How to make money online

Are you looking for genuine ways to make money online? IndiaStudyChannel provides some reliable methods for making online revenue by participating in our content contribution programs.

This website offers several different ways to make money online. If you are looking for opportunities to generate some revenue online, please check out various online revenue opportunities we have.

Please be aware that the options we have on this site to make money online are genuine programs where you make money by working hard. We do not have any options to cheat and trick to earn quick money. The revenue opportunities we have are almost like part time job. You will make any money only if you work hard and put some efforts according to our guidelines.

Our online revenue opportunities are open to all - students, employees, engineers, doctors, retired employees, professionals and so on. There is no registration fee to join and no commitments to continue if you don't want to. You are free to join anytime and leave anytime without even discussing with us. However, if you have any questions about our online revenue programs, feel free to discuss in our forums. Due to the large number of members we have, we will not be able to directly answer anyone. Rather, we will respond to your queries in the forum.

How to make money online?

We have several genuine ways to make money. Almost all of the programs are designed to make you money by post content in this site in the form of articles, forum discussions, answering questions by others, posting job opportunities, writing reviews of products, services, colleges, schools and so on. Each of our websites may target different subjects and audience, so some of the opportunities may be specific to the site and may not be available on this site.

In order to make money online effectively, you must have good English writing skills. If you cannot write content in English, you may not be able to make money online from this site.

Revenue Programs in this site

The following are the general ways to make money in all of our websites. Some of the programs may not be specifically available in some of the sites.
1. Write content and earn cash per post

We pay cash amount for each article you post in our Articles section. The amount can vary from 0 to a good amount, depending on the quality of the article, how well you present the idea, how much use your article is, how much traffic it generates to our site and so on. If you are new to content writing, we will train you over a period of time by giving helpful tips. It may take up to 3-4 weeks to become a good online article writer. In addition to article writing, we pay cash rewards in various other sections like Forums (you can get some cash for participating in discussion forums), reviews and so on. You can find additional details about the sections that offer cash rewards from our announcements in the forum.

2. Post articles and win prizes
From time to time, we announce a lot of reward programs, contests etc. You can win amazing prizes or cash awards by participating in the contests. The contests vary from Article contest on specific topics, Group Discussions, Referral programs, Treasure hunts and so on. Keep an eye on our forums to see latest contest announcements.

3. Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Programs
This is the most authentic way of earning revenue from the internet. If you know anyone making money from the internet, they are probably using Google AdSense. In short, this is an advertising program offered by Google. We will display advertisements from Google in all the content posted by you. When revenue is generated from Google AdSense Ads, you will get 90% of the revenue share and we will take 10% commission from it. This is the most attractive revenue sharing program we offer. (In order to participate, you need to get an AdSense account with Google and is subject to approval from Google. We will guide you through the entire process.)

Learn more about Google AdSense revenue sharing programs.

4. Referral Programs
If you like this site and started making money online, you may invite your friends. We pay some cash awards to you for each of the friends you bring to this site. The referral bonus you earn per invited friend can grow when you friend earns money here and achieve higher levels. If your friend reaches Diamond or Platinum level, you can get some pretty big money without doing any other work. In other words, when your invited friends work hard and earn revenue, you too will get a good amount.

5. Write reviews about our site in other websites
We offer some cash rewards for writing about us and promoting our site in other places. The details of this program can be obtained by contacting the webmasters. You can even offer a seminar about this site in your college and we will pay you for conducting such seminars.

How to get started?

It is easy! Just register as a member in this site and go through the forum messages. You will get an idea on how and where to post articles to earn online revenue.

Most people make money in this site by posting articles. Go through the existing articles to find what kind of topics you can write articles on. Participating in discussion forums too can make money, but not as much as posting articles.

Do you have any questions about our revenue sharing programs? Ask Your Question in our Forums.