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Why Telangana is succeeding in water projects while A.P is lagging behind?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati29 May 2020
Congratulations to Mr.Venkateswarian for winning the coveted star of the week award from 17th to 23rForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati28 May 2020
Added to the above tension prevailing India, China, Nepal border. Exchange of words between the rivaForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati28 May 2020
Your profile is perfectly ok for submitting AdSense approval. If you add few lines about the nature Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati28 May 2020
One thing is for sure, as a customer you should wear gloves for your hands and mask for your face. BForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati28 May 2020
Thank you Umesh and Saji for your immediate and proper responses to enlighten me on the issue. Hope Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati28 May 2020
What happened to My India section in ISC?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati27 May 2020
I don't have the habit of writing in my life time. But because of my profession I used to get at leaForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati27 May 2020
Mr.Rishikesh, Don't worry about this technical mistake and editors will take care about this. PleaseForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati27 May 2020
Hi Ramprasad, you are good active old member of ISC . At that time you are very active in Article sForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati26 May 2020
Is it necessary to give importance to brands name in buying goods?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati26 May 2020
Is betelnut good for health or not?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati26 May 2020
Do you have a park in your close proximity?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati26 May 2020
I wish all Muslim members of ISC and its visitors a happy Ramdan festive celebrations. I wish all ofForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati25 May 2020
How difficult you find the services to your AC in this summer season?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati23 May 2020
What are the differences in daily routine meals preaparation in different parts of India?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati23 May 2020
Already film industry people booked and register the name of Corona so that no one will use it afteForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati23 May 2020
What is the speciality of boiled rice or paraboiled rice?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati23 May 2020
Are you doing the interested job what you have aimed at?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati22 May 2020
What are the ten equipments that are required without which kitchen can be operated?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati22 May 2020
What is the benefit of drinking water stored in copper containers?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati22 May 2020
If a participant do not have the aim of contesting he cannot give his 100% . Without giving his besForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati21 May 2020
Congratulations to Venkateswarian, Aditya Mohan, Vandana and Sharada for TOW contest with their thouForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati21 May 2020
Would you like to grow hair and nails?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati21 May 2020
Congratulations to Poulami Bakshi, Sankalan Bhattacharya, Umesh and Ravi Sankar and Shoba Wilson forForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati21 May 2020
Which floor you prefer in five fllor apartment?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati21 May 2020
Why Nepal PM talking against India?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati21 May 2020
I have opened several blogs and youtube account long back but not able to maintain because of busy sForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati20 May 2020
Thank you Vandana madam for your immediate response. Yes, it is true when I changed the browser I foForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati18 May 2020
An interesting thing to think about!!ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati18 May 2020
Members have you observed this deviation?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati18 May 2020
Congratulations Mr.Umesh for achieving Platinum position in ISC with in a short time. This is reallyForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati17 May 2020
Dr.Rao, Without any problem and everything is ok why the daily wage workers walk kilometres by beat Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati17 May 2020
Why governments are not taking care of daily wage labourers?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati17 May 2020
Here the problem is State governments show some concerned to the people of their state as they gave Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati16 May 2020
In the mobile Smartphones some times due to slow net speed, the edit button may not open. The edit bForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati16 May 2020
People get benefited or not if center takes over electricity tarrif affairs?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati16 May 2020
If no vaccine or medicine invented to Covid-19 what happens to human life?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati15 May 2020
In Telugu, a similar proverb saying "Paccha kamerla rogiki lokamantha Pacchaga kanipisthundi". In Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati15 May 2020
What is your analysis of lock down by various countries?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2020
In Telugu language by using less words one can give more expression and that to very clear. By heariForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2020
I faced a similar problem with my spectacles. During the early beginning lock down time , one of theForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2020
Yes, it is true. An Indian PM should give his speech in English so that people of the country who caForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2020
What are the benefits that salaried people got in today's announcement? EPF collection was reduced Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati13 May 2020
Liquidity measures announced by Mrs.Nirmal SitharamanForumRamakrishna Kambhampati13 May 2020
In AP Tele medicine is introduced in the Covid-19 situation, where government doctors will talk withForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati07 May 2020
After bringing the vegetables from the market, the vegetables and fruits are kept in a tub of water Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati05 May 2020
In my opinion the central government has taken a wrong decision of allowing the liquor shops to get Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati05 May 2020
Is the government acting in a correct way in sending daily wage workers to their destination?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati04 May 2020
In our city as it is in red zone, we were allowed to get our daily needs like milk, vegetables, and Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati04 May 2020

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