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2009 Nilamber-Pitamber University B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering B.Tech computer science 1st sem ,npu Question paper

Course: B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: Nilamber-Pitamber University

N1st semester
Full mark
Aswer all questions.
1.Answer the following questions: 2.5*4=10
(a)DFine Graphics?Mention the various types of graphics.
(b)What are the techniques of notes making?
(c)What skills are required to be developed in talking and receiving telephone calls?
(d)What is an oral presentation and what will be its advance planning?
2.Answer any four of the following : 2.5*4=10
(a)What are the tacties of reading ?
(b)Write short notes on any two:
(iii)Short Report
(c)What is summarizing and what are the techniques of summarizing?
(d)Define phonetices as a science.
(e)What are the barrier of communication?
(f)What are the organs of speech mechanism?
(g)Define Nature and importance of groupdiscuss.
(h)What should be the qualities of Leader in Group Discussion?
3.Consider the following passage .Write the content by one third of the words used in the original by the writer and suggest an appropriate title to it:
People the world over have realised the significance of Engligh as a language of commmunication .Indeed ,it serves as s link language between one part of the world and another ,and so much so that non-English speaking contries have shown ample enthusiasm to ensure that their citizens pick up the language .In all the advanced countries ,the emphsis is on learning english as foreign language .In India too,it is possible ,that the language are available and the cost of learning is the lowest .The nation has a large number of teacher ,and they need to bbe utilized properly.At a time when communication defines the very basis of our lives ,learning the language makes a lot of practical sense.
4. Correct the following sentences as directed: 1*5=5
(a) Qhen the class ix examinattions over,the Deputy Commissioner asked his son he had done his English paper well.(one word has been omitted mark the place and write it.)
(b)This fan is......our head but the cat is ...this table.(fill the preposition)
(c)The golden age of steam trains have been revived in the heart of a African Bush.(correct the verb form)
(d)...letter from ...father to ...son is to be written in ...initimate tne(fill up with articles)
(e)Principal ...principle.(distinguish between the word)
5.Punctuate the following passage: 5
the day was hot and the queue was long perspiring school chilgren gladly handed over their paise for a lovely ice cream stick do you know whats that made of I asked one young girl as she licked up the last drips I thought that dirty ice skimmed milk powder flour and harmful colouring were more likly I decided not to tell her she was too young to understand.
6.Write a short report to be submitted to the News Editor on "The Design of a Honeycomd collector for a solar pressure cooker". 5
7.Write a cover letter to be submitted with the proposal you wnat to submit to the director of the 'computer laboratory 'in your institute.

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