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Bill Gates congratulates but Mamata-didi condemnsForumPartha K.19 Jan 2019
How to motivate the demotivated or misguided peopleResourcesABSivakumar19 Jan 2019
Ahhhh....! This delicious dish containing chicken, mutton or beef, high-quality rice, saffron, meat Forum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Sorry. Cooking cannot be a hobby. It is a need for survival. Forum ResponsesSuN19 Jan 2019
The author deserves lots of appreciation for the efforts he has put in to discuss various dimensionsResource ResponsesReena Upadhya19 Jan 2019
Kindness is a great quality in an individual and kind people get a high reputation in the society. TForum ResponsesNeeru Bhatt19 Jan 2019
In our area people say that we shouldn't believe any left handed person. There is a poem written to Forum ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 Jan 2019
How many of you have cooking as a hobby?ForumNeeru Bhatt19 Jan 2019
Congratulations to the four winners of very prestigious Star of the Year Award. There is not any douForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Patience is the main requirement for a teacher who has to teach kids in the primary sections. WithouForum ResponsesDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 Jan 2019
An informative narration for the people interested in investment in MF schemes. I was not knowing abForum ResponsesNeeru Bhatt19 Jan 2019
She is so generous as no one likes to take the pain without money these days. Exceptions are very raForum ResponsesSanjeev Gupta19 Jan 2019
Artificial hair straightening of hair very frequently is not advisable. It will increase the rate ofAsk Expert AnswersDR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao19 Jan 2019
It is easy to crack written exams but interviews are very different from them and thus most of the cResource ResponsesReena Upadhya19 Jan 2019
We are witnessing divorce of young married couples these days. One of the main reasons is that both Resource ResponsesT.M.Sankaran19 Jan 2019
Apologies for the confusion created. The duplicate thread has now been deleted. Thanks for the intimForum ResponsesSaji Ganesh19 Jan 2019
The Editor of AE Section could have done this by nowForumPartha K.19 Jan 2019
Thank you Dr. Apurva, Venkiteswaran sir and Reena for your good wishes.Forum ResponsesSaji Ganesh19 Jan 2019
I extend my wholehearted congratulations to A.B. Sivakumar, T.M. Sankaran, Jagdish Patro and Ravi SaForum ResponsesSaji Ganesh19 Jan 2019
The cash reward and points to the winner have been credited.Forum ResponsesSaji Ganesh19 Jan 2019
Its good your friend has acquired the degree LLM, through correspondence course from the Acharya NagAsk Expert AnswersRaja19 Jan 2019
Hearty congratulations to all the winners! It was a well-organized contest which was enriched by theForum ResponsesSaji Ganesh19 Jan 2019
RIP John Clifton Bogle! I have no knowledge about this guy and the investment - mutual fund - indexForum ResponsesSuN19 Jan 2019
What Mr. Umesh has stated in response to the comments of Mr. Bala is correct. Any change in the IT AForum ResponsesPartha K.19 Jan 2019
The lady here is really a teacher who is gifted with such patience to teach the children. Generally,Forum ResponsesSuN19 Jan 2019
#656871: That was my sincere observation based on my last 2 years association in ISC reading your aForum ResponsesUmesh19 Jan 2019
As these postulations are not backed by scientific studies they are termed as myths. There are many Forum ResponsesUmesh19 Jan 2019
It is true that ACCA is a globally recognised professional accountancy qualification awarded by the Resource ResponsesUmesh19 Jan 2019
Digital Marketing has emerged as a big discipline in last decade and its syllabus and coverage is evResource ResponsesUmesh19 Jan 2019
I can explain why people might think lefties are more creative. The left side of the body is controlForum ResponsesAditya Mohan19 Jan 2019
How to over come mistake which are done while submit formAsk Expert QuestionsNarendra Mule19 Jan 2019
What vaccines should be taken at an adult age to get protection from various diseasesResourcesRamakrishna Kambhampati19 Jan 2019
Raath International School, Rajasthan Careers for Various Teaching and Non-Teaching Posts.JobsM.A. Vimala19 Jan 2019
Thank you very much, Ashutosh for your valuable feedback. It will be my endeavour to write more suchResource ResponsesDhruv18 Jan 2019
What are the requirements to get a job successfullyResourcesRamakrishna Kambhampati18 Jan 2019
Jharkhand Rural Health Mission Society is looking for Chief Minister Health Advisors 2019Jobshimanshuchouhan18 Jan 2019
Congratulations to all four of you AB Sivakumar, TM Sankaran, Jagdish Patro and Ravi Shankar, the stForum ResponsesDhruv18 Jan 2019
A nice thread by the author that came just on time. It is always necessary to have an investment plaForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya18 Jan 2019
The title of the award sounds so powerful, so the members who received the award are no less powerfuForum Responsesshampa sadhya18 Jan 2019
Bhartiyam Vidya Niketan, Gwalior Recruitment for Teachers, Principal, Coaches, Warden and MoreJobsM.A. Vimala18 Jan 2019
A good thread by the author that shows how kind words can impact the children. A teacher must have tForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya18 Jan 2019
The Modern School, Faridabad Recruitment for Teachers, Counsellor, Educator, Admin. Librarian & MoreJobsM.A. Vimala18 Jan 2019
The myths that are mentioned here cannot be measured in any way. Different studies are carried out aForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya18 Jan 2019
A pioneer in the field of investment management is no more. It's sad news and the author has describForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya18 Jan 2019
Myths and facts about left-handed People.ForumSanjeev Gupta18 Jan 2019
How to keep your skin glowing and youngResourcesRamakrishna Kambhampati18 Jan 2019
It is true that nowadays a very few prepare Pitha at their homes. Earlier it was really time-consumiForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya18 Jan 2019
Indian Veterinary Research Institute Recruitment for posts of Field Assistant Walk in InterviewJobsPhagu Mahato18 Jan 2019
All the examples that the author has mentioned in his article are truly inspiring. These are truly iResource ResponsesReena Upadhya18 Jan 2019
My congratulations to all the winners who received the Star of the Year 2018 Awards. All the winnersForum ResponsesSankalan Bhattacharya18 Jan 2019

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