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2007 Shivaji University B.E Mechanical Engineering S.E(Mechanical)(part-IV)Examination,2007 Question paper

Course: B.E Mechanical Engineering   University/board: Shivaji University

Time:3 Hours.

1)Attempt any three questions from each section.
2)Draw neat figures wherever necessary.


1.a)Draw neat sketch of Cu-Zn equilibrium diagram.Show temperature composition and phase changes.[Marks 6]
b)Describe phase rule. How it is modified for metallurgical system with reference to pure metal and binary alloy.[Marks 6]
c)Describe radiographic NDT test in detail.[Marks 6]

2.Select most suitable material for the following applications. Explain your choice(any four):[Marks 4*4]
1)Permanent magnets
2)Automotive Springs
3)Nuclear shielding
4)Bush bearing
5)Aircraft Superstructure
6)Automotive pistons.

3.Compare the following(any four)[Marks 4*4]
1)Solid solution and Intermetallic compound
2)Eutectic and eutectoid phase diagrams
3)Gray cast Iron and Nodular cast Iron
4)Charpy and Izod impact test
5)Brasses and bronzes
6)Rockwell and Brinell Hardness Test.

4.Write short notes on(any four):[Marks 4*4]
1)Eddy current test
2)Materials for rocket propulsion
3)Non Sparking Tools
4)High Speed Tool Steel
5)Tensile Test
6)Solid solutions.

5.a)Explain the mechanism of transformation of austntite into pearlite ,bainite and martensite highlighting the important features.[Marks 9]
b)What are CCT diagrams ?Describe how CCT diagrams are drawn with suitable experimental details. Compare location of CCT diagram with respect to TTT diagram[Marks 9]

6.a)Enlist diffrent case hardening processes and explain diffrent types of carburizing in short.[Marks 8]
b)Explain mechanism of precipitation hardening. Which are the diffrent alloys which can be precipitation hardening?Write the important applications of each.[Marks 8]

7.Say True or False and justify your answer in not more than five lines(any four) [Marks 4*4]
a)Annealing of hyper eutectoid steels is carried out from above upper critical temperature.
b)Hardening of Hyper-eutectoid steels is carried out from above lower critical temperature.
c)Increasing percenatge of alloying elements increases hardenability of steels.
d)Carburized steels are required to be subjected to post carburizing heat treatment processes.
e)Powder metallurgical components have excellent corrosion resistance.

8.Write short notes on(any four):[Marks 4*4]
a)Compaction types in P/M
b)Flowchart for manufacturing electrical components
d)Quenching baths
e)Hardenability tests

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