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2012 The Global Open University, Nagaland Commerce B.Com Global open University BCom 1st year Paper of Business Communication and Office Methods Question paper

Course: B.Com   University/board: The Global Open University, Nagaland

jan, 2012
Duration: 2 Hours
Course: B.Com.
Year: First Year
Paper Name: Business Communication and
Office Methods

1. Recruitment is
A) Positive Process
B) Negative Process
C) Neutral
D) None of the above
2. The training imparted to a new
employee to induct him into a new
social setting of his work, is called
A) Orientation training
B) Job training
C) Corrective training
D) Promotional training
3. Which of the following is not a
phase of the job design process?
A) The specification of the method of
performing each task.
B) The specification of individual tasks
C) The combination of individual tasks
into specific jobs
D) The specification of the
measurement of performance of
each task
4. Data obtained from job analysis
has utility for all but which of the
following human resource
management activities?
A) Selection
B) Training
C) Job redesign
D) Labour relations
5. When assigning weights to
factors, sub factors and degrees
A) There is one best technique
B) judgement plays a major role.
C) the weights assigned must stay
away constant from job to job
D) None of the above
6. Pay refers to
A) All the extrinsic rewards that
B) The rewards that employees
receive as a result of their
C) Only the base wage or salary that
employees receive.
D) The actual money that employees
receive in exchange for their work.
7. Policies for a successful
compensation system must
address which of the following
A) style and quality of leadership.
B) Social relationships
C) Intrinsic job interests
D) None of the above
8. Which of the following is not a
recommendation to help avoid the
problems associated with wage
and salary surveys?
A) generate survey data at the
beginning of the calendar year.
B) consider variations in job
C) compare more than base wage or
D) make comparisions of the
participating companies for
9. Successful career planning and
development requires action from
A) The organization, his employees
immediate manager and the
B) The employee and his/her
immediate manager
C) A variety of sources both internal
and external to the organization
D) the employee with some
assistance/guidance from his or her
immediate manager
10. The ultimate goal of
Organizational development is to
A) structure the organizational
environment so that managers and
employees can use their developed
skills and abilities to the fullest
B) reduce the levels of uncertainty in
managerial decision making
through out the organization.
C) create an internal environment
which is conducive to self
expression the cost of quality
D) Change the traditional relationship
between the supervisors and
11. A frequently used method for
determining training need involves
A) In depth interviews of randomly
selected employees
B) Group discussion with employees
C) individual skill assessment by
D) Observation analysis conducted by
training experts.
12. One advantage of on the job
training involves
A) environmental control
B) short time horizons for learning
C) the fact that trainee is being
D) the relaxed pace inherent to the
13. One advantage of the use of job
rotation, a development tool is
A) The learner is encouraged to make
B) it is relatively easy to perceive
factual information
C) the training is practical
D) the time horizons are usually short
14. Sensitivity training
A) Usually involves 2 or 3 participants
B) Generally has a structured agenda
C) focuses primarily on decision
D) none of the above
15. Personnel policy deals with
A) working of employees
B) settling of disputes
C) placing persons properly
D) none of the above
16. Which of the following is the
external source of recruitment?
A) promotion from within
B) transfer of employees
C) unsolicited applicants
D) none of the above
17. Scrutiny of applications is the
A) last step in selection process
B) first step in selection process
C) third step in selection process
D) none of the above
18. Orientation is generally given to
A) new entrants
B) previous employees
C) supervisory staff
D) none of the above
19. Vestibule training is provided
A) on the job
B) in the class room
C) training department
D) none of the above
20. Under worker's participation
A) workers participate in decision
making process
B) workers get more benefits
C) workers increase their output
D) none of the above
21. Personality tests aim at
A) Measuring the basic make up of the
B) measuring the candidate's
knowledge and skill
C) Measuring the candidate's
knowledge and skill,
D) Measuring the candidate's
22. The sources of recruitment are
A) internal
B) external
C) internal as well as external
D) none of the above
23. In a means of communication,
which have the features of
immediacy of both receiving and
A) fax
B) E-mail
C) Telegram
D) none of the above
24. How many types of
communication are there
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four
25. "Sunita talking to her manager"
which piece of communications is
she dealing with.
A) Internal
B) External
C) Formal
D) Informal
26. Meeting are based on on
A) Issue
B) Topics
C) Predetermined topic
D) Minutes
27. The singular form of the word
'agenda' is
A) Agenda
B) Agendum
C) Agendrum
D) Agndrum
28. Which piece of document is meant
for the distribution to a large
group of peoples.
A) Circulars
B) Notices
C) Memos
D) None
29. One of the great tools that is used
to handle the complaining
customers. The acronym stands
