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Partha, Sun and Neeru - I have received your entries. Forum ResponsesVandana20 Jan 2019
Just now (at 1942 Hours) I have sent my answer (my humble attempt). Kindly acknowledge.Forum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
Gouranga Kumar, A bit of advice - when putting headings in your article, use h2 and h3 tags, not Forum ResponsesVandana20 Jan 2019
Rosie Ray - It is advisable to mention your ISC user ID in the text of the email so that I am aware Forum ResponsesVandana20 Jan 2019
Some Members may be very pleased that Didi has condemned the healthcare scheme for the poor, but forForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
How to get admissions for engineering courses in Karnataka through COMEDK UGET-2019ResourcesVandana20 Jan 2019
Juana and Aditya, I have received your answers. I was pleased to see two quick entries in my inbox Forum ResponsesVandana20 Jan 2019
Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology vacancies of Visiting FacultyJobsM. K.20 Jan 2019
School of Open Learning, University of Delhi vacancies of Middle Level Consultant and MoreJobsM. K.20 Jan 2019
Gouranga Kumar, The editors are following the guidelines which are given by the Webmasters upon wForum ResponsesVandana20 Jan 2019
As and when possible I will try to acknowledge receipt of your entries when I come online. However, Forum ResponsesVandana20 Jan 2019
Education crossword puzzle - solve, earn cash prizes!ForumVandana20 Jan 2019
When David Warner and Steve Smith, who are presently suspended because of ball-tampering, the AustraForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
In this connection, I would also like to refer to my Forum post as indicated below:- <a href="httpsForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
I was subjected to bantering by my colleagues. Some of them, especially Dilip Kumar, always mocked mForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
Both Mr. Umesh and Mr. SuN are right. I still remember that in 1984, my father was discussing with mForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
There is definitely a discrepancy in respect of your father's name, however minor it may be. It may Ask Expert AnswersPartha K.20 Jan 2019
It is a top-most secret. ISC Management doesn't divulge the details. But, you must follow the articlForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
I am not fully conversant with the agricultural sector. With my extremely limited knowledge, I wouldForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
First impression, in almost 90% of cases, is deceptive. So, mature people don't form an opinion abouForum ResponsesPartha K.20 Jan 2019
Indian voters are still not mature. They vote on the basis of caste, community, religion, language aForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Today all the great 'dramabaaj'-s (oops! opposition leaders) have assembled in Kolkata. Since yesterForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
I have checked the position. Registration from Pharmacy Council is not necessary for working in the Ask Expert AnswersPartha K.19 Jan 2019
The non-fear factor - part 2 - tickle our funny bones and earn!ForumVandana19 Jan 2019
Gypsy, Yes, there is outdated information in the schools, college and university sections. That iForum ResponsesVandana19 Jan 2019
Sukanya Samriddhhi Yojna (SSY) is an excellent instrument for investment. Unfortunately, I missed thForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Gypsy, Cash credits will be given only if, in addition to the updates of the website, contact infForum ResponsesVandana19 Jan 2019
Let's know the latest rates of interestForumPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Currently, the rate of interest is 8% for the quarter 1 October 2018 to 31 December 2018 (annually).Forum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Yes, now Virat Kohli is the Captain of the Indian Team in all three formats of the game. Dhoni is noForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Two responses mention Dhoni as the captain. Isn't Virat Kohli the captain of the team for all formatForum ResponsesVandana19 Jan 2019
Would investing in National Savings Certificates (NSCs) be a wise move? What is the current interestForum ResponsesVandana19 Jan 2019
Bill Gates congratulates but Mamata-didi condemnsForumPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Ahhhh....! This delicious dish containing chicken, mutton or beef, high-quality rice, saffron, meat Forum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Congratulations to the four winners of very prestigious Star of the Year Award. There is not any douForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
The Editor of AE Section could have done this by nowForumPartha K.19 Jan 2019
What Mr. Umesh has stated in response to the comments of Mr. Bala is correct. Any change in the IT AForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
RIP John Clifton Bogle!ForumPartha K.18 Jan 2019
We've had stand-alone poem contests earlier. We could organize one at a later date, then, instead ofForum ResponsesVandana18 Jan 2019
A ton of congratulatory wishes for the awardees of the most prestigious award of ISC. A B Sivakumar,Forum ResponsesVandana18 Jan 2019
Thank you, Dr. Apurva, Venkiteswaran and Reena for your good wishes.Forum ResponsesVandana18 Jan 2019
Star of the Year Awards 2018 AwardsForumTony John18 Jan 2019
The thread is very informative. It will definitely help the guardians of Asansol who want their chilForum ResponsesPartha K.18 Jan 2019
Partha, First of all, note that it has been requested of members to submit articles which would aForum ResponsesVandana18 Jan 2019
The organization of Congress in UP is in a pathetic state. The party is now confined to only two seaForum ResponsesPartha K.18 Jan 2019
What Mr. Umesh enjoyed in Assam is most probably a 'pati-sapta' (one of the hundreds of varieties ofForum ResponsesPartha K.18 Jan 2019
Earlier I used to have Nokia phones. Nokia Phone batteries were/are very good and I used to charge oForum ResponsesPartha K.18 Jan 2019
I think that e-poetry book would be a new concept, but I am very sure that the participation will beForum ResponsesPartha K.18 Jan 2019
To me, the issue is very simple. Whoever has raised anti-national slogan inside the campus, must be Forum ResponsesPartha K.18 Jan 2019
A humble request for clarification from the Editor of Articles SectionForumPartha K.17 Jan 2019

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