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2011 KL Deemed to be University General B.Tech Surveying i ce-215 Question paper

Course: B.Tech   University/board: KL Deemed to be University

Are you looking for the old question papers of K L University SURVEYING I CE-215 ? Here is the previous year question paper from K L University. This is the original question paper from the SURVEYING I CE-215 first semester exam conducted by K L University in year 2011. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams






Time: 3 Hrs Max. Marks: 60

Answer One Question from each unit

Answer All Units


1. (a) Define Surveying. What are the principles of surveying? Explain them briefly. - 4M

(b) In brief explain the various classifications of surveying. - 8M


2. (a) Differentiate between accuracy & precision with an example. - 4M

(b) What are the different types & sources of error in surveying? - 8M


3. (a) What are the different methods of ranging? - 4M

(b) Explain how chaining is employed on flat and sloping ground with an example - 8M


4. (a) A line was measured with a steel tape 30 m long, standardized at 150 C, with a poll of 100 N. Find the correction per tape length, if the temperature at the time of measurement was 200 C and the pull extended was 160 N

Weight of 1 cm3 steel = 0.0789 N

Weight of Tape = 8 N

Modulus of Elasticity = 2.10 x 105 N/mm2

Coefficient of Expansion of type 10 C = 7.1 x 10-7 - 6M

(b) Explain the various obstacles in ranging. - 6M


5. (a) Sketch & describe the salient features of prismatic compass. - 8M

(b) What is meant by local attraction? How is it detected? - 4M


6. (a) A closed compass traverse ABCD was conducted round a lake and the following bearing were obtained. Determine which of the stations are suffering from local attractions and give the values of the corrected bearing. - 8M

Line FB BB

AB 740201 256001

BC 1070201 2860201

CD 2240501 440501

DE 3060401 126001

(b) What is resection? Explain resections by trial & error method. - 4M


7. (a) Draw a neat sketch of a verneir theodolite and explain the function of the various parts

- 8M

(b) Explain the working principle of Box Sextant. - 4M


8. (a) Explain the temporary adjustments and source of error in verneir theodolite. - 6M

(b) Explain the basic methods of horizontal angle measurement in verneir theodolite - 6M


9. (a) The following consecutive reading were taken with dumpy level at 4 m leveling staff on continuously sloping ground at 30 mt intervals. - 8M

0.680, 1.455, 1.855, 2.330, 2.885, 3.380, 1.055, 1.860, 2.265, 3.540, 0.835, 0.945, 1.530, 2.250

The R.L. of the starting point was 80.750

(a) Rule out a page of level book and enter the above readings

(b) Apply the arithmetic check including the check in I.S.

(c) Carry out reductions of its by rise and fall method

(d) Determine the gradients of the line joining the first & last point

(b) Explain in brief the terms - 4M

(i) Curvature

(ii) Refractions


10. (a) What do you mean by contour and contour interval? - 4M

(b) Explain the characteristics of cantors with neat sketches. - 8M

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