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2012 The University of Burdwan Jewelry Certificate course in Advanced Jewellery Design Burdwan university, Bsc-general BOTANY examination for 2nd year , 2012 Question paper

Course: Certificate course in Advanced Jewellery Design   University/board: The University of Burdwan

Here I am giving BSC- general botany question paper of the year 2012 of Burdwan university for 2nd year students. It is based on new syllabus pattern which is of 3 hours and full marks is 100

F.M- 100 TIME- 3hrs.

1.Answer any eight of the following questions [2x8=16]
a) What is collateral vascular bundle? Where is found?
b) What is secondary meristem? Give one example.
c) What is quantasome? Mention its function.
d) What is antitranspirant? Name one antitranspirant.
e) What is passive absorption of water?
f) What is full form of NADP?
g) Mention the important roles of calcium (ca++) in plant.
h) What is chiasma?
i) Distinguish between nucleoside and nucleotide.
j) What is heterochromatin?
k) What is natural system of classification in plant?
l) What is nucleosome?
m) Draw the vexillary aestivation. In which family is it found?
n) Mention two adaptive features of hydrophytes.

2.Answer any six questions from the following [6x6=36]
a) Mention the anatomical features of monocot stem. State one function of collenchyma tissue.
b) What is stele ? Discuss the different types of stele with labelled diagram.(2+4)
c) State the diagnostic characters of the family cruciferae. What is the alternative name of this
d) Give a general account of linkage. What is its significance?(4+2)
e) Discuss the significance of meiosis. Why is the first meiotic division called reductional
f) What is aneuploidy? Give an account of aneuploidy.(1+5)
g) Discuss briefly the properties of enzyme. What is co-factor?(5+1)
h) Discuss the effects of light, CO2 and temperature on photosynthesis. Name one C-4 plant.(5+1)
i) Discuss cohesion-tension theory to explain ascent of sap. What is ascent of sap?(5+1)
j) Discuss air pollution in brief. Give the scientific name of a xerophytic plant.(5+1)

3.Answer any four questions from the following [12x4=48]
a) Discuss the normal secondary growth of stem. What is annual ring? (10+2)
b) Give an outline of a natural system of classification you have studied. State two merits and
two demerits of this classification.(10+2)
c) Mention the diagnostic characters of any two of the following families:
Lamiaceae, malvaceae, fabaceae
Write two advance characters of Asteraceae. (10+2)
d) Describe with suitable diagram the physical structure of chromosome. What is euchromatin?
e) With suitable diagram describe the ultrastructure of mitochondria. Define cell organelles.
f) What are monohybrid and dihybrid crosses? Describe dihybrid cross and show the result with the
help of a checker board. (10+2)
g) Explain the effects of different factors that influence transpiration. What are the different
types of transpiration. (10+2)
h) Discuss the morphological and physiological adaptions of halophytes. Why is saline soil called
"physiological dry soil"? (10+2)

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