Submit Guest Articles to Educational Websites

Are you looking for an educational website to submit guest articles? Do you have an education-related website and want to promote it by sharing content on other educational websites? You can submit your guest articles here.

Guest Articles typically mean articles shared by authors on websites to which they are not directly associated with. For example, if you are a blogger and if you publish an article on any website other than your website with the intention of getting some benefit for you, then it is called a guest article.

Some people write guest articles just to build an online portfolio. Some others write for fame. But a more common purpose of guest article publishing is to promote some products, services or websites. While guest articles can bring visitors to their own websites through the links included in such articles, many publishers expect to build backlinks through guest articles.

Guest Article Publishing and Google Penalties

Google doesn't recommend publishing guest articles for the purpose of link building, In fact, Google has announced in the past that they will penalise websites which are involved in link building through guest posts. So, if your goal is to post low-quality guest articles with the sole purpose of building a backlink to your website, you are taking a big risk of getting penalised by Google.

However, if you are looking for spreading the word about your institute/business or just like to get some visitors to your website through the links in your guest article, there is nothing wrong with it. The big job is to find good quality websites that allow you to publish your guest articles on their websites.

We accept guest posts related to education from fellow bloggers and educational institutes. If you can provide high-quality articles to publish on IndiaStudyChannel with a minimum length of 1,000 words, read further!

We prefer long articles with rich content and images. Every article submitted must be 1,000 to 1,500 words. Also, we recommend a couple of images in the article. The images used in the guest article must be copyright-free or should be owned by you. Make sure the images are high resolution and good quality.

Guest Articles with do-follow backlinks

We do allow do-follow backlinks from the guest articles published with us, provided the article is of very high standards, the linked websites are authentic websites and do comply with all Google policies. We reserve the rights to remove any links that we suspect to be linking to low-quality websites. If your external links are keyword stuffed, we may convert those links to no-follow links. If your goal is to get a do-follow backlink from the guest articles, make sure you provide an excellent article, the anchor text is not keyword stuffed and the links are only to high-quality websites.

We reserve the right to edit your article

We may edit and tune your article to enhance it and align with the purpose of our website. Usually, the edits by our content managers are limited to changing the heading tags, formatting the text, resizing the image etc. However, we may add links to other relevant sources of information to make your article more useful to our readers.

No link spam, No spun articles is an authentic educational website and not a depository of spam. We are not into cheap link building business. We do not accept low-quality articles written just for the purpose of building backlinks to other websites. Links to cheap sites and links with keyword-filled anchor texts are usually rejected straight away. Articles should be prepared by the business owner/blogger/staff or reliable content writers. Content prepared by SEO companies and internet marketing people are generally not acceptable since they usually do not meet our quality expectations.

Paid article submissions

We do publish guest articles from fellow bloggers for free. However, if commercial business websites are linked from the article, we may charge an advertising fee for such articles. If you are looking for promoting an educational institute or any other service through the guest articles, please get in touch with us to discuss the commercials and fees involved.

Submit your guest articles related to Education

Our website allows the members to publish articles through our self-publishing tools. However, our content editors are trained to identify commercial guest articles and reject them.

If you are looking for publishing a guest article with us, you should contact us first and get prior approval.

Please contact us to discuss guest posting opportunities with IndiaStudyChannel. When you write to us, please include the topic of your article, details of websites/businesses you are mentioning in the article etc. We prefer articles on educational niche since our site is primarily an educational website and we love content related to our primary subject.