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2011 KL Deemed to be University General B.Tech Solid mechanics ce-212 Question paper

Course: B.Tech   University/board: KL Deemed to be University

Are you looking for the old question papers of K L University SOLID MECHANICS CE-212 ? Here is the previous year question paper from K L University. This is the original question paper from the SOLID MECHANICS CE-212 first semester exam conducted by K L University in year 2011. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams






Time: 3 Hrs Max. Marks: 60

Answer One Question from each unit

Answer All Units


1. a) Draw Shear force Diagram for the Beam shown in fig. 1 (6 M)

b) Draw Bending Moment Diagram for the frame shown in fig.2 (6 M)


2. a) A simply supported beam of length 6 m carries a triangular load whose intensity varies uniformly from zero at the left end to 60 KN/m at the right end. It has one support at 1.5m from the left and the other support at the right end. Draw bending moment diagram for the beam. (6 M)

b) Draw shear force diagram for the frame shown in fig.3. (6 M)


3. a) A cast iron test beam 20mm x 20mm in section and 1 m long and supported at the ends fails when a central load of 640 N is applied. What uniformly distributed load will break a cantilever of the same material with 50 mm wide, 100 mm deep and 2 m long? (6 M)

b) Calculate the moment of inertia about the centraidal axis of the I section shown in fig.4 (6 M)


4. a) A castiron pipe of external diameter 60 mm and 10 mm thickness and 5 m long is supported at its ends. The pipe carries a point load of 100 N at its centre. Calculate the maximum flexural stress induced? (6 M)

b) An I-section beam shown in Fig.5 is simply supported over a span of 10 m. If the maximum permissible bending stress is 80 N/mm2. What concentrated load can be carried at a distance of 3.5 m from one support? (6 M)


5. a) A timber beam 100 mm wide and 150 mm deep supports a uniformly distributed load over a span of 2m. If the safe stresses are 28 N/mm2 in bending and 2 N/mm2 in shear. Calculate the maximum load which can be supported by the beam? (6 M)

b) A T- shaped cross section of a beam as shown in Fig.6 is subjected to a vertical shear force of 100 KN. Calculate the shear stress at the neutral axis and at the junction of web and flange. Moment of inertia about the horizontal neutral axis is 1.134 x 108 mm4. (6 M)


6. a) Locate the shear centre for the section shown in fig. (6 M)

b) A simply supported wooden beam of span 1.3 m having a cross section of 150 mm wide and 250 mm deep. It carries a concentrated load of W at the centre. Allowable working stresses are = 7 N/mm2 (bending) q = 1 N/mm2 (Shear). What is the safe load? (6 M)


7. a) Write the assumptions made in the theory of pure torsion? (6 M)

b) Determine the diameter of a solid circular shaft which will transmit 90 KW at 160 rpm if the shear stress in the shaft is limited to 60 N/mm2. Find also the length of the shaft, if the twist not exceed 1 degree over the entire length. Take G = 8 x 104 N/mm2. (6M)


8. a) A solid circular shaft is to transmit 300 KW at 100 rpm. If the shear stress is not to exceed 80 N/mm2. Find the diameter of the shaft. What percentage saving in weight would be obtained if this shaft is replaced by a hollow one whose internal diameter equal to 0.6 times of the external diameter. The length, the material and the max shear stress are equal. (6 M)

b) A solid shaft of 200 mm diameter has the same cross sectional area as that of a hallow shaft of the same material with inside diameter 150 mm. Find the ratio of power transmitted by the two shafts at the same speed. (6 M)


9. a) A close coiled helical spring is to have a stiffness of 1 N/mm of compression under a max.load of 45 N and a Shear stress of 126 N/mm2. The solid length of the spring (when the coils are touching) is to be 45 mm. The diameter of the wire and the number of coils required. Take modular of rigidity, C = 4.2 x 104 N/mm2. (6 M)

b) A laminated spring 1 m long is made up of plates each 50 mm wide and 10 mm thick. If the bending stress in the plates is limited to 100 N/mm2, how many plates will be required to enable the spring to carry a central point load of 2000 N. If E = 2.1 x 105 N/mm2, what is the deflection under the given load of 2000 N. (6 M)


10. a) A helical spring is made of 12 mm diameter steel wire by winding it on a 120 mm diameter mandrel. If there are 10 active turns, what is the spring constant. Take C = 8.2 x 104 N/mm2 what force must be applied to the spring to elongate it by 40mm?

b) A leaf spring is to be made of seven steel plates of 65 mm wide and 6.3 mm thick. Calculate the length of the spring so that it may carry a central load of 2750 N the stress being limited to 160 N/mm2. Calculate also the deflection at the centre of spring, Take E = 2.1 x 105 N/mm2. (6 M)

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