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Advertising options with is an educational portal, offering various educational programs, college/school/university directory, admission information, entrance preparation material and career guidance for students and professionals in India. was officially launched in June 2007. Within a short period, we have grown to one of the most visited educational website in India. You can see our growth chart here -


As of May/June 2017, we served over 5.5 million page views with above 3.5 million unique sessions (in month period). 92% of our traffic is from India. The majority of our audience is students and professionals looking for admissions, higher education and career enhancement opportunities.

Traffic and Visitor profile

See our Alexa rank here:, which indicates we are one of the leading educational portals in India.

Here is our visitor profile, as of June 2017:

(Source: Google Analytics)

Visitors per month: 2,985,335
Page views per month: 5,614,221

Visitors by Country:

India: 93%
USA: 1.27%

Visitors by City:

Bengaluru - 284,571 (7.91%)
Kolkata - 284,183 (7.9%)
Chennai - 263,770 (7.33%)
Pune - 201,680 (5.61%)
Hyderabad - 199,208 (5.15%)
New Delhi - 185,138 (5.15%)
Patna - 183,938 (5.11%)
Mumbai - 168,725 (4.69%)

Facebook Page

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We have about 55,000 followers are very engaging users.

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We offer various advertising packages, including advertising that can be custom tailored to your needs.

Integrated Advertising Packages

Our Integrated advertising packages allow you to place custom Ads that appear as part of this site. Such campaigns will be integrated with various sections or pages on this site. You are welcome to come up with suggestions on how you want the Ad to be integrated with this site and we will get back to you with the rates. A typical example of integrated advertising package can be found in our Study Abroad section.

Promotion through articles
If you like us to write an article about your product or service, we will be happy to come up with a unique article. The promotional article will be featured in the homepage for a period of 60 days. Also, the same will be shared through our social media channels as well.

Rate for a promotional article: Rs 6,000.

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Education Leads
We have extensive information about courses, colleges, universities and admissions in India. Thousands of students trust us for admission guidance and we regularly collect admission enquiries from students looking for admissions.

If you are looking for education leads, let us know the details and we will be happy to work with you and provide admission enquiry leads. Read more about our education lead generation.

If you like to use any custom advertising model, please let us know your proposal in detail.

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