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2012 The Global Open University, Nagaland Management M.B.A Global open University MBA 1st year Paper of Computer Fundamentals Question paper

Course: M.B.A   University/board: The Global Open University, Nagaland

jan, 2012
Duration: 2 Hours
Course: MBA
Year: First Year
Paper Name: Computer Fundamentals

1) A path by which communication is
achieved between a central processor
and other devices is called
a. Audit trail
b. Network
c. Bus
d. Channel
2) A type of channel used to connect a
central processor and peripherals which
uses multipling is known as
a. Modem
b. Network
c. Multiplexer
d. None o he above
3) The complete picture of data stored in
database is known as
a. Record
b. Scheme
c. System flow chart
4) Which is an another name for
functional language.
a. Machine
b. Application language
c. Low-level language
d. High-level language
5) A group of magnetic tapes, videos or
terminals usually under the control of
one master is
a. Cylinder
b. Cluster
c. Surface
d. Track
6) A modern electronic computer is a
machine that is meant for
a. Doing quic/ mathematical calculations
b. Input storage, manipulation of
outpu2ng of data
c. Electronic data processing
d. Performing repetitive tasks accurately
7) A modern digital computer has
a. Extremely high speed
b. Large memory
c. Almost unlimited array
d. All of the above
8) The binary system uses powers of
a. 2
b. 10
c. 8
d. 16
9) Which of the following languages is
usually implemented with an interpreter
10) Aprogram that converts computer
data into some code system other than
the normal one is known as
a. Encoder
b. Simulation
c. Emulator
d. Coding
11) A storage system for small amounts
of data is
a. Magnetic card
b. Magnetic tape
c. Punched card
d. Optical mark reader
12) Which device ofcompuer operation
dispense with the use of the Keyboard
a. joystick
b. Light pen
c. Mouse
d. Touch
13) Which network is a packet switching
a. Ring network
b. LAN
c. Star network
d. EuroNET
14) A single packet on a data link is
known as
a. Path
b. Frame
c. Block
d. Group
15) Any type of storage that is used for
holding information between steps in its
processing is
a. CPU
b. Primary storage
c. Internediate storage
d. Internal storage
16) Which output device is used for
translating information from a computer
into pictorial form on paper
a. Mouse
b. Plo
c. Touch panel
d. Card punch
17) A language which is close to that
used within the computer is
a. High-level language
b. Assembly language
c. Low-level language
d. All of the above
18) Most important advantage of an IC is
a. Easy replacement in case of circuit
b. Extremely high reliability
c. Reduced cost
d. Low power consumption
19) The 2's compliment of a binary no. is
obtained by adding............ to its is
a. 0
b. 1
c. 10
d. 12
20) The personnel who deals with the
computer & its management put
together are called
a. So ware
b. Humanware
c. Firmware
d. Hardware
21) Which of the following can store
information in the form of microscopic
pits on metal disks.
a. Laser disks
b. Tape casse
c. RAM catridge
d. Punched cards
22) The term referring to evacuating the
content of some part of the machine is
known as
a. Dump
b. Enhancement
c. Down
d. Compiler
23) Compressionof digital data for
efficient storage is
a. Buffer
b. CPU
c. Packing
d. Field
24) Data division is the third division of a
.................... program.
25) An instruction that transfers
program control to one or more possible
paths is known as
a. Utility program
b. System so ware
c. Broadband channel
d. Application program
26) Which printer uses a combination of
laser-beam & electro photographic
a. Laser printers
b. Dot-Matrix
c. Line Printer
d. Daisy wheel
27) Each model of computer has a
a. Assembly language
b. Machine language
c. High level language
d. All of the above
28) Computer instructions writen with
the use of English words instead of
binary machine code is called
a. Mnemonics
b. Symbolic code
c. Gray code
d. Opcode
29) The memory sizes in mainframe
computers and advanced technology
micro computers are expressed as
a. Bytes
b. Kilo-bytes
c. Bits
d. Megabytes
30) Computer Operators
a. Write computer programs for specific
b. Operate the devices which input and
output data from the computer
c. Normally require a college degree in
computer science
d. All of the above
31) An output device that uses words or
messages recorded on a magnetic
medium to produce audio response is
a. Magnetic tape
b. Voice response unit
c. Voice recognition unit
d. Voice band
32) Pick out the wrong statement.
a. Information stored in RAM can be
changed by over writing it
b. Information stored in ROM cannot be
changed by overwriting
c. Information can be stored in any
location of RAM
d. Computer main memory can be
accessed only sequentially
33) A prefix for billion which is equal
to.............. is called a billi.
a. 100
b. 10000
c. 1000
d. 10
34) A software package to perform
calculations on data arranged in an
array is
a. System so ware
b. Utility programs
c. Electronic spread sheet
