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2010 Shivaji University General B.E. Environmental studies Question paper

Course: B.E.   University/board: Shivaji University

Are you searching for the old question papers of Shivaji University? I have uploaded the Shivaji University previous year question paper from Shivaji University. This is the original question paper from the B.E exam conducted by Shivaji University year 2010. It is for your use and so download the question paper from here and prepare for your upcoming exams well.

Total Marks: 70
Time: 11.00am to 2.00pm

Instructions: 1) All ques. are compulsory.

2) Figures to right indicate full marks.
Q.1 choose the accurate ans of the subsequent from provided alternatives: [Marks10]

1.The animals depends on plants are known as

a) Carnivorous
b) Decomposers
c) Herbivorous
d) None of the above

2,Stockholm conferences was held in

a) 1972
b) 1987
c) 1975
d) 1992

3.Forest cover in India is

a) 19%
b) 33%
c) 11%
d) 42%

4. subsequent is the natural disaster
a) Rain
b) Pollution
c) Flood
d) None of the above

5. subsequent gas is responsible for natural disaster

a) Oxygen
b) Chlorofluorocarbon
c) Hydrogen
d) Nitrogen

6. Which of the subsequent movement is concerned with the forest conservation?

a) Chipko
b) Bhudan
c) Tiger
d) Narmada

7. subsequent day is celebrated as worlds populations explosion day

a) 11 July
b) 21 July
c) five June
d) eight June

8. subsequent gas is related with Bhopal gas tragedy

a) Methyl isocyanides
b) Hydrogen
c) Carbon monoxide
d) Hydrogen sulphide

9. Medha Patkar is associated with

a) Dams
b) Forest conservation
c) Poverty eradication
d) Child education

10. bio-diesel is commonly find from these plants

a) Jatropha
b) Castor
c) Groundnut
d) Sunflower

Q.2 ans any 3 ques. from the following: [Marks 15=5*3]

A) discuss the concept of sustainable development.

B) describe ecosystem. provide the components of ecosystem with suitable example

C) elaborate natural resources? provide an account of non-renewable resources with suitable Example.

D) discuss the importance of food chain in ecosystem.

E) discuss the major threats to biodiversity.

Q.3 Write a short notes on any 3 of the following:[Marks 15=5*3]

A) Water cycle

B) Pond ecosystem

C) Environmental ethics

D) Thermal pollution

E) Acid rain

Q.4 discuss energy flow in an ecosystem [Marks 10]


provide resources and effects of noise pollution.

Q.5 what is natural disaster? discuss the causes and disaster management of earthquakes. [Marks 10]


explain causes and affects of land degradation

Q.6 explain issues related to Resettletement and recapitalization of people affected by developmental projects [Marks 10]


provide importance of water conservation and explain rain water harvesting and water shaded management

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