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2012 The Global Open University, Nagaland Diploma Medical Radiography & Imaging Technolog Global open University DMRIT 1st year Paper of Anatomy and Physiology & Related Pathology Question paper

Course: Diploma Medical Radiography & Imaging Technolog   University/board: The Global Open University, Nagaland

jan, 2012
Duration: 2 Hours
Course: Diploma in Medical Radiography and Imaging Tech
Year: First Year
Paper Name: Anatomy and Physiology &
Related Pathology

1. Blood supply of medulla A/E:
A: Ant spinal artery
B: Basilar Art.
C: Bulbar Art.
2. Klumpke s Palsy involves A/E:
A: C6
B: C7
C : C8
D : T1
3. Branch of Cervical part of ICA is:
A: Opthalmic
B: Ant. cerebral
C: Post. Communicating
D: None of these.
4. If median nerve is injured at the wrist
then loss of function of all of the foll. will
take place except:
A : Lumbrical muscles to index finger
B : Lumbrical muscles to middle finger
C : Muscles of thenar eminence
D : Adductor pollicis
5. Primitive streak is initiated &
maintained by:
A : Nodal gene
B : BMP4
D : Brachyury gene
6. Pleural tapping in mid axillary line,
muscle not pierced is:
A: Int. intercostal
B: Ext. intercostal
C : Innermost intercostal
D : Transversus thoracis
7. If circumflex art. gives the posterior
interventricular branch, this circulation is
described as :
A : Right Dominance
B : Left dominance
C : Codominance
D : Undetermined
8. In # penis involving rupture of tunica
albuginea with intact bunch s fascia
following, Would be noted clinically:
A : Hematoma involving only shaft of penis
B : Hematoma involving scrotum & perineal
C : Penis, scrotum & abdominal wall
D : Penis, scrotum & pages
9. Middle meningeal artery is transmitted
A : Foramen rotundum
B : Foramen ovale
C : Foramen spinosum
D : Foramen lacerum
10. All are motor nerves except:
A : Accessory
B : Abducent
C : Trochlear
D : Trigeminal
11. Superior gluteal nerve supplies A/E :
A : Gluteus minimus
B : Gluteus maximus
C : Tensor fasciae latae
D : Gluteus medius
12. In walking, the hip bone of the
suspended leg is raised by which of the
following muscles acting on the
supported side of the body?
A : Gluteus maximus
B : Gluteus medius
C : Obturator internus
D : Quadratus femoris
13. The ________ prevents dislocation of
the femur backward at the knee joint.
14. In epidural Lumbar puncture,
structures pierced A/E :
A : Post. longitudinal ligament
B : Ligamentous flavum
C : Interspinous Lig.
D : Supraspinous Lig.
15. The total volume of CSF is :
A : 50 ml
B : 100 ml
C : 150 ml
D : 275 ml
16. All of the foll structures are in lat.
Wall of cavernous sinus Except :
A : Occulomotor
B : Trochlear
C : Trigeminal
D : Opthalmic
17. Deja vu Phenomoenon seen in lesion
of :
A : Temporal Lobe
B : Frontal Lobe
C : Parietal Lobe
D : Angular gyrus.
18. In polio contracture of the iliotibial
tract leads to A/E :
A : Hip flexion & abduction
B : Varus deformity at knee
C : Knee flexion
D : Lat. rotation of tibia
19. About splenic art. all are true Except:
A : Celiac art. branch
B : End artery
C : Runs in spleno renal ligament
D : Lies along superior border of pancreas
20. Mitral cells are present in :
A : Kidney
B : Mitral Valve
C : olfactory tract
D : Optic nv.
21. Nv. supply of scalp A/E :
A : Auriculotemporal N.
B : Zygomatic
C : Occipital
D : Infratrochlear
22. Os trigonum is which type of
A : Aberrant
B : Atavistic
C : Pressure
D : Traction
23. Fibrous Joint A/E:
A : Skull Sutures
B : Tooth Socket
C : Inf. tibiofibular
D : Symphisis pubis
24. Neural crest derivatives are A/E :
A : Melanocytes
B : Schwann cells
C : Thyroid follicular cells
D : Parafollicular C cells
A : IgG
B : IgA
C : IgM
D : IgE
26. Bulbus cordis forms :
A : Trabeculated part of right ventricle
B : Smooth part of right ventricle
C : Smooth part of right atrium
D : Trabeculated part of right atrium
27. Paramesonephric ducts forms :
A : Appendix vesiculosa
B : Paradidymis
C : Appendix epididymis
D : Appendix testes
28. Treacher Collins syndrome is
characterized by underdevelopment of :
A : zygomatic bones
B : Maxillary bones
C : sphenoid bones
D : None.
