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Social Media and its effect on our Political Perceptions

This article discusses the effect of social media on our political life. This question has indeed become significant in the current context considering how political parties and groups can use social media to shape our minds in a particular manner. In this context, it is important to understand the nature of this effect.

Admission to online short-term course in Social Media Marketing at NIIT

Are you desirous of making your mark in the field of digital marketing? Want to be proficient in the usage of different social media marketing tools and techniques? Learn here in this article what all it takes to pursue a short-term program in social media marketing at NIIT, one of India's top educational brands famous for its skill oriented courses.

Top 6 Social Media Marketing Agencies in Dubai

Are you looking for the best social media marketing agencies in Dubai, UAE? Here is a list of leading social media marketing agencies we found through our research and experience in this field.

How to take a much needed break from social media addiction

In the world of mobile phones, many people have enslaved themselves. If you're looking at your surroundings, you'll get to know it's true. Social media have a vital role to play in this. If you're one of them, you need to think about taking a break from this addiction. Here's the reason and how.

Is social media inherently hateful?

The hate messages that are prevalent on social media these days has prompted this line of thought. Is social media inherently an origin of hate? What is that peculiar feature of social media which leads to such hate messages and nasty comments? This article tries to discuss the causes and the solutions for this growing problem.

Why should we sign up to social media sites?

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc are popular sites. They are part of digital mass media. Do we use social networking sites only for updating our status and peeping into others' social life? No, it's services are beyond what we think. This article will help people understand on various other benefits and necessities of social media sites.

How not to write in any public / social media.

If you are one of the person who wanted to ventilate your views on any social media or in e-portal, then you are right here to know how not to write in any media as it is always better to know the negative aspects more than positive aspects as negative aspects have more impact in public domain.

How Social Media is utilized by Indian Political parties for General Election 2014

2014 General Election in India will be the biggest ever general Election and a phenomena to watch for because it is first Election in India after internet being accessible to 'aam junta' or every literate citizen to be precise. So, a discussion on the status of political parties in the Social media scenario, how they are campaigning their propagandas and how impactful the social media on the general election 2014 results . In this article we look into stories and ways how the forte of common Indian is used

How can social media influence 2014 election result?

The question is arising from all parts of India as the election period is near. The start over is yet to begin but the rival ideas and election discussions are hot topic in social media at present too. So this article just takes a mere look how social media can influence the election results of 2014 in India.

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