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2012 Visvesvaraya Technological University-Belgaum EC 83/DEC 83 University B.D.T. College of Engineering,Davangere Eigth Semester BE Degree Examination,June-2012,Mobile Communication Question paper

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This is the mobile communication subject semester end question paper of year 2012.It was conducted by University BDT College of Engineering,Davangere (Constituent college of Visvesvaraya Technological University)for the Eighth semester Electronics and Communication.

Visvesvaraya Technological University-Belgaum
EC 83/DEC 83
University B.D.T. College of Engineering,Davangere

Eigth Semester BE Degree Examination,June-2012
Mobile Communication
Time:3hrs Max.Marks:100

Note: Answer FIVE full questions, selecting at least one question from each part


1.a.Explain frequency reuse in 7-cell pattern cellular system and improvements of capacity in a cellular system.Also mention principles of the cellular architecture. (10marks)

b.Explain in brief Personal Communication Systems (PCS) (06 marks)
c.Vriefly describe PGMGIA (04 marks)

2. a.Describe vocoder and linear predictive coding technique for mobile communication systems
b.Explain ADPCM encoder and decoder operation in detail (10marks)


3. a. Consider a transimitter which radiates a sinusoidal carrier frequency of 1850 MHz.For a vehicle moving at 60mph,compute the received carrier frequency if the mobile is moving,i)directly away from the transmitter ii)directly towards the transmitter iii)in a direction perpendicular to the direction of arrival of the signal. (8marks)

b.Write briefly about each type of small-scale fading in mobile radio. (08 marks)
c.Briefly explain two-ray Rayleigh fading model (4marks)

4. a.Explain bandwidth and power spectral density of digital signals.Derive expressions for each
(10 marks)

b.Explain QPSK linear modulation techniques with appropriate block diagram and constellation diagram
(10 marks)


5.a.Explain in FHSS-spread spectrum technique in wireless communication systems
(10 marks)

b. Explain CDMA operation and derive Pe=1/2 erfcv(1(1/k-1)×(fc/fb)) (10 marks)

6 .a.Describe delay spread in multipath mobile environment (10 marks)
b.Explain how acquisition and tracking is done in DSSS system. (10 marks)


7. a.Explain the fundamental difference between maximal-ratio,equal gain and selection in diversity systems. (10 marks)

b.Briefly explain diversity techniques for mobile wireless systems. (10 marks)
8. a. Explain the three main terrestrial communication technologies and their application areas.
(10 marks)

b.Describe ACTS and INTELSAT Ku band satellite programs. (10 marks)


9. a.Explain Explain in detail FQPSK ans FBPSK modulation techniques for cellular and wireless communication systems (10 marks)

b. Explain SDMA access method for wireless mobile communications (10 marks)
10.Write short note on
a.CDMA technique
b.Radio link design of digital wireless systems
c.Wireless personal communications
d.Orthogonal modulation
(20 marks)

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