29. Inversion of foot is at:
A : Talocalcaneonavicular Jt.
B : Calcaneocuboid Jt.
C : Talocalcaneal Jt.
D : Inf. Talofibular Jt.
30. Gitter cells are :
A : Microglia
B : Modified macrophages
C : Astrocytes
D : Neutrophils
31. Clara Cells are found in :
A : Trachea
B : Bronchioles
C : Alveoli
D : Oesophagus
32. Shotgun perineum is :
A : acquired condition in males
B : acquired condition in females
C : congenital condition in female
D : congenital condition in males
33. Double barr body is seen in :
A : Turners
B : Klinefelters
D : Downs
34. Which of the following disappear in
umbilical cord:
A : Left art.
B : Left vein
C : Right art.
D : Rt. vein
35. Implantation occurs at the stage of :
A : Zygote
B : Morula
C : Blastocyst
D : Primary villi
36. A midline cleft lip is due to failure of
fusion of:
A : Maxillary processes
B : Medial nasal processes
C : Medial & lateral nasal process
D : Medial nasal & maxillary process
37. which of the following is a feature of
Y chromosome ?
A : Acrocentric
B : Telocentric
C : Submetacentric
D : Metacentric
38. All of the foll. are pneumatic bones
Except :
A : Maxilla
B : Parietal
C : Ethmoid
D : Mastoid
39. All of the following are composite
muscle Except:
A : Pectineus
B : Rectus femoris
C : Adductor magnus
D : Biceps femoris
40. The skin overlying the region where a
venous cut down is made to access the
great saphenous vein is supplied by :
A : Femoral N.
B : Sural N.
C : Tibial N.
D : Superficial Peroneal N.
41. Porto systemic shunt is not seen in :
A : Liver
B : Spleen
C : Anorectum
D : Gastro esophageal
42. aortic opening transmits A/E :
A : aorta
B : thoracic duct
C : vagus nerves
D : azygos vein
43. A 52-year-old woman was admitted to
the hospital with a diagnosis of rightsided
pleurisy with pneumonia. It was
decided to remove a sample of pleural
fluid from her pleural cavity. The resident
inserted the needle close to the lower
border of the eighth rib in the anterior
axillary line. The next morning he was
surprised to hear that the patient had
complained of altered skin sensation
extending from the point where the
needle was inserted downward and
forward to the midline of the abdominal
wall above the
A : The needle was inserted too low down in
the intercostal space
B : The needle was inserted too close to the
lower border of the eighth rib and damaged
the eighth intercostal nerve
C : The needle had impaled the eighth rib
D : The needle had penetrated too deeply
and pierced the lung
44. A 43-year-old man was involved in a
violent quarrel with his wife over another
woman. In a fit of rage, the wife picked
up a carving knife and lunged forward at
her husband, striking his anterior neck
over the left clavicle. The husband
collapsed on the kitchen floor, bleeding
profusely from the wound. The
distraught wife called an ambulance. On
examination in the emergency
department of the hospital, the following
conditions were found except which?
