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Fourt Tree of Panchavati Vat Vruksh in Nashik, MaharashtraAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati19 May 2019
Second and Third Trees of Panchavati near Sita Guha in Nashik, MaharashtraAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati19 May 2019
Sita Vata Vruksh No.1 in Panchavati, Nashik, MaharashtraAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati19 May 2019
Sita Guha situated inside the Temple of Panchavati, Nashik, MaharashtraAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati19 May 2019
Jyotirlinga Trimakeswar Mandir, Nasik, MaharashtraAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati19 May 2019
Horse is ready for tourists ride in Triambakeswar, NashikAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati19 May 2019
Andhra Octopus L.Rajgopal sensing Mr.C.Babu's win!!ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati18 May 2019
BJP is a party with the credentials of a candidate contesting is saying Godse is a patriot and we arForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati17 May 2019
I fully agree with the view of KVRR with regard to dynasty issue. The members of Nehru family involvForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati17 May 2019
Yes, it is true. The data set shows since 1999, Congress has 36 dynast parliamentarians and the BJP Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati17 May 2019
The reason for this is BJP is losing a large chunk of seats from Hindi belt states. To make up thesForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati16 May 2019
Already that scenario is managed by the BJP government in the form of EC. So many complaints againsForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati16 May 2019
Do you felt the election process is streched too much in seven phases?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati16 May 2019
So you are thoughts are about BJP's prospect in A.P. means previously it had 4 seats in Assembly anForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati15 May 2019
Mr.Partha, I am not able to understand in your response-BJP will improve its position although the pForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati15 May 2019
As far as A.P. results are concerned there is a very tough fight between the arch-rivals TDP and Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati15 May 2019
Yes, it is true. All the individuals involved in this Bofors case got clean chit and the case was clForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati15 May 2019
How necessary changes will occur when political parties choose candidates on the basis of money poweForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2019
Mr.Sankalan, As I am interested in politics I am actively involving in these posts in forum. You mayForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2019
Mr.Srinivasa Rao, If you take every lie of him in a take it easy way what 100% he gives to the couForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2019
Mr.Neeru, I am happy to see at least one of the staunch supporters of Modi agreeing Modi like any otForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2019
Do people need a leader who speak lies in such a way is needed? We have not seen any past PM's of InForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2019
All politicians in general known to lie in India but what about Mr.Modi?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati14 May 2019
Dictionary meaning of terrorist is a radical who employs terror as a political weapon and often usesForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati13 May 2019
Beautiful Kalaram Temple in Panchavati area of Nashik, MaharashtraAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati13 May 2019
Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple in Nashik district of MaharashtraAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati13 May 2019
Hanuman Temple in Kambhala Anjeri, Nashik, MaharashtraAttachmentsRamakrishna Kambhampati13 May 2019
Someone who prepares and commits violent acts alone is known as Lone Terrorist or Lone Wolf. Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati13 May 2019
Do you agree with the statement given by Kamal Hassan?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati13 May 2019
Is BJP's Rammadhav's comments indicates BJP loosing the battle?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati07 May 2019
Mr.Modi instead of saying his way of improving the country by his policies, he always waste his timeForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati06 May 2019
Lt.General Hooda in a conference informed that many surgical strikes occurred even before Modi's govForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati06 May 2019
When you take demonetization, the complete media including BJP supporting media, world famous economForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati05 May 2019
Opposition attacking Mr.Modi only because he is solely responsible for all actions in his governmentForumRamakrishna Kambhampati05 May 2019
According to RTI information, there is record railway organization that our PM Modi tea sold and it Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati04 May 2019
In the name religious sentiment, 44 people were killed in Hindu nationalist vigilante attacks and moForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati04 May 2019
In what way BJP is better than Congress?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati04 May 2019
Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav is one more political leader who speaks in a satirical way and attracts people Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati03 May 2019
BJP thinking that Mr.Amit Shah as their political chanakya. Because of the Modi wave in 2014 his triForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati03 May 2019
Mr.K.C.R of Telangana is known to be one of the best speakers in delivering punch dialogues and satiForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati03 May 2019
On 1st May 16 army jawans were killed by Maoists in Maharashtra because of weak internal security oForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati01 May 2019
In the first place, the opposition leader was abused by Mr.Modi giving nick names .Mr.Modi and Bjp sForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati01 May 2019
BJP is going to get a land slide victory in General election by winning above 300 seats on its own wForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati01 May 2019
Mr.Modi and BJP party as they are picturizing themselves as the most honest party has to come out wiForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati01 May 2019
All those people who are tallking about family rule, that family rule is possible only when you, I aForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati30 Apr 2019
Actually yesterdays outburst of Mr.Modi in West Bengal is BJP is going to loose the seats it won in Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati30 Apr 2019
In the past Mrs.Indira Gandhi, Mr.Rajiv, Mr.P.V.Narasimha Rao, Mr.Manmohan Singh never used to talk Forum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati30 Apr 2019
Do you find any dignity and decorum on the statement given by our PMForumRamakrishna Kambhampati29 Apr 2019
I don't get dejected because the candidate or party get lost and our vote got a value, it has decreaForum ResponsesRamakrishna Kambhampati29 Apr 2019
What is your reaction if the person or party whom you vote not got elected in the election?ForumRamakrishna Kambhampati28 Apr 2019

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