has innumerable growth and development. One can start working in BPO sector with a fluent english and inter passed. Freshers can get a starting wage of 5000/- to 10000/- per month.

Interview tips that will help you get the job

In this article I have explained the etiquette to be followed in an interview. It lists some helpful methods to ensure success in interviews. Basic interview rules and some interview tips are also discussed.

How I scored an interview

I was a fresh graduate with little work experience of around 2-3 years.... my future was waiting for me to take a step to unfold it.

Interview at OSSAGHO

I was interviewed by the CEO of OSSAGHO Corporation, Ludhiana. Here i am sharing some part of it.

My interview with Radio Mirchi for RJ

Facing an interview of a company of professional services & manufacturing is one thing but facing an interview of a company related to media or a company which is media itself is a different thing. I would like to share my experience of my interview with Radio Mirchi for the post of Radio Jockey.

My Friend's Interview at TCS

This article is about the interview which my friend gave at Tata consultancy services TCS. Read to know which questions were asked to him and how he answered them.

Commandments for Personal Interviews

Interviews are process of interaction between two or more persons for specified purpose. Interviews are seen to be very difficult for candidates. Interviews are taken for some specific purpose. In this Article I will explain different types of interviews and what should be taken while giving the interview.

How to prepare for an interview?

Attending an interview is an uphill task that too when you attending the interview without making some mental preparation prior to attending the interviews, as on few occasions certain typical questions may be asked to know the level of thinking, attitude and more over how one can cope up with the situations.

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