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2011 Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering , Haryana State Board of Technical Education University Question paper

Course:   University/board: Haryana State board of Technical education

No. of printed pages: 4 30136/2525
Roll no. ...............

3rd semester
Civil engineering

Subject: Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Time: 3 hours Minimum Marks: 100
Solve All Sections.
Section - A
Note: Attempt any 15 parts. Very short answer question. Answers should be of 1-2 lines and each question should be attempted in 1-2 minutes. [Each question contain 2 marks]

Q1. 1) Can transformer works on D.C.? Yes or no.
2) Define voltage.
3) In step down transformer the output voltage is less then input voltage. State true/false
4) Define current.
5) Define Power
6) Instrument used for measuring voltage is.................
7) Unit of energy is...........
8) In Diode electric current flows in both directions .true/false?
9) Star delta starter is used in ……. Motor.
10) How can direction of rotation of 3 phase motor be reversed?
11) What is earthing?
12) Write full form of ELCB?
13) Write full form MCB?
14) Transformer is based on the principle of …….. Induction.
15) Define Electrical energy?
16) An ideal transformer has ………….. Losses.
17) A transistor has …………. Terminal.

Section – B
Note: Attempt any 10 parts. Short answer type question to be answered in 3-5 line only .each question may be attempted in maximum 5 minute
[each question contain 4 marks]

Q.2 1) what is the difference between a.c. and D.C. supply?
2) What is the principal of transformer?
3) State use of single phase induction motor?
4) List various accessories and parts of electrical installation.
5) Draw the circuit diagram to measure voltage, current and power in an A.C. circuit.
6) Explain why fuse is used in electrical circuit.
7) Explain plate earthing.
8) List the main component of distribution system.
9) Explain the difference between three phase ac and single phase A.C. supply.

10) Explain working of induction motor.
11) What are the advantages of h.r.c. fuse over normal fuse?
12) What are precautions against electric shock?
13) What is the difference between high and low voltage distribution system
14) Write in details one method of starting a 3 phase induction motor.
15) What are the advantages of electrical energy over other forms of energy?

Note: Long answer type question. Attempt any three questions. Each question contain 10 marks

1) Describe construction of a transformer. Write different parts of transformers.
2) Explain the methods for treatment of electrics shock.
3) Differentiate between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors.
4) Explain characteristics and application of thyristor /SCR.
5) Describe conduit wiring. What are its advantage and disadvantage? Where this type of wiring is is used?

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