A : Auscultation revealed diminished breath
sounds over the left hemithorax
B : The trachea was deflected to the left
C : The left upper limb was lying stationary
on the table, and active movement of the
small muscles of the left hand was absent
D : The patient was insensitive to pin prick
along the lateral side of the left arm,
forearm, and hand
45. Transpyloric Plane lies at the level
A : T12
B : L1
C : L2
D : L3
46. The following statements concerning
the spermatic cord are correct except:
A : It extends from the deep inguinal ring to
the scrotum
B : It contains the testicular artery
C : It is covered by five layers of spermatic
D : It contains the pampiniform plexus
47. Immediately after delivery, it was
noted that a 7.5-lb male neonate had a
large swelling on the anterior abdominal
wall. The swelling consisted of a large
sac, the walls of which were translucent
and soft. The umbilical cord was
attached to the apex of the sac, and the
umbilical arteries and vein ran within its
walls. The following statements
concerning this case are probably
correct except :
A : On closer examination it was possible to
see within the sac coils of small intestine
and the lower margin of the liver
B : As the baby cried and started to swallow
air, the sac became larger
C : Failure of the formation of adequate
head and tail folds of the embryonic disc
causes a defect in the anterior abdominal
wall in
D : The defect in the anterior abdominal wall
is filled with thin amnion, which forms the
wall of the sac
48. The following statements concerning
the pancreas are correct except:
A : The pancreas receives part of the
arterial supply from the splenic artery
B : The main pancreatic duct opens into the
third part of the duodenum
C : The uncinate process of the pancreas
projects from the head of the pancreas
D : The transverse mesocolon is attached to
the anterior border of the pancreas
49. The following veins form important
portal systemic anastomoses except:
A : Esophageal branches of the left gastric
vein and tributaries of the azygos veins
B : Superior rectal vein and inferior vena
C : Paraumbilical veins and superficial veins
of the anterior abdominal wall
D : Veins from the bare areas of the liver
with the phrenic veins
50. The urogenital diaphragm is formed
by the following structures except :
A : Deep transverse perineal muscle
B : Perineal membrane
C : Sphincter urethrae
D : Colles fascia
51. Which is a branch from trunk of
brachial plexus?
A: SupraScapular Nerve
B:. Long Thoracic Nerve
C:. Axillary Nerve
D: Nerve to Subclavius Muscle
52. Autorikshaw run over an 8-year-old,
tyre mark over leg is called?
A. Patterned bruise
B. Imprint abrasion
C. Contusion
D. Ectopic bruise
53. Mineralocorticoid receptors are
present in all except
A: Hippocampus
B: Brain
C: Liver
D: Kidney
54. Which is not autoimmune disease?
B: . Grave's Disease
C: . Myasthenia Gravis
D: . Sickle Cell Disease
55. Most common cause of death in
schizophrenia patient
A: Homicide
B: . Depression
C: . Suicide
D: Due to Antipsychotic side effects
56. All are pneumatic bones except
A: Frontal
B: Mandible
C: Ethmoidal
D: Mastoid
57. Clue Cells are found in
A: Candida
B: Bacterial Vaginosis
C: Trichomonas Vaginalis
D: Chlamydial infection
58. Nerve involved in supracondylar
A: Radial nerve
B: Median nerve
C: Ulnar nerve
D: Anterior interosseous nerve
59. A teenage girl complaints of pain
over the knee. The pain increase while
starting to stand from sitting position
and while walking upstairs. What is the
likely diagnosis?
A: Chondromalacia of patella
B: Patellar Fracture
C: Torn Meniscus
D: Bipartite Patella
60. Diet Recommendations all except
A: Cholesterol intake should be 100
gm/1000 kcal/day
B: To avoid alcohol consumption
C: Salt intake should be less than 5gm/day
D: Saturated fat is about 10% of whole diet
61. People are separated into certain sub
groups. People are selected randomly from
sub groups. What type of sampling is
A: Random sampling
B: Stratified Sampling
C: Quota Sampling
D: Cluster Sampling
62. Which pass through Foramen
A: Vertebral artery
B: Hypoglossal Nerve
C: Internal Carotid artery
D: Sympathetic chain
63. Which is not a neural tumor?
A: Ependymoma
B: Neuroblastoma
C: Gangliocytoma
64. Which is rave drug?
A: Cannabis
B: Cocaine
C: Heroin
D: Ecstacy
65. All are indoor air pollutants except
A: Radon
B: Carbon Monoxide
C: Nitrogen oxide
D: Mercury
66. Denominator in Maternal Mortality
A: Total Number of Live birth
B: Total Number of Married Women
C: Total Number of Birth
D: Nonf of these
67. Cadeveric transplant is done for A/E
A: blood vessels
B: liver
C: lung
D: bladder
68. Not a cause of primary
A: kallman syndrome
B: turner syndrome
C: sheehan syndrome
D: rokitansky syndrome
69. 32 yr male a known hypertensive
planned for cholecystectomy. Which of
following is contraindicated
A: propofol
B: ketamine
C: midazolam
D: All of the above
70. One of the drug is contraindicated in
Patients with lithium toxicity
A: diuretics
B: beta blocker
C: ccb
D: None of these

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