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2010 Shivaji University General B.E Computer networks Question paper

Course: B.E   University/board: Shivaji University

Are you searching for the old question papers of Shivaji University? I have uploaded the Shivaji University previous year question paper from Shivaji University. This is the original question paper from the B.E exam conducted by Shivaji University year 2010. It is for your use and so download the question paper from here and prepare for your upcoming exams well.

Total Marks: 100
Time: 2.30p.m to 5.30p.m

Instructions: 1) Attempt any 3 ques. from every part.
2) Figures to right indicate full marks.


Q.1 a) Write short notes on (any four)[Marks 16=4*4]

1) Fragmentation

2) Tunneling


4) Optimality principle

5) Binary exponential Backoff Algorithm

Q.2 a) what is collision free protocol? discuss bit-map protocol in detaiL.[Marks 6]

b) discuss IEEE-802.3 standards in detail.[Marks 8]

C) Draw Manchester encoding for bit pattern"10011100".[Marks 4]

Q.3 a) A channel has bit rate of 4kbps and propagation delay of 20 ms, for what range of frame size stop and wait protocol provide efficiency of 50%.[Marks 6]

b) discuss the necessity of MAC sub layer.[Marks 4]

C) discuss the various states of CSMA/CD protocol.[Marks 4]

Q.4a) discuss TCP/IP reference model in detaiL.[Marks 6]

b) What is framing? Why framing is necessary?Explain various framing techniques used in data link layer.[Marks 8]

C) What is Hamming Distance? What must be hamming distance of single bit fault detecting code.[Marks 2]


Q5. Write short notes on (any three) [Marks 18=6*3]

a) BGP

b) DNS



Q6. a) What is silly window syndrome? How this issue is solved in TCP.[Marks 10]

b) discuss the structure of UDP data gram.[Marks 6]

Q.7a) explain ARP and RARP protocols.[Marks 8]

b) discuss functions of network layer in ATM networks.[Marks 8]

Q8) a) discuss data encryption standards (DES)? How it works?[Marks 6]

b) discuss RSA algorithm.[Marks 6]

c)Discuss E-mail. [Marks 4]

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