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2012 The Global Open University, Nagaland Languages M.A. English Global open University MA English 1st year Paper of Modern Literature Question paper

Course: M.A. English   University/board: The Global Open University, Nagaland

jan, 2012
Duration: 2 Hours
Course: MA in English
Year: First Year
Paper Name: Modern Literature

1. Which of the following words
describe the prevailing attitude of
High-Modern Literature?
a. Skeptical
b. Authoritative
c. Impressionistic
d. Confident
2. Which Welsh poet wrote "Under
Milk Wood?"
a. Anthony Hopkins
b. Richard Burton
c. Tom Jones
d. Dylan Thomas
3. Who wrote Canterbury Tales?
a. Geoffrey Chaucer
b. Dick Whittington
c. Thomas Lancaster
d. King Richard II
4. Who wrote "The Hound of the
a. Agatha Christie
b. H Ryder-Haggard
c. P D James
d. Arthur Conan Doyle
5. Wlliam Shakespeare is not the
author of:
a. Titus Andronicus
b. Taming of the Shrew
c. White Devil
d. Hamlet
6. ___________is a late 20th
century play written by a woman?
a. Queen Cristina
b. Top Girls
c. Camille
d. The Homecoimg
7. Which of the following writers
wrote historical novels?
a. Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte
b. Sir Walter Scott and Maria Edgeworth
c. William Wordsworth and Samuel
Taylor Coleridge
d. Mary Shelley and Percy Bysshe
8. Who wrote "Ten Little Niggers?"
a. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
b. Irvine Welsh
c. Agatha Christie
d. None of above
9. Which of the following are
Thomas Hardy books?
a. The Poor Man and the Lady
b. The Return of Native
c. Chollttee
d. None of the above
10. Which of the following is not a
work of John Keats?
a. Endymion
b. To some ladies
c. To hope
d. None of above
11. Who wrote the poems, "On
death" and "Women, Wine, and
a. John Milton
b. John Keats
c. P.B. Shelley
d. William Wordsworth
12. "Of Man's first disobedience,
and the fruit Of that forbidden tree
whose mortal taste Brought death
into the world, and all our woe, With
loss of Eden." This is an extract
a. Paradise Lost
b. Paradise Regained
c. Samson Agonistes
d. Divorce Tracts
13. William Shakespeare was born
in the year:
14. Which of the following is not a
Shakespeare tragedy?
a. Titus Andronicus
b. Othello
c. Macbeth
d. Hamlet
e. None of the above
15. Who wrote 'The Winter's Tale?'
a. George Bernard Shaw
b. John Dryden
c. Christopher Marlowe
d. William Shakespeare
16. Which poem ends 'I shall but
love thee better after death'?
a. How do I love thee
b. Ode to a Grecian urn
c. In faith I do not love thee with mine
d. Let me not to the marriage of true
17. Which poet is considered a
national hero in Greece?
a. John keats
b. Lord Byron
c. Solan
d. Sappho
18. Which kind of poem is Edward
Lear associated with?
a. Nature
b. Epics
c. Sonnets
d. Nonsense
19. . In coleridge's poem 'The rime
of the Ancient Mariner'where were
the three gallants going?
a. A funeral
b. A wedding
c. Market
d. To the races
20. Harold Nicholson described
which poet as 'Very yellow and
glum. Perfect manners'?
a. e. e. Cummings
b. T. S. Elliot
c. John Greenleaf Whittier
d. Walt Whitman
21. What was strange about Emily
a. She rarely left home
b. She wrote in code
c. She never attempted to publish her
d. She wrote her poems in invisible ink
22. Rupert Brooke wrote his poetry
during which conflict?
a. Boer War
b. Second World War
c. Korean War
d. First World War
23. Which Poet Laureatewrote about
a church mouse?
a. Betjeman
b. Hughes
c. Marvel
d. Larkin
24. Which American writer
published 'A brave and startling
truth' in 1996
a. Robert Hass
b. Jessica Hagdorn
c. Maya Angelou
d. Micheal Palmer
25. Who wrote about the idyllic 'Isle
of Innisfree'?
a. Dylan Thomas
b. Ezra Pound
c. W. B. Yeats
d. e. e. cummings
26. Carl Sandburg 'Planked
whitefish' contains what kind of
a. Sea scenes
b. Rural Idyll
c. War
d. Innocent childhood
27. Which influential American poet
was born in Long Island in 1819?
a. Emily Dickinson
b. Paul Dunbar
c. John Greenleaf Whittier
d. Walt Whitman
28. In 1960 'The Colossus' was the
first book of poems published by
which poetess?
a. Elizabeth Bishop
b. Sylvia Plath
c. Marianne Moore
d. Laura Jackson
29. In his poem Kipling said 'If you
can meet with triumph and . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . '?
a. Glory
b. Ruin
c. Disaster
d. victory
30. Which of the following is not a
literary device used for aesthetic
effect in poetry?
a. Assonance
b. Onomatopaea
c. Rhyme
d. Grammar
31. True or false: Writing predates
a. True
b. False
d.a and b
d. none of the above
32. What is the earliest surviving
European poem?
a. The Homeric epic
b. The Gilgamesh epic
c. The Deluge epic
d. The Hesiodic ode
33. Which of the following is not a
poetic tradition?
