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2009 B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering Nilamber-Pitamber University,Medininager,Jharkhand(B.Tech) Question paper

Course: B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: Nilamber-Pitamber University

1st Semester
Answer any five questions
1(a) What are inertial and non inertial frames of reference?Explain Michelson-Morely experiment and its consequence. 10.
(b)Write postulates of special theory of relativity .Derive an expression to show equivalence between mass and energy. 10.
2(a)What are cardinal points of a coaxial system ?State their properties and show their positions in a diagram. 10.
(b)Two thin convergent lenses are placed coaxially at a distance of 5cm.If the focal length of each lens is 10 cm,find for the combination- 10
(i)The focal length ;
(ii) The power ;
(iii) Position of the principal point;
3(a)What are coherent sources?Write condition for sustained interference and derive condition for constructive and destructive interference analytically. 10
(b)Describe in detail as to how Newton's rings are formed.Find an expression for radius of nth dark ring. 10
4(a)Discuss the fraunhofer diffraction at a single slit .Also show the intensity distribution graph. 10.
(b)Distinguish between the Fresnel and Fraunhoferr classes of diffraction. 10.
5(a)Describe the construction and use of Nicol's prism and explain how it produces plane polarized light. 10.
(b)Calculate the thikness of a quarter wave plate for the light of wavelength 5890A'.The refractive indices for 0-and e-rayes are 1.55 and 1.50 respectively. 10.
6(a)What are ultrasonic waves ?Describe basic principal with neat diagram for the production of ultrasonic wave. 10.
(b) Write characteristics of ultrasonic waves and explain its various uses. 10.
7(a)State and prove Bernoulli's theorem for a liquid along a streamline ,pointing out clearly the assumptions made. 10.
(b) State and explain Torcell's theorem. 10.
8(a)Write short notes of any two of the following : 10*2=20
(a)fresnwl's biprism
(b)Viscosity and co-efficient of viscosity
(c) Lorentz transformation
(d)Brewster's law.

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