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#661102: Please go to dashboard. Select profile. Go to Gifts and Awards. Here you will see many Forum ResponsesUmesh24 Mar 2019
Which one you like - a mediocre friend or an intelligent friend?ForumUmesh24 Mar 2019
There are some other games also in US which are popular but basket ball requires a small court and sForum ResponsesUmesh24 Mar 2019
If we go back in time to the Nehru era we will find that the formation of public sector organisationForum ResponsesUmesh24 Mar 2019
The local factor is always an important aspect in the elections and we have seen it time to time in Forum ResponsesUmesh24 Mar 2019
The invoice is only to be raised when the amount reaches a significant value like say Rs 1000 or morForum ResponsesUmesh24 Mar 2019
The world is becoming more and more competitive day by day and people have to put those extra hours Forum ResponsesUmesh24 Mar 2019
Very interesting post by the author. Outing or outdoor activities are generally liked by most of theForum ResponsesUmesh24 Mar 2019
Good information on this movie and from the post it appears to be an interesting satire. The themForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
The desperate actions of the opposition are strengthening the ruling regime. In fact, if the oppForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
I feel and appreciate that the author has raised an important, contemporary and thought-provoking poForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
First thing is please check all your documents which you have given them while asking for a caste ceAsk Expert AnswersUmesh23 Mar 2019
The attraction of chair and that also on the dias is sometimes very fatal for the occupants. I have Forum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
When the youngsters outshine the elders, there is no option with the elders except accepting the facForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
B2B and B2C both are commercial transactions. The purpose of both is selling goods only. The differeAsk Expert AnswersUmesh23 Mar 2019
As per the CBSE guidelines, the student should complete 15 years by the 31st December of the year ofAsk Expert AnswersUmesh23 Mar 2019
Many people believe that the fun of Holi is not realised till we drench a person with water and coloForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
Good information. I never saw it from that angle. Anyway it is a good facility if you want to know wForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
Do you believe in UFO?ForumUmesh23 Mar 2019
Keeping the things in order and properly in the designated places is a great habit and is very awardResource ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
Safety and security at the work place is of prime importance and the organisations should give emphaResource ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
There are many things in our culture and traditions which we follow blindly without ascertaining theForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
Statistical data is a tricky thing and until unless we have a online national registry of the statusForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
Many business houses and corporates have their offices in Dubai and from that perspective it has becForum ResponsesUmesh23 Mar 2019
Govt has trade pacts and business relations with China and lately, we were trying to increase busineForum ResponsesUmesh22 Mar 2019
Water is our lifeline. It is the biggest gift of nature to us. It is our duty to conserve it and stoForum ResponsesUmesh22 Mar 2019
This is not only to be seen in today's perspective but also the condition of our country just after Forum ResponsesUmesh22 Mar 2019
Justification for king's son to become a king.ForumUmesh22 Mar 2019
Resume is nothing but a synopsis of your educational qualifications, experience and personal informaResource ResponsesUmesh22 Mar 2019
Mother tongue is the one language in which one will feel easy and comfortable whether it is schoolinForum ResponsesUmesh22 Mar 2019
Today the whole world is racing towards modernisation and scientific advancements and new challengesResource ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
There are some international procedures and processes to bring a culprit from outside countries to IForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
It is a good development of things going around. Some people are very intelligently carving a politiForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
I appreciate the author's narration about the Parsi community. This is a community of well behaved aForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
I think as a good citizen it is our moral duty to guide the youngsters in a correct direction as farForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
Politics is a game of cashing opportunities. Ideologies are made to start a party but it does not laForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
Holi is one of the main festivals of our country and it has got it's own unique way of celebrating. Forum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
All students are not same. Every individual has a different receptivity and different intelligent quForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
Resume is like the photograph of your qualification, experience and achievements. It will give a gysForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
As it is working in the next attempt so we can exclude the possibility of keyboard gone bad. TheAsk Expert AnswersUmesh21 Mar 2019
In developed countries things have already changed in this respect and there are indications of chanForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
It will interesting to watch the result of this seat being fought by Sumalatha. There are so many faForum ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
A good analysis by the author and a nice sketch of what has happened in these two countries since inResource ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
Highly technical this Bollinger Band seems to be but can be used to one's satisfaction as the powerfResource ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
There is an increasing trend in tourism activity not only in our country but across the whole of theResource ResponsesUmesh21 Mar 2019
It is a welcome move and it will definitely give a new life to the efforts of enforcing and investigForum ResponsesUmesh20 Mar 2019
In our system a person is innocent till he is found guilty and jailed. That is the lacunae and courtForum ResponsesUmesh20 Mar 2019
Politicians use everything to their advantage. It is necessary otherwise how they will rule the pubForum ResponsesUmesh20 Mar 2019
Nice information posted by the author. Yes, happiness is something for which all of us yearn throForum ResponsesUmesh20 Mar 2019
This pertains to about 44 years back when I was teaching Physics in a college. As I was a bachelor IForum ResponsesUmesh20 Mar 2019

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