a. The Epic
b. The Comic
c. The Occult
d. The Tragic
34. What is the study of poetry's
meter and form called?
a. Prosody
b. Potology
c. Rheumatology
d. Scansion
35. Shakespeare composed much of
his plays in what sort of verse?
a. Alliterative verse
b. Sonnet form
c. Iambic pentameter
d. Dactylic hexameter
36. Which poet invented the concept
of the variable foot in poetry?
a. William Carlos Williams
b. Emily Dickinson
c. Gerard Manly Hopkins
d. Robert Frost
37. Who wrote this famous line:
'Shall I compare thee to a summer's
day/ Thou art more lovely and more
a. TS Eliot
b. Lord Tennyson
c. Charlotte Bronte
d. Shakespeare
38. From what century does the
poetic form the folk ballad date?
a. The 12th
b. The 14th
c. The 17th
d. The 19th
39. From which of Shakespeare's
plays is this famous line: 'Did my
heart love til now?/ Forswear it,
sight/ For I never saw a true beauty
until this night'
a. A Midsummer Night's Dream
b. Hamlet
c. Othello
d. Romeo and Juliet
40. What is a poem called whose
first letters of each line spell out a
a. Alliterative
b. Epic
c. Acrostic
d. Haiku
41. Auld Lang Syne is a famous
poem by whom?
a. Sir Walter Scott
b. William Butler Yeats
c. Henry Longfellow
d. Robert Burns
42. How has Stephen Dunn been
described in 'the Oxford Companion
to 20th Century Poetry?
a. A poet of middleness
b. Capturing a sense of spiritual
c. One of the leading prairie poets
d. Has some distinction as a critic
43. 'The Cambridge school' refers to
a group who emerged when?
a. The 1900's
b. The 1960's
c. The 1920's
d. The 1930's
44. Margaret Atwood was born in
which Canadian city?
a. Vancouver
b. Toronto
c. Ottowa
d. Montreal
45. Donne, Marvell, and Herbert are
among those known as the ______
A: metaphysical
B: realist
C: imagist
D: impressionist
E: surrealist
46. Which of the following was NOT
considered one of the four humours
in medieval England?
A: black bile
B: phlegm
C: yellow bile
D: blood
E: tears
47. Why does Iago hate the title
figure in Shakespeare's Othello?
A: He despises Desdemona's father.
B: He is in love with Desdemona.
C: Othello put Iago's father in prison.
D: Othello accidentally killed Iago's
48. Which of the following novelists
wrote Middlemarch?
A: Jane Austen
B: Charles Dickens
C: George Eliot
D: Herman Melville
49. What is Swift's Modest
A: The Irish should win their
B: England should invade Ireland.
C: All of the Irish should be sold into
D: The Protestant and Catholic churches
should combine.
E: Irish children should be fattened and
eaten by their parents.
50. What is the name given to a
humorous poem with a rhyme
scheme of AABBA?
A: sonnet
B: limerick
C: panegyric
D: epigram
51. Who born in 1422:
a)William Caxton
b)Robert Henry
c)John Lyly
d)Thomas more
52. Utopia was first printed in:
53. Who translated Utopia in English
a)Thomas More
b)Thomas lodge
c)Ralph Robinson
d)William Tyndale
54. The first complete version of
Bible in English language was made
b)Thomas more
c)John Lyly
d)Robert Greene
55. Who took Degree at fifteen from
Cambridge in 1518?
a)Thomas Nash
b)Thomas More
c)Thomas lodge
d)Thomas Wyatt
56. Who wrote "Mirror for
a)Thomas Sacville
b)Thomas Wyatt
c)Thomas lodge
d)Thomas Kyde
57. Philip Sidney was born on 30th
58. "Astrophel and Stella" is a:
a) Allegory
b) Epic
59. Greville was biographer of:
a)Edmund Spencer
b)John Donne
c)Sir Philip Sidney
d)John Milton
60. "The Prince Of Poets in his
time", on whom grave the
inscription is given?
a)Sir Philip Sidney
b)John Milton
c)Edmund Spencer
d)John Donne
61. What is Faerie Queene:
a)An allegory
b)An epic
c)A ballad
d)A sonnet
62. In whose reign Morality plays
a) Henry five
b) Elizabeth one
c) Henry six
d) Henry eight
63. Which book Edmund Spenser
dedicated to the Philip Sidney:
a) The Faerie Queene
b) The shepheaedes Calendar
c) Complaints
d) Colin Clouts come home again
64. Which poet was first who used
metaphysical poetry among his
a) Edmund Spenser
b) John Milton
c) John Donne
d) Sir Philip Sidney
65.Thomas kyd (1558-95) achieved
great popularity with which of his
first work?
a) The Rare Triumphs of love and
b) The Spanish Tragedy
c) Jeronimo
d) Cornelia
66. Marlowe born in________
a) 1562
b) 1563
c) 1564
d) 1565
67. In "the tragic history of Doctor
Faustus". Faustus was a :
a) German scholar
b) French scholar
c) Spanish scholar
d) Greek scholar
68. Who wrote "The Massacre at
a) Shakespeare
b) Christopher Marlowe
c) Edmund Spenser
d) john Milton
69. After the death of Christopher
Marlowe who completed his
unfinished poem "Hero and
a) Shakespeare
b) Thomas Nash
c) George Chapman
d) Thomas More
70. Who succeeded Lyly?
a) Robert Greene
b) John Milton
c) Philip Sidney
d) Christopher Marlowe

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