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Adventure Sports and Tourism in India

This article will cover all the aspects of adventure tourism and sports in India. The article will helps a person to identify various types of adventure sports, the major requirements needed, various permits and regulations regarding adventure sports, the equipments needed for each sports and the training centres and destinations across India for various adventure sports and tourism.

Ratnagiri - a perfect place for tourism

Ratnagiri, which is located in Maharashtra is really a scenic, beautiful and a wonderful place to visit. You find such calmness in this area that you forget your stress of life. Everybody should visit this place at least once. This place is well-suited for tourism and for viewing the scenery.

Taj Mahal – Man Made Wonder

This article has the reasons why and how one should visit Taj Mahal…what one should see minutely to enjoy the visit more… reach Agra easily…this article also has information regarding the ornamentation of the building…most important is to be aware of the thugs…

What is tourism and its types?

In this article, you would know about tourism that what is it and what are its types. Tourism is an activity for recreational or leisure activities of people. It is also an essential part of our life as it refresh the mind and reduce the stress of our life.

Adventure Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir

This piece of treatise briefs you of the adventures of tourism that our beautiful state is bestowed with. You shall have the information from this piece relating to trekking, mountaineering, winter sports, water sports, golf, fishing and everything you need to know before embarking on a tour of the state. This article will prove entertaining to those the most who do have interests in adventure sports and adventure tourism.

Adventure Sports Tourism In India

India is the land of adventures. This article is going to share all major adventure sports of India in detail, namely Trekking and Mountaineering, Cycling and Motor Biking, Wildlife Safari (Jeep safari, Camel safari, Elephant safari & lion safari), Rock Climbing, Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) Diving and Snorkeling, River Rafting/ White water River Rafting, Bungee-Jumping, Parasailing/ Parascending, Hang Gliding & Skiing/ Snowboarding.

Tourism in Himachal: Kangra

This article is about Kangra and its prime attaractions:Kangra, Chand dynasty, small town capital, picturesque valley, Dhauladhar hill,ancient temples, picturesque, surroundings,

The field of Tourism

Amongst the departments related to India's export, tourism is the most important department.

Tourism in India

This article is about India's Tourism, Travel in India, Visiting place in India, Indian culture, Indian History, Indian architect

Hospitality, Travel and Tourism in India - A Booming Sector

In the present era of rapid globalization, the world is fast becoming a global village.Development in the field of transportation and technological advancements has made this possible. Originally, started for purely religious purposes, this activity has completely metamorphosed and gained new dimensions

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International Travel and Tourism Courses

Keen on taking up a International Travel and Tourism Course? Get expert advice in this thread on the best educational consultants to meet in Mumbai for information on various International Travel and Tourism Courses

Career Guidance in tourism/hospitality sector

Do you wish to pursue a career in the tourism and hospitality sector? Get quick guidance here on how to take improve your career prospects in tourism and hospitality sector in India.
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