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Advantages and Disadvantages of nuclear power plants.Aboo Thahir08 Jan 2011
This is a Project about Advantages and Disadvantages of nuclear power plants.

Mobile Web Servicesgadi.sridhar26 Dec 2010
The system provides a complete solution for mobile users for accessing web applications on mobile devices. It takes an initiative for providing services such as weather details, movies details, stock details and news, not only on desktop systems but also on mobile devices. Applications running on mobile devices will provide weather details for surroundings as well as for geographically apart areas, daily news details with proper updates. News details will be categorized according to users’ requirements.

Circular Queues in C using 'count' as a variable to keep track of no. of elements in a queueAnirudh Kanth08 Dec 2010
In Circular Queue, an array is considered to form a circle, wherein first element follows last element of the array. Advantage : It eliminates the wastage of space as the queue is declared as full only when the number of elements in the queue matches the array size.

Earthquake Reduction On BhujDARWIN SAMUEL27 Nov 2010
An attempt to make people aware of earthquake mitigation process.

Phone Directory and phone data project in C++ priya das24 Nov 2010
This project is developed in c++ and manages the phone directory and phone data.

Programming in datastructuresakthivel23 Nov 2010
This program can be used to create a binary search tree and it can perform insertion and deletion operation in binary search tree

A "C" in unix which creates a server and client environmentSam Raj.C20 Nov 2010
This is a very neat program which shows you how a client and server are connected and how the connection takes place in a unix environment. How to compile and execute ? compiling for client : cc filename.c Running: ./a.out port ur message compiling for server : Compiling : cc filename.c Running ./a.out port

A Program To Evaluate Sin(X) And Cos(X) Using Two Different Functionscihu17 Nov 2010
Theory : The value of sin(x) is evaluated by the formula – sin x = x – x3/3! + x5/5! - …+ (-1)n+1 x2n-1/(2n-1)! Similarly, cos x is evaluated by the formula, cos x = 1 – x2/2! + x4/4! - …+ (-1)n+1x2n-2/(2n-2)!

Food And Feeding Habits Of Three Fresh Water Fishes Aboo Thahir15 Nov 2010
FOOD AND FEEDING HABITS OF THREE FRESH WATER FISHES. Herbivorous fishes, Omnivorous fishes, Carnivorous fishes

Study On Selected Disease Suppressing Agents Against Black Pod Disease Of COCOAAboo Thahir15 Nov 2010

Program to write applets to draw the various shapes in appletsjanardhan09 Nov 2010
Program to write applets to draw the various shapes: (a) Cylinder (b) Cube (c) Square inside a circle (e) Circle inside a squar (e) Poygon

Human Genome Projectvenugopal05 Nov 2010
INTRODUCTION The human genome project is a multidimensional research project to determine the genome structure of man. It is aim at all DNA’s man’s at determining the location of various genes in the DNA’s

Performance of bit stuffingMadhoomita24 Oct 2010
1. Input the frame 2. Add the bits 01111110 at the start and end of the frame. 3. In the input frame, if there are any 5 consecutive one’s then add 0 with them. 4. Transmit the frame

CRC computationsMadhoomita24 Oct 2010
1. Input the frame and the generic polynomial. 2. Add the zero at the end of the input frame depending upon the degree of the generic polynomial. 3. Divide the input frame by the generic polynomial and the remainder is added to the data. 4. Transmit the data. 5. The received frame is also divided by the generic polynomial, then check the remainder is equal to zero, if it is zero, display no error otherwise error.

Simulation of ARP/RARPMadhoomita24 Oct 2010
1. Include the necessary header file. 2. Store IP and MAC address. 3. Select the option. If option is 1, display the MAC address for corresponding IP Address. 4. If option is 2, display the IP address for the corresponding MAC address.

