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Sun, I don't feel necessary to answer you. All the best :) Forum ResponsesAnjana05 Jul 2019
Sanjeev, your answer is in your response. Forum ResponsesAnjana05 Jul 2019
Sankalan Bhattacharya, Whether how wrong I am and how correct you are is debatable. However, if youForum ResponsesAnjana05 Jul 2019
Again, Why did you write this? No where in the TOW subject written that you can write only for tForum ResponsesAnjana05 Jul 2019
I personally feel that when someone post their Happy Birthday post, whether they feel it or not but Forum ResponsesAnjana03 Jul 2019
Though I am a fan of Dhoni and his playing but I got disappointed with his innings against England. Forum ResponsesAnjana01 Jul 2019
What if in India majority would become minority?ForumAnjana01 Jul 2019
I didn't find anything to say that you have broke the jinx. Your daughter has work hard to appear inForum ResponsesAnjana01 Jul 2019
Sun, this post is only for The Webmaster and admin, member should refrain posting there own set of oForum ResponsesAnjana29 Jun 2019
If this is so, Mr. Webmaster the Emoticon is enough to recognize a thread instead of providing him/hForum ResponsesAnjana29 Jun 2019
Requesting the Webmaster Tony JohnForumAnjana29 Jun 2019
What if Dhoni start hitting from ball oneForumAnjana29 Jun 2019
Requesting again to Editor that the CC should be removed immediately, as The webmaster Mr. Tony JohnForum ResponsesAnjana29 Jun 2019
Would like to remind the Editor, please follow <a href=https://www.indiastudychannel.com/forum/16500Forum ResponsesAnjana29 Jun 2019
Its indeed a great achievements to see our kid name or family members name in newspaper. HoweverForum ResponsesAnjana29 Jun 2019
A dog is the most "honest" and dear friend to humans. Its been since the civilization start. The dogForum ResponsesAnjana29 Jun 2019
I don't think the author has posted anything out of the world. Everyone has their freedom to expressForum ResponsesAnjana29 Jun 2019
At the end few wooden pieces and fire is what you will needForumAnjana29 Jun 2019
What is the problem if I say that pickpoketers are making their life S***? If one can use such woForum ResponsesAnjana29 Jun 2019
Only if they put their art on right directionForumAnjana26 Jun 2019
The author is a male but it seems he is so concern of his look and style like a female does. NeverthForum ResponsesAnjana26 Jun 2019
Look what I found: <a href=https://www.indiastudychannel.com/forum/135588-ABC-of-forum-etiquette.Forum ResponsesAnjana25 Jun 2019
If you don't have control on your expenses, or you are attracted to buying unnecessarily stuffs, youForum ResponsesAnjana25 Jun 2019
Are the "stars" typed words allowed in India study Channel?ForumAnjana25 Jun 2019
It is true but nowadays we can rectify this with online grammar change. But again, I don't think anyForum ResponsesAnjana20 Jun 2019
Now, the Hypocrisy it is not limited to only politicians. It has taken a deep root in our society. BForum ResponsesAnjana20 Jun 2019
The Height of HypocrisyForumAnjana19 Jun 2019
Let me have my own opinion which may vary from others. It was not that earlier ( at least 20 yearForum ResponsesAnjana17 Jun 2019
I have no problem with either you or anyone, it is only you who is speculating about me till your reForum ResponsesAnjana15 Jun 2019
Also, if my presence make you so much disturbing, you may open another thread to discuss. Because asForum ResponsesAnjana15 Jun 2019
Well, if they are not editor then its not confusing and serious matter for and educational website lForum ResponsesAnjana15 Jun 2019
See, I gone to 30 list of editors in "about us" find you are editor. Then saw you do not have tag ofForum ResponsesAnjana15 Jun 2019
"If same author posts contents at different places by the same contents or rewritten contents, that Forum ResponsesAnjana15 Jun 2019
In my point, if a normal person visit a site whether it is ISC or Quora will not go to search any ofForum ResponsesAnjana15 Jun 2019
This world cup has seen the record maximum 4 matches been not played at all. The matches losing its Forum ResponsesAnjana14 Jun 2019
The problem begin, when one want to become God to someone. As if their breath is in their control. WForum ResponsesAnjana14 Jun 2019
Let me try my English Knowledge- 1. How often do you lie? 2. If I were you I would stand for thForum ResponsesAnjana14 Jun 2019
Sun, do you watch Indian serials? Nagin, Dayan, chudail kind of serial. If you watch and believe in Forum ResponsesAnjana14 Jun 2019
Yes, Mr. Umesh, time is more powerful. Today or tomorrow they show the people place where actually tForum ResponsesAnjana14 Jun 2019
Anything is copy posted is unethical no matter even if it is written by same author. However, I feelForum ResponsesAnjana14 Jun 2019
Treat people like how you want to be treatedForumAnjana14 Jun 2019
Congratulations Natrajan, you are lucky that the admin have help you to get your money. I say lucky Forum ResponsesAnjana14 Jun 2019
Thank you Mr. Webmaster. I really appreciate it. The purpose of this thread is over. Thank youForum ResponsesAnjana13 Jun 2019
Varghese, thanks for your suggestions. But I stick with what I think or have decided. Forum ResponsesAnjana13 Jun 2019
Then Sun, let it be so as you said. But, then it will be only saving for this site. I am not going tForum ResponsesAnjana13 Jun 2019
I don't want to completely surrender to anyone, and why should I? I am following the constitutional Forum ResponsesAnjana13 Jun 2019
A request to the admin of this site to consider about thisForumAnjana12 Jun 2019
I don't know how logical it is to compare Rahul Gandhi, with Vijay Mallya, Neerav Modi, Dawood IbrahForum ResponsesAnjana11 Jun 2019
At least in this reason you have to salute Rahul GandhiForumAnjana11 Jun 2019
Now he has only work which he knows better to do. Sit at home and "Thoko Taali". Forum ResponsesAnjana10 Jun 2019

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