A) Believe, Listen, Apologize, Satisfy,
B) Believe, Satisfy, Thank, Apologize,
C) Believe, Listen, Satisfy, Apologize,
D) Believe, Listen, Apologize, Suggest,
30. ________ is an encoding process
of communication.
A) Writing
B) Reading
C) Speaking
D) None
31. Which type of abbreviations is
PRO Public Relationship Officer)
stands for
A) Field abbreviations
B) Personal abbreviations
C) Commonly used abbreviations
D) None
32. While writing a business letter it is
important that your letter be
A) Short and specify
B) Short and direct
C) Concise and correct
D) Concise and direct
33. Our business letter is drafted in
two styles i.e.
A) Block and halved
B) Blocked and semi-blocked
C) Halved and semi-blocked
D) Semi-blocked and halved
34. Components of memo are
A) Header, Summary, Action, Purpose
B) Header, Presentation, Summary,
C) Header, Purpose, Summary, Action
D) Header, Summary, Presentation,
35. How many character space is
given while writing a report.
A) 5
B) 4
C) 3
D) 2
36. Which document is distributed for
a large group of peoples
A) Circulars
B) Memos
C) Reports
D) Notices
37. For an immediate feedback we
normally send
A) Circulars
B) Notices
C) Memos
D) None
38. Creature is an example of
A) Masculine gender
B) Feminine gender
C) Neuter gender
D) None
39. ________ are usually subjective
and talk of feeling and
A) Expository essay
B) Descriptive essay
C) Reflective essay
D) None
40. Citations and references lists
placed at the end of each chapter
are said to be as
A) Explanatory note
B) End note
C) Foot note
D) None
41. Each letter in a word is given a
funny meaning for learning.
A) Homonyms
B) Mnemonics
C) Proof readers
D) none
42. "Counselling and Counselling" is
an example of
A) Homonyms
B) Mnemonics
C) Proof reading
D) None
43. 'Sip' this proof reading symbol
stands for
A) leaving space
B) Insert comma
C) Full stop
D) Spelling mistake
44. 'Pron' stands for
A) Problem with final-ed
B) Problem with pronoun
C) Problem with parallel form
D) Problem with finals
45. ________ generally takes
place as a supportive form of
A) Written
B) Non-Verbal
C) Verbal
D) Oral
46. There are ________ punctuation
A) 7
B) 11
C) 12
D) 14
47. enclose the words of a
A) Quotation mark
B) Colon
C) Apostrophe
D) Semi-colon
48. The person who co-ordinate G D is
A) Co-ordinator
B) Assistant
C) Moderator
D) Mediator
49. Economic, social, political, sports/
film related and it based topics are
the categories of which type of GD
A) Knowledge based GD
B) Topic based GD
C) Press release
D) Fax
50. An interview is a meeting for
which purpose.
A) Special Purpose
B) Common Purpose
C) Occasional Purpose
D) None
51. Interviews are conducted to
assess the _______ work of an
A) Open
B) Personal
C) Common
D) Appraisal
52. "Her daughter is travelling" The
girl has not come home yet
following sentence is an example
A) Reference
B) Lexical Replacement
C) Ellipses
D) Subsitution
53. The precise writing of our own
details in todays world is
A) Resume
B) Biodata
C) CurriculamVitae
D) Introduction
54. While writing a resume
A) Split your knowledge with the field
of expertise required by the
B) Be Consistant
C) Be very ethical
D) None
55. ______ and contains the
information about the report in a
A) Precise, Summary
B) Abstract, Summary
C) Thesis, Precise
D) None
56. Homonymes are the words having,
A) Different spellings but same sound
B) Different sounds but same spelling
C) Different spellings and different
D) Differing spelling and meaning but
same sound
57. What is the life blood of
A) English
B) Society
C) Communication
D) Interaction
58. Informal communication leads to
A) Negligence and disobedience
B) The successful output
C) Determined
D) Wastage of time
59. "Calls for apologies" and rules on
disagreement follows in
A) Formal meetings
B) Information meetings
C) Charity meetings
D) None
60. This is a miniature version of
memo which defines all important
information have to be mentioned
A) Action
B) Summary
C) Concise
D) Precise
61. The comprehensive list of the
various sources of information we
have used in our performances.
A) Ingredients
B) Bibliography
C) Recipe
D) None
62. The standard for English language
are based on the way English
spoken in
A) U.K.
B) U.S
C) Europe
D) U.K. and U.S.
63. Add the proper prefix to the given
word 'spelt'
A) Dis
B) Mis
C) Off
D) None
64. Which one is not the part of using
correct punctuation.
A) Changes the meaning
B) Punctuation decides the
combination of two words to make
a phrase or a clause.
C) Punctuation can helps in creating
effects for the style of writing
D) Punctuation is used to give only
65. Which punctuation mark is said to
be a 'period' in American English.
A) Comma
B) Semi-colon
C) Hyphen
D) Full stop
66. "The spanish speaking members
were united," find the mistake in a
given sentence.
A) Question mark is missing
B) Colon has to be inserted
C) Hyphen is missing
D) Dash is to be inserted
67. What tries to link a new or weak
product to more established
A) Corporate Sponsorship
B) Corporate umbrella advertising
C) Advocacy advertising
D) Public service advertising
68. 'AIDA' stands for
A) Attention, Intelligence, Despirate
and Action
B) Action, Interest, Depth and
C) Attention, Interest, Desire and
D) Action, Interest, Despirate and
69. The "Manuscript Format" is
specialized format for which type
of reports.
A) Longer reports
B) Shorter reports
C) Medium
D) All reports
70. The three main principles of
precise writing are
A) Coverage, Communication,
B) Condensation, Communication,
C) Comprehensation, Coverage,
D) Condensation, Comprehensation,

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