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Famous Hindu pilgrim places in Kerala

Kerala, lives up to its name of being "God's own country" as it is home to many famous temples and pilgrim centers which are of historic importance. A walk through a trail amidst wavering coconut palms and a boat ride in the tranquil backwaters is enough to evoke your spiritual side and a pilgrimage on this land only adds to enrich and rejuvenate your soul

Vacancies in Kerala State Rubber Co-Operative Ltd (RUBCO) 2010

Kerala State Rubber Co-Operative Ltd (RUBCO) requires General Manager, Company Secretary, Cost Accountant, Production Manager, Accounts Officer, Production \ Quality Engineer, Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, Production \Quality Supervisor and Mixing Supervisor Trainees.

A brief review on fisheries sector of Kerala

Kerala State, though having less than 10% of India's total coastal line produces about 25% of the country's total catch. The traditional fishermen who contributed the lion's share of the catch are sidelined because of mechanization. Increasing number of trawlers in Kerala waters pressurize the resource and exploitation crosses the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) level in certain species. A summary of the happenings due to distinct interests in the sector is presented here.

Onam - The harvest festival of Kerala

The article describes about Onam which is the harvest festival of Kerala. Read this article to know more about the legend of Onam, the specialities of Onam festival and Vallam Kali which is the snake boat race.

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Admissions for BSc Forestry in Kerala

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