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2010 Shivaji University General B.E Environmental studies Question paper

Course: B.E   University/board: Shivaji University

Are you searching for the old question papers of Shivaji University? I have uploaded the Shivaji University previous year question paper from Shivaji University. This is the original question paper from the B.E exam conducted by Shivaji University year 2010. It is for your use and so download the question paper from here and prepare for your upcoming exams well.

Total marks: 70
Time:11.00 am to 2.00 pm

Instructions: 1) All ques. are compulsory.
2)Figures to the right indicate Full marks.

1. choose accurate ans from the provided alternatives: [ Marks 10]

i) The environmental Protection Act of India was passed in the year

a) 1976 b) 1986 c) 1996 d) none of these

ii) subsequent gas is responsible for acid rain

a) Carbondioxide b) Chlorine c) carbon monoxide d) Sulphur dioxide

iii) Minamata disease was reported for the 1st time in

a) Pakistan b) China c) japan d) USA

iv) Carbon monoxide affects humans because it

a) Reacts with haemoglobin b) Inactivates nerves

c) Destroys cells d) None of the above

v) The microorganisms degrading organic matter are called

a) Decomposers b) Scavenger c) Producers d) None of these

vi) Ozone layer of atmosphere is obtained in

a) Troposphere b) Ionosphere c) Stratosphere d) none of these

vii) Biological nitrogen fixation can be carried out by

a) Fingi b) Bacteria c) Yeast d) None of the above

viii) The gas released in Bhopal gas tragedy was

a) Ethylene b) Mustard Gas c) Mrthyl isocyanate d) None of these

ix) Chipko movement was started by

a) Sunderlal Bahugana b) Anna Hazara

c) Medha Patkar d) None of these

x) subsequent is the source of renewable energy

a) Wind b) Solar c) Biomass d) All of the above

2. ans any 3 of the subsequent [ Marks 15]

A) provide the definition and importance of Environmental Studies.
B) Distinguish ranging from renewable and non renewable sources with examples.
C) provide value and threats to biodiversity.
D) explain the effects of air and water pollution.
E) explain the issues related with energy utilization.

3. Write short notes on any 3 : [Marks 15]

A) Ecosystem
B) Sustainable development
C) Marine development
D) Disaster management in relation to floods
E) Wasteland reclamation.

4. provide salient features of Water (Prevention and control of Pollution) Act,1974 [Marks 10]
Of India.


explain the effects and control measures of urban solid wastes.

5. provide the causes and effects of Global warming. [ Marks 10]


provide the importance and methods of rainwater harvesting

6. define structure and functions of forest ecosystems. [ Marks 10]


explain the role of an individual in pollution control

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