Simulation of OSPF Routing ProtocolMadhoomita24 Oct 2010
FOR THE GET_GRAPH: STEP: 1 Get n,the number of nodes in the graph. STEP: 2 for I=1 to n do Get Node[1] End for STEP: 3 Get E,The number of edges in the graph. STEP: 4 for I=1 to E do 1.get j=source node; K=destination node; W=Weight 2.set mat[j][k]=10; End for STEP: 5 Stop. FOR SHORT PATH: Step:1 Initialize the matrix cost and path as For I=1 to n do For j=1 to n do If(mat[I][j]==0) then Cost[I][j]=Null Else Cost [i][j]=mat[I][j] P=COMBINE(I,j) Path[I][j]=p End if End

Simulation of Sliding Window ProtocolMadhoomita24 Oct 2010
Input the frame to sent. Send the frame to the receiver and set the clock. Check the receiver, if the frame is correctly received or not. I. If the frame is received correctly, then sent the acknowledgment to the sender side with in a particular time. Time is calculated by the formula t=(f-s)/clk-tck II. Else display error in frame. Then retransmit the frame. If any error in the frame, receiver discards the entire frame after it. Then the sender retransmit frame from error. Repeat steps 3,

Develop a Client that contacts a given DNS server to resolve a given host nameMadhoomita24 Oct 2010
To write a C program to develop a Client that contacts a given DNS server to resolve a given host name 1. Include the necessary header file. 2. Get the host name and host domain names 3. Report the failures by giving error messages. 4. Print the official name, aliase name,type and IP address of the host from the information got from the network.

Making a Maths Trigonometry working ModelNishant Rai23 Oct 2010
This model is a working model and you should read this if you are searching for a quick maths model to make. Its related to trigonometry. The name of this device is theodolite. It has the same use as that of a clinometer but it is made differently.

Design of Hydraulically operated Spring Stiffness Measuring Machinenagaraj.patil20 Oct 2010
This project helps to solve the problems of checking the stiffness of spring. This machine can be used in material testing laboratory as stiffness checking machine. Like rock well & Brinell hardness checking machines.

To find the ascorbic acid content of citrus fruitskalyani18 Oct 2010
Citrus fruits are rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C as we commonly know it.We can find the ascorbic acid content of different citrus fruits and other fruits rich in vitamin c to evaluate the fruit richest in vit C.

Program To Demonstrate Function Overloading in C++ PProgrammingNilesh Ganpati Patil16 Oct 2010
In this project, we have given code for Program To Demonstrate Function Overloading in C++ PProgramming

Dealer Book Management System using C++S B Choudhary07 Oct 2010
Gone are those days when the dealers used to maintain long – long records of their daily sales which contain complete information about their clients. Now this is an era in which thing should be with the lightening fast speed and with an extra stability. As all we know that computer has occupied an important place in our professional life which not only provides us ease in every field of work rather it also supports the extra stability. But we should not forget about the application software or we can say s

Class Record ManagementS B Choudhary07 Oct 2010
This program is to keep a record of the students, their marks, rollno, grade and percentage obtained by them and to modify the given report. The program is written in language C++. With the help of this program: We can create new records of students. We can display the records. We can check various student percentage. We can check the students list. We can modify student record(marks,name,rollno). We can delete a record. We can search for a record. We can check class rec

Departmental StoreS B Choudhary07 Oct 2010
This project “DEPARTMENTAL STORE “ is a program which aims at computerized front door operation of a general store and their daily transition with the facility of sale of different type of products. This project help us in finding out the final bill after all the transition has taken place. The software facilitates to purchase and sale of different types of products available in the store. For every item it displays different types of brand available in the store with its respective prices and cost the

Categorical Search EngineQuick Silver19 Sep 2010
The aim here is to build a categorical search engine, which displays selective results as per the category chosen by the user. The categories would be broad fields which would ensure that a user does not get overlapping set of results for the same search string.

Employee Empowermentprasoon16 Sep 2010
This project contains detail meaning and benefits, pre requisites,types,steps and guidelines for effective employee empowerment

T C A using in Alumina industriesRavindra Dubey07 Sep 2010
To supplement the efforts being made to develop the SOP for making precoat batches, I have finally found some important information in my database. I am also sharing some information on lime chemistry so that the operating crew can develop a comprehensive understanding on the importance of the key control parameters.

COMPONENTS OF PLANNINGBabu Neelakandan03 Sep 2010
In the process of planning several specific plans are prepared which may broadly be classified into two categories: Standing and Single-Use Plans. Examples of ‘Standing Plans’ are Mission, Objectives, Policies, Procedures, Rules, Strategies etc. The Standing or Repeated-Use Plans are formulated by the Managers at different levels and are meant for repeated use as and when the occasion demands. Programmes, Projects, Schedules, Budgets and Standards are examples of ‘Single-Use Plans’.

