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TitlePosted ByPosted Date
Food And Feeding Habits Of Three Fresh Water Fishes Aboo Thahir15 Nov 2010
FOOD AND FEEDING HABITS OF THREE FRESH WATER FISHES. Herbivorous fishes, Omnivorous fishes, Carnivorous fishes

Study On Selected Disease Suppressing Agents Against Black Pod Disease Of COCOAAboo Thahir15 Nov 2010

Human Genome Projectvenugopal05 Nov 2010
INTRODUCTION The human genome project is a multidimensional research project to determine the genome structure of man. It is aim at all DNA’s man’s at determining the location of various genes in the DNA’s

To prepare stained temporary mount of onion peel and to record observations.Simon George05 Jan 2010
Aim:To prepare stained temporary mount of onion peel and to record observations.

Bacteria Diversity Ashish Uniyal14 Aug 2009
Bacteria diversity In the rizhosphere of wheat plant cultivated in Himalayan location.

Kingdom Plantaerani mukherji26 May 2009
One of the five kingdoms of whittaker's classification

Diatoms under kingdom Protistarani mukherji26 May 2009
These come under kingdom Protista

Eubacteriarani mukherji26 May 2009
Group under kingdom Monera

Archaebacteriarani mukherji26 May 2009
Group under kingdom Monera

Phylum-Annelidarani mukherji26 May 2009
Introduction to phylum Annelida

Introduction to Phylum-Arthropodarani mukherji26 May 2009
Introduction to phylum Arthropoda and their general characters

PHYLUM-CNIDARIArani mukherji25 May 2009
introduction to phylum cnidaria.

Difference between chordates and non-chordatessumi18 May 2009
chordates are animals,which possess a notochord .while in non-chordates,they have no notochord

VertebrataC.N.Anantharaman23 Mar 2009
This is also one of the part of the Kingdom Animalia

ProtochordataC.N.Anantharaman23 Mar 2009
This is also one of the part of Kingdom Animalia.

NematodaC.N.Anantharaman23 Mar 2009
A part of Kingdom Animalia.

PlatylminthesC.N.Anantharaman23 Mar 2009
A part of Kingdom Animalia

PoriferaC.N.Anantharaman23 Mar 2009
Part of Kingdom Animalia

ProtistaC.N.Anantharaman21 Mar 2009
This is second one of the five kingdom classification (i.e)Monera,Protista,Plantae,Fungi and Animalia

MoneraC.N.Anantharaman21 Mar 2009
This is one of the five kingdom classification (i.e.)Monetra,Protista,Plantae,Fungi,Animalia.

Characteristics of CockroachC.N.Anantharaman14 Mar 2009
Objective:-To find out the characteristics of the cockroach and record your observations.

Adaptation in pigeonC.N.Anantharaman13 Mar 2009
(1)Characteristics of the phylum. (2)Aerial Adaptations in birds (3)Adaptations in birds

Project on fingerprintingjyoti03 Aug 2008
There are three types of fingerprints-loop,whorl, arch. Related siblings who share similar DNA traits have same category of fingerprints as compared to other non-related siblings.

STRESS MANAGEMENTkimaya13 Jul 2008
Day-to-day life is full of stress- both on the personal and the professional fronts. Pressure of time often results in people reporting to their wok place with migraine attacks, body aches, mental strains, etc. stress is therefore a costly business, that affects two aspects- first, the employee's health- which directly affects the second- the organizations profits. This is so because, if the health does not allow the body to function normally, it will lead to increase absenteeism, late-comings and short-lea

AsthmaAnkush Das07 Jul 2008
This project gives a brief description about asthma.

Mosquito Free SocietyTimmy M.John12 Jun 2008
Mosquito Free Society

Cause of Diabetes - Life Style or HereditaryTimmy M.John12 Jun 2008
From summarizing the above analysis, Both male and female has got equal chance of getting diabetes due to their life style. Maximum symptoms are showed in the age between 40 and 50. Lifestyle and Food has much to do than the heredity in causing the disease. Much of the People are not aware of the disease. Most of the people, who control their diet are less prone to diabetes. CONCLUSION: The statistical analysis and the result reached, make me positively conclude my hypothesis.

What cleans the enamel on your teeth the best?Aromal11 May 2008
Was your hypothesis correct in which cleaner would work the best. If not what did you discover about the solution that may have worked better?

How do temperature changes affect ants?CONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
Test the effects of temperature change on ants. You will need an ant observatory and some ants. You will also need a cooler or refrigerator large enough to place the ant observatory into.

How do pesticides affect cockroaches?CONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
The purpose of this experiment was to test the effects of pesticides on insects. My hypotheses is that most of the insects will adapt to the insect sprays, but they will not survive the effects of the insect bait.

How are ladybugs affected by insecticides?CONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of insecticide on ladybugs. I became interested in this idea because I know that ladybugs are beneficial insects. They live around insect pests, which leads to accidental spraying of the ladybugs. Farmers need the ladybugs to help keep down pest population, and need to avoid killing them accidentally.

How are fireflies able to glow? CONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
Heather Shelton As a child I was fascinated by the soft glow of the summer fireflies. I used to chase after their tiny flashing bodies just to see if I could get close enough to one to figure out how they work. What is so engaging about them? Light is such a powerful force in our universe and the idea of an organism being able to create its own light is an incredibly exciting concept. How are they able to create this "light"? And why is it useful for their survival? Fireflies must utilize this fairly unique

Does androstenedione affect a rodent's weight?CONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
In my project I intend to find out if androstenedione actually performs as claimed by producers of the drug. Many athletes take it and all say that it does help them to gain bulk. Many have had large increases in weight and muscle. Most professional sport organizations have banned it and claim it to be a steroid, but it is allowed in high school sports and in major league baseball. I think it will increase the weight of the rats.

Do cockroaches have a sense of direction?CONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
First students make careful observations of cockroach anatomy and behavior. Due to the reputation of the cockroach, students find them intriguing subjects of study. Assessing the behavior of these insects in a maze, allows students to decide if the cockroach manifests learning or an inability to learn. The strongest piece of this activity is challenging students to design their own controlled experiment which assesses some aspect of cockroach behavior.

Do ants react differently in the dark?CONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
Test the effect of light and darkness on ants. You may want to have two observatories for this experiment.

Diffusion and osmosis in animal cellsCONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
With the use of eggs, this experiment shows you how different solutions affect an animal cell. The experiment also answers the question of whether substances can pass through a cell membrane.

Are ants picky over their foodCONFIDENCE IS THE COMPANION OF SUCCESS01 May 2008
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which flavor ants are most attracted to.

Classical Conditioning Experiment on Dog.Mala03 Jan 2008
Dr. Pavlov’s - Classical Conditioning Experiment on Dog. Dr. Pavlov - A Russian physiologist, psychologist, and physician. 1849-1936. He was a noble prize winner. One of the famous psychological experiment of Dr. Pavlov is classical conditioning. This is a Psycological experiment.

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