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2012 The Global Open University, Nagaland B.C.A. Computer Application Global open University BCA 1st year Paper of Office Automation Question paper

Course: B.C.A. Computer Application   University/board: The Global Open University, Nagaland

jan 2012
Duration: 2 Hours
Course: B.C.A.
Year: First Year
Paper Name: Office Automation

1. Which of the following is not valid
version of MS Office?
a. Office XP
b. Office Vista
c. Office 2007
d. None of above
2. You cannot close MS Word application
a. Choosing File menu then Exit submenu
b. Press Alt+F4
c. Click X button on title bar
d. From File menu choose Close submenu
3. The key F12 opens a
a. Save As dialog box
b. Open dialog box
c. Save dialog box
d. Close dialog box
4. What is the short cut key to open the
Open dialog box?
a. F12
b. Shift F12
c. Alt + F12
d. Ctrl + F12
5. A feature of MS Word that saves the
document automatically after certain
interval is available on
a. Save tab on Options dialog box
b. Save As dialog box
c. Both of above
d. None of above
6. Where can you find the horizontal split
bar on MS Word screen?
a. On the left of horizontal scroll bar
b. On the right of horizontal scroll bar
c. On the top of vertical scroll bar
d. On the bottom of vertical scroll bar
7. Which of the following is not available
on the Ruler of MS Word screen?
a. Tab stop box
b. Left Indent
c. Right Indent
d. Center Indent
e. All of them are available on ruler
8. What is place to the left of horizontal
scroll bar?
a. Tab stop buttons
b. View buttons
c. Split buttons
d. Indicators
9. Which file starts MS Word?
a. Winword.exe
b. Word.exe
c. Msword.exe
d. Word2003.exe
10. How many ways you can save a
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6
11. If you want to keep track of different
editions of a document which
features will you use?
a. Editions
b. Versions
c. Track Change
d. All of above
12. Background color or effects applied
on a document is not visible in
a. Web layout view
b. Print Layout view
c. Reading View
d. Print Preview
13. What is a portion of a document in
which you set certain page
formatting options?
a. Page
b. Document
c. Section
d. Page Setup
14. Borders can be applied to
a. Cells
b. Paragraph
c. Text
d. All of above
15. Which of the following is not a type of
page margin?
a. Left
b. Right
c. Center
d. Top
16. What is the default left margin in
Word 2003 document?
a. 1"
b. 1.25"
c. 1.5"
d. 2"
17. What is gutter margin?
a. Margin that is added to the left margin
when printing
b. Margin that is added to right margin
when printing
c. Margin that is added to the binding side
of page when printing
d. Margin that is added to the outside of
the page when printing
18. Portrait and Landscape are
a. Page Orientation
b. Paper Size
c. Page Layout
d. All of above
19. If you need to change the typeface of
a document, which menu will you
a. Edit
b. View
c. Format
d. Tools
20. Which of the following is not a font
a. Bold
b. Italics
c. Regular
d. Superscript
21. A characteristic of text, such as
font or color, is called a(n)
a. Effect
b. Style
c. text attribute
d. format
22. To start PowerPoint, click the
Start button on the Windows taskbar,
point to Programs, and then select
a. Microsoft PowerPoint
b. Accessories
c. Microsoft Office Tools
d. Start PowerPoint
23. PowerPoint file names have the
a. Mdb
b. Doc
c. Ppt
d. xls
24. ____ is the first printing of a
a. rough draft
b. first draft
c. printout
d. hard copy
25. ____ on the menu bar lets you
type free-form questions to obtain
a. Ask a Question box
b. Tools command
c. move handle
d. File command
26. provides consistency in design
and color throughout the
a. task pane
b. design template
c. menu
d. object
27. A shortcut menu that displays
when you right-click a slide in slide
show view is
called a.
a. command menu
b. slide menu
c. slide show menu
d. Popup menu
28. A segment of text with the same
format that begins when you press
the ENTER key and ends when you
press the ENTER key again is called
a. paragraph
b. placeholder
c. attribute
d. object
29. A position within a structure, such
as an outline, that indicates the
magnitude of importance is called
a. Title
b. outline
c. bullet
d. level
30. To quit PowerPoint using shortcut
keys, press
a. ALT+F5
c. ESC+Q
31. ____ ends all slide shows unless
the option setting is deselected.
a. blank slide
b. black slide
c. closing slide
d. blue slide
32. You will use ____ when viewing a
a. scroll bars
b. slide show view
c. voice commands
d. PowerPoint viewer
33. To select a text placeholder using
shortcut keys, press
34. ____ is a program that allows you
to run, but not edit, a PowerPoint
a. Office Assistant
b. AutoContent Wizard
c. PowerPoint Viewer
d. Microsoft Word
35. To print a presentation using
shortcut keys, press
b. ALT+P
d. TAB+P
36. To change the text font style to
italic using shortcut keys, press
c. ALT+I
37. To delete text, ____ the desired
word and then type the correct text
a. Click
b. Drag
c. righ click
d. double click
38. To check the spelling of your
presentation using shortcut keys,
press ____ then press S
a. ALT+S
c. ALT+T
39. The ____ feature in the
powerPoint Help system allows you
to access system information and
technical support information
a. Answer Wizard
b. Question Mark button
