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It is very true that without proper knowledge and understanding of a person we pass comments. WhatForum ResponsesKrishnadas21 May 2019
Values and morals are integral part of our life. We need to profess these values and inculcate them Forum ResponsesKrishnadas21 May 2019
There are many politicians and Ministers who spend huge money from the exchequer for medical treatmeForum ResponsesKrishnadas21 May 2019
With the technological advancement in communication, everyone has access to up to date information.Forum ResponsesKrishnadas21 May 2019
21st May is observed as Anti Terrorism day - promote peace and non violanceForumKrishnadas21 May 2019
A person who has emotions will definitely cry. Emotions are not gender specific. But some people Forum ResponsesKrishnadas20 May 2019
The climatic change is the symptoms of global warming. The places otherwise supposed to be cool duriForum ResponsesKrishnadas20 May 2019
When the expected results not in their favour blame it on the EVM and the Government. In case the ExForum ResponsesKrishnadas20 May 2019
During the earlier elections also the prediction in the Exit Polls have proved right with some margiForum ResponsesKrishnadas20 May 2019
The reservation for SC/ST as proposed by Dr. B R Ambedkar was for a period of 10 years from 1974. BuForum ResponsesKrishnadas18 May 2019
Basically Child learns from mother. How mother fondly takes care of him. Naturally child has reciproForum ResponsesKrishnadas18 May 2019
We always compare and justify with wrong things. Very rarely compare ourselves with right things andForum ResponsesKrishnadas18 May 2019
This may be a fact few years back. Now met too plan outings frequently. Earlier days most of the womForum ResponsesKrishnadas17 May 2019
Ideology in politics has lost relevance. In the present day politics people try to win the electionForum ResponsesKrishnadas16 May 2019
Awards are presented to people based on their contribution and excellence in different fields. WForum ResponsesKrishnadas16 May 2019
Road dividers are constructed with a purpose. The absence of road divider likely cause more accidentForum ResponsesKrishnadas16 May 2019
The conducting free and fair election is the duty of the election Commission. The State Government aForum ResponsesKrishnadas16 May 2019
We should not underestimate beggars. Their income is quite higher than many who are employed. Why noForum ResponsesKrishnadas16 May 2019
Technology plays vital role in investigation and solving cases of crimes. The concerned agencies arForum ResponsesKrishnadas16 May 2019
The Justice system is same for everyone. But when the people involved in delivering justice are infForum ResponsesKrishnadas15 May 2019
One must be judged with his knowledge, articulation skills and not by fluency in English. We still Forum ResponsesKrishnadas15 May 2019
The laws are formulated to safeguard the interests of the people in the Society. The laws are made Forum ResponsesKrishnadas14 May 2019
The term creativity it self means some thig new or a innovation. We general share our thoughts on Forum ResponsesKrishnadas14 May 2019
Congratulations to Umar on your selection for the Member of the Month award April-2019. Wish you allForum ResponsesKrishnadas14 May 2019
We need to follow certain system in our food habits. During nights generally we sleep and there is nForum ResponsesKrishnadas14 May 2019
Every person in the Country is looking for good Governance and development of the Country. We hope Forum ResponsesKrishnadas14 May 2019
The personal secrets can be shared only with whom we have utmost confidence. We need to decide what Forum ResponsesKrishnadas14 May 2019
Every man with beard is not a terrorist ForumKrishnadas14 May 2019
Media, Politicians, and large number of people in the Country are more focused on Sri. Narendra MoForum ResponsesKrishnadas14 May 2019
In order to attract media attention some people stoop to such low level and give idiotic statementsForum ResponsesKrishnadas14 May 2019
If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.ForumKrishnadas13 May 2019
Do no look up always.. Look down too..ForumKrishnadas13 May 2019
The health hazards on account of unhygienic condition and pollution is on the increase. Therefore wForum ResponsesKrishnadas13 May 2019
There is a absolute need to frame rules and Laws on the subject matter. People are misusing the soForum ResponsesKrishnadas13 May 2019
The main cause of the problem is we always come to the conclusion that "I am ok and others not ok".Forum ResponsesKrishnadas13 May 2019
It is very true. More work more mistakes and no work no mistakes. Person who does more work likely tForum ResponsesKrishnadas13 May 2019
Ambulances struck in Traffic , Patients life at riskForumKrishnadas12 May 2019
MI won the toss and the Captain of MI Rohit Sharma chose to Bat. MSD said the loss of toss is blesForum ResponsesKrishnadas12 May 2019
The controversies are deliberately created by Shahid Afridi. The controversy will give wide publiciForum ResponsesKrishnadas12 May 2019
It depends on the mood of each person. Some people become very creative when they are alone in a peaForum ResponsesKrishnadas12 May 2019
Planting of trees is very important to conserve our environment. Planting a tree by every person wilForum ResponsesKrishnadas12 May 2019
Man supposed to be a more intelligent animal in the planet. He plans his life and lives in a protectForum ResponsesKrishnadas12 May 2019
A disciplined life will help us to control and manage our life better. Life has ups and downs, sorrForum ResponsesKrishnadas11 May 2019
It is the time for MSD to take sweet revenge for their loss against MI in the first semi finals. I Forum ResponsesKrishnadas11 May 2019
Contribution to Environment-Planting of a tree on birth of a childForumKrishnadas11 May 2019
In order to make our work life more interesting and to come out of monotony one need to try out doiForum ResponsesKrishnadas11 May 2019
The number of people climbing mount Everest is on the increase. Equally the garbage dumped on the MoForum ResponsesKrishnadas11 May 2019
12th May 2019 is celebrated as Mothers day world wide. On this great occasion wishing all Mothers Forum ResponsesKrishnadas11 May 2019
We pray almighty may his sould rest in peace. Shri, Y C Deveshwar, joined ITI in the year 1968 and Forum ResponsesKrishnadas11 May 2019
Marriage is the union of two persons. One cannot expect the same behavior with the spouses for everAsk Expert AnswersKrishnadas10 May 2019

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