Multi statck implementationPrabhat Ranjan Mishra02 Sep 2010
1>just compile the code 2>run the code 4>u will really be thrilled to know that multistack implementation can be done this way too

Performance of AirpreheaterAngad Hatekar30 Aug 2010
INTRODUCTION: Air Preheater is a heat exchanger in which air temperature is raised by transferring heat from other fluid such as flue gas. Since air preheater can be successfully employed to reclaim heat from flue gas at lower temperature levels than is possible with economizer, the heat rejected to chimney can be reduced to a great extent thus increasing the efficiency of the boiler. For every 20 ?C drop in flue gas exit temperature, the boiler efficiency increases by about 1%.Further

Circle Drawing algorithm in computer graphics using c++.ajay 25 Aug 2010
midpoint Circle Drawing algorithm in computer graphics using c++.

Bresenhm algrothim implementation using c++ajay 25 Aug 2010
Implementation of bresenhm implementation using c++. it is a line Drawing algorithm.

Fibonacci Seies impementation in computer archiectureajay 25 Aug 2010
looping implementation of the Fibonacci function. (un by spim smulator)

Simple Calculator in Java Using Remote Method InvocationShiva21 Aug 2010
This is a java program for simple arithmetic calculationsusing the principles of Remote Method Invocation (RMI).

Game of 'Hitting Balloons' in DelphiHimadri H. Patel21 Aug 2010
This project is developed in Delphi. One user can play the game. Use keyboard to play game.

A Fair FARE SystemHardik Panchal11 Aug 2010
As we all know that there is cheating & corruption all around. Top to bottom everyone everywhere looks for the place to earn extra money, in better words easy money. Hate to admit this but auto rickshaw meter tampering in India is quite common. The drivers get away with their devious plan because the current meter calculates fare based on the rotations of the wheel of the vehicle. This system can be easily tampered with. Finally the burden comes on the shoulder of the middle class public.

Calculator with MemoryArundeep Singh07 Aug 2010
Its a 'C' language programm. It is a typical CALCULATOR which has almost all the functions which a basic Scientific Calculator has. It even has memory for storing results.

Student result system using 'C'.Arundeep Singh06 Aug 2010
Using 'C' you can make a result card. Its student result system. Its working with mouse. you give student mark and program will give u corresponding grade

VB Program to spell number in words given on screenprakash28 Jul 2010
A program written to spell number in words by writing them in screen

fibnocci series using copy constructorshireesha22 Jul 2010
This question is asked in oops 4th semester

PlayFair Algo (modified)Sonika22 Jul 2010
PlayFair cryptographic algo. in C.. Only small alphabets should be input to the programme..

Low cost wind power plantganesh pandey18 Jul 2010
Industrial Design Problem- Design A Low Cost Wind Turbine For Your Locality Which Could Be Capable Of Handling Problem Which The Today'S Wind Turbine Face.

Encyption Using Auto Cipher AlgorithmDarshak 17 Jul 2010
Computer security : encyption using Auto cipher algorithm

Simple Program Using Constructor in C#darshan patel17 Jul 2010
here I show you how to crate a constructor and how to overload a constructor in C# using console application.

Animation of SHREE GANESH( text ) using C computer graphicsDarshak 17 Jul 2010
Animated Text in C NOTE: header file is not displayed in description(Problem in ISC) so plz..see the attachment

how to overload a method in C# in consol applicationdarshan patel16 Jul 2010
Here I will explain you how to overload a different method with the same name using C# in console application.

Telephone bilingpriya das07 Jul 2010
This is 'TELEPHONE BILING project' developed in c++ It helps in creating, editing customers record and calculating the phone bills.

Static Convertor for RailwayDevansh Omer05 Jul 2010
The static converter is made using a half controlled single phase bridge rectifier at the input, a DC link filter and a three phase IGBT based PWM inverter. All functions of the converter are controlled through 32 bits Digital signal processor (DSP) together with a EPLD & host of digital gates and analog amplifiers.

Inventry Management ServicHemant Kumar Verma01 Jul 2010
This is web based project based on general inventory management system. The front end of this project is with c# and back end sql server 2005.

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