c. Office Assistant
d. Hardware and Software Information
40. You should ____ your
presentation before printing it in case
you experience
difficulties with the printer
a. Save
b. Preview
c. close
d. edit
41. Which is not an advantage of using
computerized spreadsheets?
a. flexibility of moving entries
b. speed of calculation
c. ability of generate tables
d. cost of initial setup
42. To select several cells or ranges that
are not touching each other, you
would … while selecting
a. hold down the Ctrl key
b. hold down the Shift key
c. hold down the Alt key
d. hold down Ctrl + Shift key
43. what is the AutoSummarize feature
used for in Word 2000
a. It creates a 250 word, 500 word or
1000 word summary of the document
b. It adds Automatic headwers, bold and
italic characters as well as automatic
formatting of the document to give the
look of a well summarized document
c. It summarizes the statistics of the
document into a report such as total
words, total characters, total pages,
total paragraphs, file size ecs
d. It identifies the key points in a
document for your to share with others
or quickly scan
44. A certain spreadsheet shows in Page
Break Preview that cells in Rows 1-25
have white background. The cells in
row 26 that contain data have a dark
grey background, when you click the
Print button…..
a. Nothing will print because some cells
with data have been omitted
b. Only the cells with gray background will
c. The whole sheet will print
d. Only the cells with white background
will print
45. A constant is another name for this
type of data:
a. Number
b. Equation
c. Formula
d. Description
46. The view that puts a blue a blue line
around each page that would be
printed is the …..
a. Print Preview
b. Normal View
c. Page Break Preview
d. Split View
47. AutoCalculate will quickly add
selected cells if you…..
a. Right click on the status bar and select
b. Click the AutoCalculate button on the
c. Use the key combination Ctrl+$
d. Double click the selection
48. The cell labeled 23. 54 the cell labeled
F5 refers to
a. Row F column 5
b. Column F row 5
c. F unction available in cells
d. function key F4
49. when you are typing an equation into
a cell the first thing that must be
entered is
a. The first cell referenced
b. Parenthesis
c. Quotation marks
d. An equal sign
50. Using the AutoSum button will
replace in the selected cell….
a. The sum of values in the cell's column
b. Nothing until you select a range of cells
c. The sum of the cell's row unless you
change the range
d. A formula which will add values in the
range Excel guesses you want to add
51. Book1 is an example of how … are
numbered and named during each
work session
a. Active cell
b. Formula bar
c. Menu bar
d. Name box
52. Which of the following displays the
contents of the active cell?
a. Active cell
b. Formula bar
c. Menu bar
d. Name box
53. Graphics objects on a chart are used
a. Add emphasis to chart data
b. Add interest to a chart
c. Help explain the chart data
d. a, b, and c
54. What does SUMIF function do?
a. Adds up cell values based on a
b. Adds all the numbers in a range of cells
c. Returns a subtotal in a list or database
d. All of above
55. You can insert labels for
a. All the data markers on a chart
b. A data series
c. A selected data marker
d. All
56. Tab scrolling buttons
a. Allow you to view a different worksheet
b. Allow you to view additional worksheet
row down
c. Allow you to view additional worksheet
columns to the right
d. Allow you to view additional sheet tabs
57. All macro keyboard shortcuts include
the ….. key
a. Alt
b. Ctrl
c. F11
d. Shift
58. To open the Format Cells dialog box,
a. Alt + 1
b. Ctrl + 1
c. Ctrl + Shift + 1
d. F1
59. You can add a hyperlink to your
worksheet by pressing
a. Alt + K
b. Ctrl + H
c. Ctrl + K
d. Ctrl + Shift + K
60. To move to the previous worksheet,
a. Alt + PgUp
b. Ctrl + PgUp
c. Ctrl + PgDn
d. Shift + Tab
61. What Are The Different Views To
Display A Table
a. Datasheet View
b. Design View
c. Pivote Table & Pivot Chart View
d. All Of Above
62. Which Of The Following Creates A
Drop Down List Of Values To Choose
a. Ole Object
b. Hyperlink
c. Memo
d. Lookup Wizard
63. The Command Center Of Access File
That Appears When You Create Or
Open The Ms Access Database File.
a. Database Window
b. Query Window
c. Design View Window
d. Switchboard
64. The Third Stage In Designing A
Database Is When We Analyze Our
Tables More Closely And Create A
___________ Between Tables
a. Relationship
b. Join
c. Query
d. None Of These
65. In A Database Table, The Category Of
Information Is Called
a. Tuple
b. Field
c. Record
d. All Of Above
66. This Key Uniquely Identifies Each
a. Primary Key
b. Key Record
c. Unique Key
d. Field Name
67. It Is An Association Established
Between Common
a. Line
b. Relationship
c. Primary Key
d. Records
68. This Is The Stage In Database Design
Where One Gathers And List All The
Necessary Fields For The Database
a. Data Definition
b. Data Refinement
c. Establishing Relationship
d. None Of The Above
69. A Database Language Concerned With
The Definition Of The Whole Database
Structure And Schema Is ________
a. DCL
b. DML
c. DDL
d. All Of Above
70. Which Of The Field Has Width 8
a. Memo
b. Number
c. Date/time
d. Hyperlink

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