d. Application programs
35) Perforated paper used as input or
output media is known as
a. Paper tape
b. Magnetic tape
c. Pnched paper tape
d. Card punch
36) Off-line operation is the operation of
devices without the control of
a. Memory
b. CPU
c. ALU
d. Control unit
37) Time during which a job is
processed by the computer is
a. Delay time
b. Real time
c. Execution time
d. Down time
38) A computer with CPU speed around
100 million instructions per second &
With the world length of around 64 bits
is known as
a. Super computer
b. Mini Computer
c. Micro Computer
d. None of the above
39) The language that is an input for
statement translation is called
a. Assembly language
b. Source language
c. High level language
d. Object language
40) A directly accessible appointment
calendar is a feature of a ....................
resident package
a. CPU
b. Memory
c. Buffer
d. ALU
41) What the two basic types of memory
that your computer uses?
a. RAM
42) The term gigabyte refers to
a. 1024 bytes
b. 1024 kilobytes
c. 1024 megabytes
d. 1024 gigabytes
43) What does that acronym VGA stand
a. Extended Graphics Adapter
b. Enhanced Graphics Array
c. Video graphics Array
d. Color Graphics Array
44) The 0 and 1 in the binary numbering
system are called binary digits
a. Bytes
b. Kilobytes
c. Decimal bytes
d. Bits
45) Storage on PC allows you to store
files until something erases ti, but
memory loses its contents whenever
its............ is lost
a. Static
b. Disk space
c. Power
d. Both a and b above
46 ) Communication ports are found on
the back of microcomputers. They are
used to connect the computer
a. Printers
b. Modems
c. Other hardware
d. All of the above
47 ) The storage subsystem in a
microcomputer consists mainly
of......................... or.................... media,
with varying capacities.
a. Memory
b. Magnetic
c. Video
d. None of the above
48) Where does a computer add and
compare data?
a. Hard disk
b. Floppy disk
c. CPU chip
d. Memory chip z
49) which of the following is a part of the
central Processing Unit
a. Printer
b. Keyboard
c. Mouse
d. Arithmetic Logic unit
50) Control Unit of a ditial computer is
oa. Clock
b. Nerve center
c. ICs
d. All of the above
51) The most common input device used
today is
a. Motherboard
b. Trackball
c. Scanner
d. Keyboard
52 ) The first electronic ditial computers
a. Electronic values
b. Vacuum tubes
c. Transistors
d. Semiconductor memory
53 ) The transistorized computer circuits
were introduced in the
a. First generation
b. Second generation
c. Third generation
d. Fourth generation
54) Primary storage is
................................. as compared to
secondary storage
a. Slow and inexpensive
b. Fast and inexpensive
c. Fast and expensive
d. Slow and expensive
55) Which is considered a direct entry
input device?
a. Optical scanner
b. Mouse
c. light pen
d. All of the above
56) Everything computer does is
controlled by its
a. RAM
b. ROM
c. CPU
d. Storage devices
57) The heart of any computer is the
a. CPU
b. Memory
c. I/O Unit
d. Disks
58) Which of the following is the fastest
a. CPU
b. Magnetic tapes and disks
c. Video Terminal
d. Sensors, mechanical controllers
59) The ALU of a computer normally
contains a number of high speed
storage elements called
a. Semiconductor memory
b. Registers
c. Hard disk
d. Magnetic disk
60) Which of the following isn't used in
the storage phase of a computer-based
information system?
a. Magnetic
b. Keyboard
c. Diske
d. Hard disk
61) A facor which would strongly
influence a businessperson to adopt a
computer is its:
a. Accuracy
b. Reliability
c. Speed
d. All of the above
62) Which of the following statements is
a. The installation of a computer is
favourably received by all employees
b. Some form of training is necessary for
employees who will work with
c. Computers are portrayed solely as
society's benefactor
d. A businessperson is only interested in
the computer's accuracy
63) The data processing job expected to
further decrease in the 1996s is that of:
a. Keypuncher
b. Data entry clerk
c. Computer operator
d. Programmer
64) A computer programmer
a. Does all the thinking for a computer
b. Can enter input data quickly
c. Can operate all types of computer
d. Can draw only flowchart
65) Which of the following is a nonimpact
a. Daisy wheel printer
b. Drum printer
c. Laser printer
d. All of the above
66) The access method used for casse6e
tape is
a. Direct
b. Random
c. Sequential
d. All of the above
67) Which of the following is a
secondary memory device?
a. Keyboard
b. Disk
c. ALU
d. All of the above
68) A floppy disk contains
a. circular tracks only
b. Sectors only
c. Both circular tracks and sector
d. All of the above
69) First generation computers are
characterised by
a. Vaccum tubes and magnetic drum
b. Mini computers
c. Magnetic tape and transistors
d. All of the above
70) The unit of a computer system that
executes program, communicates with
and osubsystems of the computer is known
a. CPU
b. Control Unit
c. I/O unit
d. Peripheral Unit

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